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Why Choose Vin Hair Factory to Buy Premium Hair Extensions



Premium Hair Extensions

As a result of the exponential growth of the global hair industry, the demand for premium hair extensions is increasing, so more and more hair vendors are popping up. If you are confused among countless options when looking for a hair supplier with excellent hair quality, you cannot ignore Vin Hair Factory. This leading hair vendor for premium hair extensions in Vietnam will definitely satisfy you.

1. Vin Hair Factory has long experience in the hair industry

Vin Hair Factory is currently the leading hair suppliers in vietnam. Each month, this hair supplier supplies the global hair market with substantial volumes of hair for both wholesale and retail clients. They are a brand with a direct factory, without any intermediaries, so they are very popular with many people, especially wholesale businesses globally.

With more than ten years of experience in the hair industry, Vin Hair Factory has earned a formidable reputation among the plethora of hair brands on the market today. With an extremely large number of loyal customers, they consistently maintain an impeccable reputation as a dependable and credible provider of hair extensions.

2. Vin Hair Factory provides top-notch premium hair extensions

This supplier has affirmed their position as a top choice for those who are looking for hair extensions that are beautiful in texture, versatile and durable.

  • Gorgeous texture: Vin Hair Factory’s hair has a soft, smooth, shiny and manageable texture thanks to factors such as genes, a balanced diet, and the mild climate. This amazing texture stays put for quite a long time after use, not easily degraded when you take care of it properly.
  • Versatility: The inherent resilience of Vietnamese hair enables one to attempt a wide range of styles with assurance, such as flat ironing, blow-drying, or utilizing hot styling products, without apprehension regarding potential harm to the hair. The inherent versatility of these extensions not only provides an avenue for expressing a variety of styles but also guarantees the preservation of their exceptional quality during the course of your styling endeavors.
  • Durability: The production process of Vin Hair involves a rigorous selection of natural hair strands sourced from Vietnam, guaranteeing the utilization of solely the most robust and superior quality strands. As a result, the end products possess exceptional durability, hair is extremely elastic and strong. Vin Hair’s hair products also minimize breakage and fall when used or washed. By simply applying a few simple requirements when taking care of hair extensions, their products can have a lifespan of up to 5 years.

Vin Hair Factory provides an exceptional quality experience, enabling you to enhance your appearance and style with confidence, authenticity, and grace.

Contact Vin Hair Factory for high quality hair:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Instagram:
  • WhatsApp: +84335311847

Premium Hair Extensions

Vin Hair Factory is proud to be one of the suppliers with the best quality hair

3. Excellent customer service

Vin Hair Factory is proud to have an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated customer care team. From the moment you contact them, their experts will be there to guide you. Whether you need assistance in choosing the right color, length or texture, Vin Hair offers detailed advice to ensure you make an informed decision. They provide 24-hour consulting and answering services, including holidays and weekends.

Vin Hair Factory also enthusiastically supports customers even after purchase. Their excellent after-sales service is ready to solve all questions and problems related to products and orders. They also provide a lot of useful information to help you take care of your products or regularly update information about incentives for customers.

4. Risk-free order

When shopping at Vin Hair Factory, customers can be completely assured of having a great shopping experience without worrying about any risks.

4.1. Secure payment

When ordering, customers will have to deposit about 30-70% of the order value, but before that, you will be contacted via video call to confirm the quantity and grade of hair in your order. They will only bundle and ship your order once you are completely satisfied with it and payment has been processed. The order will be packaged in a suitable manner prior to its transmission to the logistics providers.

Vin Hair Factory is pleased to accept a variety of reliable and convenient payment methods, including Visa/MasterCard, MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal, Onepay, RIA, and Remitly. They provide very transparent and clear information about payments so you can completely rest assured and trust.

Premium Hair Extensions

7 steps to order from Vin Hair Factory

4.2. Fast and reputable shipping

Vin Hair Factory is engaged in partnerships with international shipping giants DHL, UPS, AGENT, and FEDEX, among others. A variety of options are made available to customers in accordance with all requirements.

The Vin Hair Factory guarantees that no merchandise will be misplaced, refunded, or compromised during transport. Customers shall receive full reimbursement and Vin Hair Factory shall assume full liability in the aforementioned circumstances.

Generally, products will be delivered to consumers in regions such as Europe, Africa, or America within a timeframe of 7 to 10 days. In contrast, Asian nations can receive products within five days.

4.3. Clear return & exchange policy

About return & exchange policy, within seven days, Vin Hair Factory offers free returns and exchanges on all hair products that have not been worn, installed, or otherwise tampered with.

The product conditions that are and are not subject to the exchange and return policy are presented very clearly and transparently on this supplier’s website. The return or exchange process is also very quick and convenient for customers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact them via WhatsApp(+84)335311847, Vin Hair is very willing and enthusiastic to support all issues.

5. Positive feedbacks from customers

Vin Hair Factory has built a strong reputation in the hair market, proven by many positive reviews from customers around the world:

  • Most customer reviews highly appreciate Vin Hair’s hair quality. All of them expressed utmost satisfaction with the product they obtained, the hair is shiny, thick, and the natural black color is very attractive.
  • Customers are very satisfied with Vin Hair’s customer response speed, most people find that they have extremely excellent and dedicated customer service.
  • Fast delivery time and reputation are also common plus points of this supplier.
  • They also do not shy away from dealing with exchange and return issues. All issues are resolved very transparently and satisfy all customer requests.

Customer testimonials are proof of Vin Hair Factory’s position as the leading hair extensions supplier on the market today.

Premium Hair Extensions

Vin Hair Factory received a lot of positive feedback from customers


Vin Hair Factory is truly a supplier not to be missed if you are looking for a place to buy high quality hair extensions. Choosing Vin Hair Factory, you will definitely have a great shopping experience with the best products and services.


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