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What Is A Walking Tours?



What Is A Walking Tours?

A walking tour is what it is called. “Traditional” Walking tours are mostly by bus or other means of transport. In this way, you:

  • drive past the sights and take photos;
  • listen to the guide;
  • get to the place, get out of your transport and do the same.

By doing so, you skip everything else in the city or area you place.

That is, you see only the most famous and popular places. What to do with other interesting, but not very popular or famous sights? Should you just forget about them? Well, the choice is yours.

Perhaps you will be particularly attracted by the fact that such Walking tour are free? Yes, you don’t have to pay anything. No prepaid or postpaid. This appeals to those who are on a tight budget or are not willing to pay a lot for something that may not be worth the price. This method has been known for a long time, but it has begun to gain popularity in recent years.

There are more and more people who are ready to provide such services. This suggests that such a scheme works. And people trust providers of such services.

Learn more about walking tours

As already mentioned, these Walking tours are free. You are not required to pay before or after. Guides try to provide their services at the highest level of quality. Also, somehow diversify these tours, and tell something interesting from local folklore, beliefs and tales. This is possible because most of the guides are locals.

They try because their tips depend on it. Of course, you are not obliged to pay, but if you think that the guide did his job wonderfully, if you liked everything, you can leave a tip. However, you can also leave nothing, the choice is yours.

What can be said about

As already mentioned, there are numerous providers of such services. One of the largest and, judging by user reviews on various sites and platforms on the Internet, the best is

The Walking tours on this site are available in many cities — Rome, Brussels, Athens, Milan, Dublin, and many others. Almost all tours are available for free. Only tours that are slight “out of the ordinary” require a small fee, such as bike tours, private photo tours, and so on.

But what we’re talking about — walking tours — are free! So why wait or overpay for something? Perhaps you only have money for travel and accommodation? Then this is your option. Yes, it is possible not to leave a tip when everyone does — not a good one, but what else to do?

We wish you successful and safe travels. To the beauty of this world together with FreeTour!

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