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Jen’s English Tip’s – Fun with “Age”





AGEISM – unfair treatment of a person because he or she is too old
• Why do you say George is too old for you? That’s ageism! Picasso married his second wife at the age of 79.

AGEISM: unfair treatment of a person because he or she is too old

AGE-APPROPRIATE – right for someone’s age
• Laura has turned 16 this year, she shouldn’t be playing with Barbie dolls anymore. Why don’t you buy her some more age-appropriate toys?

AGE BEFORE BEAUTY – A phrase a younger person would tell an older one (often as a joke) when they allow the other to pass through a door first. Unless it’s a lighthearted joke, it may be considered rude.
• No, no. You go first. You know, age before beauty.
• Just how old do you think I am?

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER – a phrase to say that age does not matter
• Clark is going out with a much older woman!
• Who cares? Age is just a number. They might be a match made in heaven.

AGELESS – never growing old (seemingly)
• The beauty of Shakespeare’s poems are ageless.

AGE GAP –the difference in age between two people
• Sue was raised by her grandparents. They tried their best, but the age gap soon became a problem.

AGE GAP: the difference in age between two people

AGE LIMIT – the youngest or oldest age at which you’re allowed to do something
• What’s the upper age limit for driving?
• I don’t know. My grandma is eighty-three and she’s still allowed to drive.

ACT YOUR AGE – don’t behave like somebody younger
• I wish my father would act his age and stop jumping on the trampoline with my friends when they come around. It’s so embarrassing.

AT THE TENDER AGE OF – at a young age
• Batman lost his parents at the tender age of 8.

AT THE GRAND OLD AGE OF – at an old age
• My grandma learned how to use a computer at the grand old age of 79.

BE AN OLD HAND AT SOMETHING – be good at something because you have done it for a long time
• Miss Florence can take over your class, she’s an old hand at teaching.

BE AN OLD HAND AT SOMETHING: be good at something because you have done it for a long time

BE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THIRTY – be older than thirty (humorous)
• I don’t go to night clubs anymore now that I’m on the wrong side of thirty. Everybody is much younger than me.

BE OVER THE HILL – be too old to do something well
• Sure I can learn how to dance salsa. I’m not over the hill yet, you know.

BE GETTING ON – be getting old
• My mother keeps forgetting things. I think she’s getting on a bit.

BE NO SPRING CHICKEN –not be young
• Please, don’t patronize me, father. I’m no spring chicken anymore.



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