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Cheers! Here Are the Best Pubs and Bars in the UK



Cheers! Here Are the Best Pubs and Bars in the UK

Looking for some world-class pubs and bars? The UK has got you covered! Despite the pandemic, these places have kept the British drinking culture alive and kicking. So whether you’re a local or a tourist, you can’t miss out on visiting these awesome spots. Join us as we take you on a boozy tour across the UK, where you’ll find the tastiest beers, cocktails, and spirits. Cheers to that!

1. The Rabbit’s Hole, Clerkenwell

Do you ever have the craving for a creative cocktail? Step into The Rabbit’s Hole in Clerkenwell and enter a speakeasy wonderland. This speakeasy bar in London is all about the classical, innovative approach to mixed drinks, with over 100 unique cocktails prepared from scratch.

These aren’t your ordinary whiskey sours and martinis – no sir! The Rabbit’s Hole takes the craft to a whole other level with their use of fresh, personalised ingredients. If you’re looking for some quirkiness with your exquisite drinks, this is the spot for you. So grab your friends, head down the rabbit hole, and see where your taste buds take you!

2. Cittie of Yorke, London

Whilst in the UK you’ve got check out Cittie of Yorke, a wicked pub right in the heart of London. This joint’s been around since 1430, so you know it’s got some serious history. Step inside and you’ll feel like you’ve time-traveled to the medieval era, with its epic high-beamed ceilings, dark wood paneling, and fancy decorations.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does this place have an awesome vibe, they also serve a killer selection of beers and ciders. And let me tell you, their house ale is straight-up legendary. Feeling peckish? They’ve got you covered with a restaurant serving up some seriously tasty pub grub.

So gather your mates, head on over to the Cittie of Yorke, and get ready for a pint and a meal fit for kings (or maybe just hungry blokes like us).

3. Bootlegger (multiple locations)

Picture this: you’re in a dimly lit bar, the chatter of people laughing and clinking glasses fills your ears. You take a sip of your drink, and suddenly you’re transported back in time to the roaring 20s. The Bootlegger bars in Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton and Exeter are more than just a place to grab a drink – they’re a family, a movement.

They capture the energy felt when Prohibition ended and the good times came rolling back in. With the best music playing from the best of times, it’s hard not to get swept up in the atmosphere. So come on in, grab a drink, and let us transport you to a time when anything was possible – even if it was just for a little while. The Bootlegger bar in Leeds was voted the best new bar of 2023 by Bloc.

4. The Pot Still, Glasgow

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, The Pot Still in Glasgow is the place to be. It’s been around since 1867 and boasts over 700 different whiskies behind the bar. The staff are knowledgeable and can give you the perfect tipple to suit your taste buds. The Pot Still also serves great pub food and live music, making it a top spot for a night out in Glasgow.

5. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham

Want to experience some medieval magic? Look no further than Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem in Nottingham! This pub has been around since 1189 AD, making it the oldest inn in England. Talk about some serious history! And speaking of history, rumor has it there are ghosts, secret caves, and knights lurking around.

How cool is that? But let’s not forget the real reason we’re here – the beer! With a fantastic variety of brews and ales, this place knows how to please a thirsty traveler. And if the weather gods are feeling generous, soak up the sunshine in their spacious beer garden. Cheers to that!

6. The Mitre, Richmond

Looking for a spot to soak up some sun, sink a few cold ones, and admire some seriously vintage woodwork? Look no further than The Mitre, one of the best pubs in Richmond. Housed in an 1860s building, this pub and beer garden is the perfect place to kick back with a pint (or three) of ale or cider and take in the laid-back vibe.

Between the cozy leather chairs and the stunning wood detailing, it’s like stepping into a time capsule – albeit a time capsule with plenty of refreshing drinks on offer. So whether you’re after a lazy weekend hangout or a lively after-work spot, The Mitre has you covered. Cheers to that!

7. The Angel, Manchester

Oh, have you heard about The Angel pub in Manchester? It’s been a hit since the 1800s and it’s still going strong! This place is huge, with a super cool and cozy interior, plus a lovely outdoor terrace for when the weather behaves.

And let’s talk drinks, they’ve got a bunch of rotating beers and ciders, and their cocktails are top-notch. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the food menu, it’s got all your pub grub classics and fancy gastropub dishes too. Seriously, if you want a killer night out in Manchester, The Angel is where it’s at.

8. The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

If you’re chilling in Edinburgh, you absolutely have to hit up The Bow Bar. This place is the bomb with the locals, and it’s easy to see why. They’ve got a killer selection of craft beers, ales, and cider from all over Scotland.

And let me tell you, they don’t mess around when it comes to Scottish whiskies either. It’s the perfect spot to get a taste of Scotland’s finest. Oh, and did I mention they’ve got a cozy indoor vibe and a badass outdoor area for soaking up the sun? Grab a pint and have a blast!


If you’re on the hunt for some seriously unique sushi flavours, SUSHISAMBA in Bishopsgate is the spot for you. This place serves up a fusion of Japanese and Latin American cuisine that’ll have your taste buds dancing the samba.

And the cherry on top? This rooftop restaurant in London also happens to have a rooftop bar that provides killer views of the city. Yeah, you read that right – rooftop. So raise a glass (or two) of their signature cocktails and enjoy some seriously creative sushi in some seriously stunning surroundings.

There you have it, folks, some of the best pubs and bars across the UK to visit on your next pub crawl. These establishments are more than drinking spots; they are parts of British history and culture.

So next time you’re in the UK, be sure to check out these pubs and bars, and remember to raise your glasses to the hard-working bartenders who keep our spirits up. Cheers!

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