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The Sui Generis Nature of Cryptocurrencies



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Ascribed to its peculiarity among other investments, cryptocurrencies belong to a class of their own. There is a reason why Ripple has been taking its stand in court so as not to be labelled as financial security subject to registration under federal laws. Here are some special attributes of cryptocurrencies that make them different one way or another.

Digital Assets within Computer Networks

Based on the technology of cryptography, cryptocurrencies are not like any ordinary investment. It relies on a large computer network that facilitates the operation securely. That is made possible by the encryption techniques employed by developers, which are believed to have originated in military undertakings. The breakthrough paved the way for making online transactions safe and secure.

Bitcoin pioneered the use of cryptography, particularly the blockchain-based, in developing its cryptocurrency. It has been the model of other digital coins which surfaced later on. Bitcoin alone has its prodigy called Bitcoin Cash, which was developed to be a better version of its parent coin. It was a product of innovative developers looking to find a better alternative for the “daddy of all digital currencies.”

Start Small or Big, Always With Caution

When you subscribe to a time deposit or even a regular bank deposit, you will have to produce at least the required balance to be able to open an account. That is not the case in cryptocurrency trading, with the investor given the freedom to start with a meagre or generous investment. Upon cash-in of a certain amount, the fund will be appropriated to its digital currency equivalent right away.

As long as you have some spare cash in your card, you can readily start trading digital coins. What you need is a user-friendly crypto trading tool such as the Bitcoin Evolution trading platform to get started. Next thing you know, you are all set to buy and sell your crypto coins.

Easy To Access and Liquidate

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that investors are not deprived of liquidity along the process. Unlike other investments that would require parting with your money, this one ensures that you can readily liquidate your funds anytime you need to do so. There is no need to worry about instances when you need to withdraw cash for emergency purposes.

There are two ways on how you can liquidate your funds. You can always opt to sell your coins at the prevailing rate with the cash credited straight to your wallet. Or, you may choose to transfer the coins to another account at an agreed price. Either way, rest assured that you will have the cash you need in no time.

No Papers, Simply Smart Contracts

In the crypto market, there is no need to sit down and negotiate the terms and conditions of investment. While there is no paper involved in the transaction, there is the presence of a smart contract. It is deemed executed once the requirements have been satisfied according to what has been programmed. This technology has made financial transactions not only quicker but also easier less complicated than traditional negotiation.

The agreement is simple, it is akin to the sale transaction where the agreement is perfected once you have agreed to buy or sell digital coins at the current price. The system will process the transaction the moment you pick your choice. It is as easy as buying your favourite candy at a 711 store, less the queuing for payment and receipt.

Coin Trading With No Boundaries

Now you can get a chance to have a share of the great American dream even without a passport. With some cash, you can invest in the American crypto market online. All you need is the right amount of diligence and prudence to be able to know the right time to buy or sell your coins.

Wherever you are in the world, you can be a cryptocurrency trader. You can do this anywhere so long as you have your computer or mobile device at hand, not to mention a stable internet connection. Nothing else could stop you from seizing the opportunity to make the most of your trading experience with some tips by


Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies may be considered sui generis for their peculiar attributes.

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