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Deputy Governor Of Bangkok Warns Against Smoking And Selling Cannabis In Public



Deputy Governor Of Bangkok Warns Against Smoking And Selling Cannabis In Public

(CTN News) – The deputy governor of Bangkok would like to remind the public that smoking and selling cannabis in public places is illegal. During a meeting, vendors called for Khao San Road to become a “Ganja Hub.” However, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration refused.

Deputy governor Chakkhaphan Phewngam Warns Against Smoking And Selling Cannabis

Deputy governor Chakkhaphan Phewngam hosted a meeting at Din Daeng City Hall today to hear from vendors who want Khao San Road to become a “cannabis hotspot.” Khao San Road Business Association president Sanga Ruengwattanakul said the move could benefit Thailand’s tourism industry.

BMA, however, said the plan was impractical. Specifically, Chakkaphan cited the Ministry of Public Health’s cannabis rules and regulations which prohibit the sale of cannabis and the smoking of cannabis in public places.

Cannabis vendors are already on Khao San’s streets, however. On social media, there are pictures of vendors selling pre-rolled “joints” at high prices and vans selling cannabis like ice cream.

According to Chakkaphan, mobile vendors are selling cannabis illegally in public places. A cannabis dispensary is a registered location where marijuana is sold.

Khao San Cannabis Hub promotes smoking cannabis in public places, which is illegal as well. As part of recent legislation, cannabis smoke has been defined as a “public nuisance” punishable by up to 3 months in prison and 25,000 baht fine.

As of right now, cannabis is decriminalized in Thailand, but clear legislation on issues such as consumption, purchase, and sale has not been passed. Cannabis use cannot be regulated without clear legislation.

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