Political Correctness as Explained by George Carlin [Video] »


08:57 pm | . Political correctness has become, in my humble opinion, one of the most serious mental disorders in the history of mankind.  Now, thanks to a collection of butt-hurt individuals and groups who are…

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Murdered After Defending Thailand’s Environment »

Mr Samnao Srisongkhram, 38, was shot dead in a field near his village on 25 November 2003 in Lam Nam Phong village, Khon Kaen Province. He was the President of the Lam Nam Phong Environmental Conservation Association in Ubonrat District of Khon Kaen Province. He was leading a fight against the dumping of waste from a nearby polluting paper factory.

09:03 pm |     Thailand is among the world’s most dangerous countries in which to oppose powerful interests that profit from coal plants, toxic waste dumping, land grabs or illegal logging. Some 60 people who…

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Eleven Thai Teenagers Face Charges after Gang Rape of 25 Year-Old Woman »

The 25 year-old woman was abducted and then raped by six youths

09:40 pm | . . . YALA – Pol Maj Gen Ittipon Atchariyapradit, chief of Yala police, on Friday ordered the arrest…

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VIDEO: Briton Still Missing After Speed Boat Capsizes in Koh Samui, Thailand »

Rescue workers retrieve a woman from a capsized boat on Koh Samui.

09:07 pm | . . KOH SAMUI  –  Briton Jason Robert Parnell remains missing after a speedboat packed with overseas visitors capsized…

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Red Bull Heir Vorayudh Yoovidhaya a No Show at Bangkok Court »

Red Bull heir, Vorayudh Yoovidhaya, failed to meet prosecutors Wednesday

09:56 pm | . . BANGKOK – Chief of the Department of Southern Bangkok Criminal Litigation, Sutthi Kittisupaporn, told reporters today that…

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Thailand: Nine-Foot Python Grabs onto Man Penis While On Toilet »

The 38-year-old needed stitches but medical staff say that he should make a full recovery.

08:52 pm | . . BANGKOK – Mr Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai, 38, of Chachoengsao province is recovering in hospital after he was bitten…

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Thai Man Plays Robin Hood Handing out Free Methamphetamine’s »

Prachuap Kanphet, 41, Pannarai Pinyophol, 25, and Sompong Thayapol, 47, were apprehended and 470,000 ya ba tablets

10:31 pm | . . AYUTTHAYA – A 47 year-old Thai man who played Robin Hood handing out methamphetamines he discovered in…

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Tourism News

  • The prized coffee beans are collected after being excreted by the Asian palm civet (e-hen) at Doi Tung wildlife breeding centre.

    Experience Chiang Rai’s Asian Palm Civet (e-hen) Coffee

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  • Tourists look across at King Romans Casino from Chang Saen Chiang Rai

    How to Spend a Weekend in Chiang Rai

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  • Balloons ascending into the sky over Singha Park’s rolling hills and plantations. Photo by: Phudinan Singkhamfu

    Romance Awaits for Valentine’s Day 2017 at Singha Park International Balloon Fiesta in Chiang Rai, Thailand

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  • Some of the Chinese men who misbehave try to squeeze Breast ladyboys in their photo shoots. “They think it’s OK because the breasts are not real.”

    Thai Tourism Officials Concerned Over Negative Video’s of Chinese Tourists

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  • The lake was developed into a recreational spot in 2014 by local bodies to cope with the areas growing popularity.

    Chiang Saen’s Pa Sak Sub District Unveils Nong Bua Luang, New Tourist Attraction

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  • The government's Tourism Authority now wants to focus on "quality tourism", and has launched a campaign to attract visitors who spend more, and hopefully stay out of trouble.

    Safety a Concern as Thailand’s Tourism Authority Tries to Attract Quality Tourists

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  • Authorities raid a bridge club and arrested 32 foreigners including British, Swedish, Norwegian and Australian citizens

    Thailand: No Longer a Paradise for Expats

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  • Doi Chaang has expanded manifold and now grows over 15,000 rai, producing 3,000 tonnes of coffee a year

    Changing the Face of Doi Chaang Hill Tribes

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  • Military and police personnel walk past tourists as they patrol near the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

    Challenging Times for Thai Tourism, Keeping Tourist Safe

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  • German Tourists clamour to take 'trophy photos' of the Karen women and girls in Chiang Rai

    Thailand Pursues Quality European Tourists in Europe

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  • In the past, attempts by wildlife officials to inspect the tigers have been blocked by the temple and its abbots.

    Thailand’s Controversial Tiger Temple Fights to Keep it’s Tigers

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  • Don’t Ride Elephants, Wash Them, tourists to interact with and learn about elephants in a responsible way.

