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Reviews on the 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai



Reviews on the 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai

When you think of going out to eat in Chiang Mai, sushi is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, there are a few good Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Sushi bars that serve up all your favorite rolls and sashimi dishes to noodle houses with delicious ramen or udon, you will find something for everyone on this list of 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Reviews on the 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Mu’s Katsu

Mu’s Katsu is a small , casual restaurant on a quiet Soi off Nimmanhaemin Road. It’s a family-owned business, and the father is often seen cooking behind the counter.

The interior of Mu’s Katsu features an open kitchen where you can watch as they prepare your meal from scratch – something I always love about eating out in Thailand.

The majority of Mu’s Katsu customers order a katsu set, which includes rice with miso soup, Japanese pickles (tsukemono), cabbage salad (yasu), deep-fried patties made from pork or chicken that are served in a breaded coating for extra crunch, and a side dish (aburage or kara-age).

But the menu also includes many other options such as ramen, udon, gyoza dumplings with various fillings including curry flavor, stir fried vegetable dishes.

Mu’s Katsu is open from 11am to 7:30pm.

Address: Nimmana Haeminda Road (opposite soi 13),50300, Chiang Mai.

Reviews on the 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Samurai Kitchen

If you are tired of Thai food and need a fix of Japanese, check out the Samurai Kitchen.

The Samurai Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant that offers traditional dishes such as sushi, tempura, and udon noodles. The best part is, everything on the menu is just 59 Baht!!!

If you are looking for something more exotic than the usual fair at other restaurants in Chiang Mai then give this place a try!

Open from 5pm to 10:30 pm.

Address: Thapae Soi 2 Rd. At the corner of Chang Moi Road,Chiang Mai 50300.

Reviews on the 5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Musashi Contemporary Sushi Bar

Musashi Contemporary Sushi Bar is a hidden gem in Chiang Mai. The quality of the food, service and atmosphere makes this restaurant one to remember.

The prices are on the higher end but it’s worth every penny!

Eating at Musashi is a gastronomical experience not soon forgotten! The salmon Don is always fresh and the takoyaki is highly recommended.

The food quality, service and prices are all worth mentioning–but what really sets this restaurant apart from others is its gyoza-style tekka cheese dumplings.

Open from 11am-10pm.

Address: 222 Prapokkloa Rd, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Tengoku De Cuisine

Tengoku De Cuisine is a small restaurant opposite of Dhara Dhevi hotel. The food here is exquisitely delicious and the dishes are large.

They have the best value for money Japanese buffet in town. Their sushi is also one of the best in town.

The sushi here seems fresher because they make it with the best ingredients such as fresh sashimi salmon and tuna which are flown in from Japan.

The dishes are authentic and they have an extensive menu, with a variety of different kinds of sushi on offer including salmon sashimi and fresh tuna rolls.

They also do a good job at making the tempura batter so that it is crispy without being too oily; which can be difficult to find elsewhere as most restaurants usually go for a heavier batter.

The prices for a meal at Tengoku De Cuisine may be slightly higher than other restaurants in Chiang Mai, but it’s well worth it! The restaurant has an authentic Japanese style that you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for something different to do with your family.

Open from 10am-10pm.

Address: 55/8 soi Watbuakrugruang Chaingmai-SanKampang Rd, Chiang Mai.

Tsunami Sushi Bar

Tsunami Sushi Bar has the best value sushi and sashimi in Chiang Mai.

The restaurant itself is on the smaller side, but it has an authentic Japanese feel. Tsunami Sushi Bar also does a great job with its menu- from sushi to bento boxes for those looking for something lighter and healthier.

The menu has a lot of options, including sushi and sashimi for those looking to indulge in some seafood but also offers bento boxes for lunch or dinner if that’s more up your alley!

The freshest sushi and sashimi is absolutely delicious- especially the shrimp tempura which are light yet really flavorful. The restaurant itself is really small but has a lot of charm to it.

Tsunami Sushi Bar is open from 5pm-11pm.

Address: 8/19 Huay Kaew Rd, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand.

So, there’s my list of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai.

What are your favorite types of food? Do you like spicy foods or milder dishes?

There’s something for everyone on this list but what’s your favorite dish to order at these restaurants?

Author Bio:

I’m Yuuna, I was born in Japan, and I am a self-professed Japanese food enthusiast. When I’m not eating at Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai, I enjoy reading manga comics with my friends. Check out my blog The Japanese Way


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