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How to Make Your Home More Private?



How to Make Your Home More Private?

We humans might be social animals, yet our own Home privacy is also important to us. We think of our homes as sanctuaries.

Our residences not only house us and our material possessions, but also shield us from the prying eyes of passersby, neighbors, and general nosey parkers, as we take off our social masks.

Goes without saying that your home should allow you the level of privacy you seek. However, with real estate getting steeper and homes getting smaller, it is getting tougher to maintain our privacy.

Not just from those on the outside but also from those who live alongside us. We need privacy both as a family unit and an individual.

Also, we ideally seek both visual and auditory privacy. Outsiders should neither have an unrestricted view nor should they be able to hear our conversations.

That’s not all, the barriers you create to protect your privacy should not make you feel like a prisoner in your own home either.

So, how do we go about making our homes more private while maintaining all these criterias? We have gathered some highly effective tips. Read on to know more.

1. Fence or hedge your yard

If you live on the ground floor, fence your yard with wooden slats or metal mesh. You can also choose bamboo fences that look pretty, add aesthetic value to your property and are also sturdy by nature.

Alternatively, if you want to opt for a greener option, you can consider hedging your yard. You can also raise permanent brick walls for a non-breakable barrier between your home and the world outside.

In case you live on a higher floor, obstruct the direct view into your rooms by hanging custom roman shades on the balconies.

It will give you control over the inflow of light and air. Even unlined bamboo or slatted wooden rolling blinds will bring in ventilation while shielding inside views.

You can also install metal netting or bamboo lattice on your balconies.

2. Make some green friends

After fencing your yard, you might consider planting trees and shrubs to shield your space from outside view.

You can also grow a natural hedge, the higher the better. Boxwood is an evergreen plant that provides excellent privacy protection.

Some other hedges with good and fast upward growth are Oakland Holly, Cherry Laurel, or Emerald Green Arborvitae.

These shrubs not only block the view but also create an extra barrier in case someone tries to break in.

Just to convince you to go ahead with this tip, you are not just enhancing your privacy here, you are also beautifying your garden and each little green friend you make helps the earth breathe better.

3. Shield your windows by tinting them or using a security film

Windows bring in natural light and fresh air. These also let you see outside from within your home.

In a way, windows are built to connect the inside world with the outside one. However, when and how much to connect the two should be under your firm control.

To achieve such a goal, you may use frosted glass on window panes. This diffuses in light while shielding the view.

You can also use a ‘peel and stick’ tinted screen on window panes for a similar effect.

You can also buy windows that come with a protective film that can be used for both decorative and privacy protection purposes.

4. Consider using blackout or layered window treatments

We have already talked about blackouts or light-blocking curtains in the previous tip.

As these are quite the best friends for your privacy, here’s some detail on what these are and why you should consider getting blackout window treatments. These sturdy curtains are made of double or triple woven fabric.

This dense weave stops all incoming light right outside.

So when the blackout panel is stretched across, no one can see through it. As an added benefit, blackout curtains are quite budget-friendly too as compared to shades, blinds, or shutters.

You can also use layered window treatments by hanging both solid and sheer panels. This will allow you more flexibility and control of light and privacy.

You may also layer your curtains with custom roman shades. This gives a chic vibe. It also makes it impossible to see inside when the roman shades are down.

5. Install a good security system

If you feel the need, you can always install CCTV cameras which are a fail-proof way to ensure your privacy and security.

You can access the live footage from anywhere, so even when you are not at home, and your kids are alone at home, or the house is empty, you know that everything back home is alright.

You can also put up a warning note that the area and trespassers are under CCTV surveillance. This is more of a deterrent tactic to let people know you are onto them if they violate your privacy.

While this covers the exterior security and privacy, you also want to consider how to protect individual privacy requirements in your home.

Even as part of a family living together under one roof in a home, people need their privacy as individuals or as couples.

Some such scenarios could be:

  • A student burning the midnight oil
  • A person doing meditation or saying prayers
  • A couple getting intimate
  • Someone needing me-time
  • A person working night shifts and sleeping during day hours
  • An ailing person wanting rest and quiet
  • Someone attending virtual classes, seminars, and workshops etc
  • Someone working from home

The recent covid pandemic has brought major changes to the working patterns of people. As more and more professionals shift to working remotely, home offices are now a norm. Here too, privacy and quiet become of utmost importance.

As modern houses usually aren’t large to begin with, creating a private zone is something of a challenge.

Here are some more ways in which you can ensure indoor privacy-

6. Grow a vertical garden

These can be the most gorgeous looking barriers you can have. These can be freestanding, so you may put them up wherever you need. It has been in vogue ever since Mesopotamian civilization and Babylon’s hanging garden is in fact one of the wonders of the world. So this gives you an opportunity to bring in and create such a wonder right within your home. It is not just for creating a barrier but also a treat to the eyes, good for air purification, and cooling the home environment on hot summer days. You can also be innovative and create a row of tall indoor plants in the middle of a space to partially obscure the view across.

7. Use floor to ceiling custom curtains as dividers

If the home has an open plan, either hang floating walls suspended from the ceiling or hang curtains on tracks or tension rods. Custom curtains will give you the added benefit of flexibility. You can always draw them to unite two rooms or draw them across to create a private zone.

8. Soundproof your room

You must be aware that walls have ears. Well, not literally of course, but it is true that information which you do not want to go out might slip away through thin walls. You can add acoustic panels or foam walls. Again, you can use blackout curtains in your bedroom and also while designing your home office to create the perfect work atmosphere. This not only reduces sounds intruding into the room but also blocks out views from outside the room. Invest in blackout custom curtains and liners, and it will be money well spent.

9. Use custom made furniture as dividers

You can place wide bookshelves, full length wardrobes, and folding screens for creating separate zones with relative privacy in an otherwise continuous space.

With the world becoming more and more of an open space both virtually and physically with apartments more than houses, privacy is becoming a rare luxury.

Your home should be your own space, away from the prying eyes, judgements and protected from nosy neighbors.

The given tips are some of the easy and basic ways to create an effective (and beautiful) barrier between you and the world or with other members present in your household.

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