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Jen’s English Tip Today – Adjectives that Describe a Noun or a Pronoun





Adjectives are parts of speech that describe a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives are usually placed just before the words they qualify: shy child, blue notebook, rotten apple, four horses, another table.

The chart above explains the use of of with a few adjectives.

Ashamed – I was ashamed of the way he acted in school.
Jealous – Her husband is jealous of her boss.
Tired – I quickly get tired of listening to boring people.
Short – We are short of eggs, can you buy some more.
Afraid – Many children are afraid of the dark
Terrified – I am terrified of snakes.
Capable – You are capable of learning English.
Guilty – He was found guilty of murder.
Full – That pie is full of fruit.
Suspicious – I am always suspicious of dishonest people.
Aware – Were you aware of the storm last night
Proud – We were all proud of her when she won the contest.


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