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The 4 Top Benefits of Living in a Condo



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When you are yearning to become the owner of your own home it can be easier to start off with an apartment or Watten Estate condo other something like a house or a bungalow. It is more affordable and often you can get one in a location that is a lot more desirable.

It tends to be easier to find condos that look great and work well for you. A condo, or condominium, gives you a chance to live an independent life and they are not just for single professionals or couples. You can get units of all sizes suitable even for starting a family in. They are convenient and affordable and offer a lot of opportunities.

Buying a condo costs less

When it comes to investing in your own home, a condo or apartment is cheaper than a house or bungalow. Of course, you can spend more and get something with more amenities, more rooms, more space, if you have the budget and want it.

Apartments do not have to be tiny and pokey. But you usually pay less for something like a Watten Estate condominium while enjoying benefits if you wish to pay for them like additional security, communal areas, a pool, a gym, and so on. You can decide to stay with apartment living and upgrade when you have the money or move into a bungalow when you have the money.

Sim Lian launches Singapore's largest condo in Tampines | The Straits Times

Come in all types and sizes

Condos come in different types and sizes to meet all kinds of different needs. Families, couples, students, structure changes, room numbers, size and layout changes, so there is a lot to explore. You can look at different options like a watten estate condo and narrow down what you want in your apartment. Also, think about how many floors you want to be dealing with!

The 4 Top Benefits of Living in a Condo

Shared costs for maintenance and repairs

Another benefit of condo living is that the cost of repairing and maintaining the building as a whole is shared between all the people living there. You will have monthly fees to pay that cover the use of any shared facilities, but those fees will also go to a central pot where the costs of maintaining, cleaning and repairing the building are paid.

Just be prepared that sometimes if something major needs doing and there is not enough money in that pot, then you will all have to split that between you. Regular things it covers are cleaning the hallways, the upkeep of elevators, security, fixing paving stones, installing and maintaining safety systems like smoke and fire alarms and so on.

Join the condo community

When you choose to live in a watten estate condominium or an apartment elsewhere you have the experience of living in a community and that can be a positive thing. It is not all noise and annoying neighbours. There are people to say hi to when you pass them by, people you might hang out with in a communal area, people who can water your plants when you go away on holiday and so on.

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