    Chiang Rai Tourism told Elephant Shows and Treks are No-Go Zone for European Tourists

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  • Chiang-rai1-480x328

    Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference Kicks off in Chiang Rai

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  • Tourism Authority of Thailand Proposes USD$10 Foreigner Fee to Enter Thailand

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

Thailand’s Ministry of Health Helps Parents of Young Students Starting School »

08:42 pm | . . BANGKOK – Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is providing tips for parents on how to ensure the mental and physical readiness of their children at the start of the new school semester to ensure optimal development and knowledge retention. Minister of Public Health, Sophon Mekton said schools should ensure the cleanliness of their…

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A common mental issue among kindergarten students is fear of separation from parents

It’s Official Western Sydney Wanderers Striker Mark Bridge Coming to Chiang Rai United »

09:04 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – The chairman of Chiang Rai United Mitti Tiyapairat has confirmed his club have reached an agreement to sign Western Sydney Wanderers striker Mark Bridge. The Australian forward is scheduled to undergo a medical with Chiang Rai on June 13 in the hope of completing his transfer ahead of the second…

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Mark Bridge was one of the few remaining foundation players remaining at the Wanderers

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Dietary Fats »

06:24 pm |   . Fat has gotten a bum rap over the years. Some fats are actually good, and you need them in your diet. Good fats can help you manage your emotions, stay sharp, fight fatigue, and control your weight. But bad fats do exist. They’re the ones that can lead to weight gain and raise…

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But bad fats do exist. They're the ones that can lead to weight gain and raise your risk of heart disease.

How to Spend a Weekend in Chiang Rai »

06:05 pm | . Chiang Rai is often compared to what Chiang Mai was like years ago before tourism boomed and saturated the local community. This Northeast Thailand gem sits within the heart of the Golden Triangle just a mere few hours from the borders of Laos and Myanmar and a scenic four hour bus ride through Doi…

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Tourists look across at King Romans Casino from Chang Saen Chiang Rai

Jen’s English Tips – Reduced Adverb Clauses »

09:35 pm | Reduced Adverb Clauses An adverb clause can be shortened to an adverb phrase. This can be particularly helpful when you want to express your ideas in a more concise manner. Before you reduce an adverb clause into an adverbial phrase, make sure that the adverb clause (subordinate clause) and the main clause have the same…

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Expat News

Inglis won silver in the women's 57kg event at the Commonwealth Games two years ago.

Comatose Commonwealth Silver Medalist Flown to Bangkok Hospital from Vietnam »

09:34 pm | . . BANGKOK – Commonwealth Games silver medallist Stephanie Inglis who is in a coma after a motorcycle accident in Vietnam has been flown to a Bangkok for treatment. Stephanie…

May 26 2016 / Read More »
Forensics officers take saliva swabs from Japanese suspect Teruaki Matsubara, 49, (seated) after his arrest by Department of Special Investigation officers (Photo by Cheewin Sattha)

DSI Arrests Japanese Pedophile in Chiang Mai »

10:10 pm | . . CHIANG MAI – Japanese National Teruaki Matsubara, 49, was arrested after Department of Special Investigation officers raided his room at a guesthouse in downtown Chiang Mai city early on…

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Italian and Romanian “Wanted by Interpol” to be Deported from Thailand »

Mauro Vincenzo Saguato, 65, (left) an Italian national wanted by Interpol for embezzlement in his home country, and Marian Nicolau, 36, the accused leader of a Romanian skimming gang,appear at a media briefing at the Immigration Bureau on Wednesday

09:51 pm | . .  BANGKOK – Thai immigration police chief Nathorn Phrosunthorn told a press conference Wednesday that foreign criminals – Mauro Vincenzo Saguato,…

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47 Year-Old Japanese Tutor Found Hung in Bangkok Apartment »

Jayama Tetsuji body was found in room no. 402 on the 4th floor of an apartment in Soi Lat Krabang 22

07:07 pm | . . BANGKOK – Police from the Lat Krabang Police Station were called to an apartment in Soi Lat Krabang 22 after…

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Japanese Businessman Taking a Selfie, Struck by Train on River Kwai Bridge »

Haruhisa Saito, 52,was seriously injured after being hit by a train in full view of hundreds of shocked tourists

06:23 pm | . . KANCHANABURI – Haruhisa Saito, 52,a Japanese businessman taking a “selfie” on the famous River Kwai Bridge was seriously injured after…

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American Expat in Krabi Hangs Himself in Apparent Suicide »

The wife, Wongduan Lunla, told police that she returned home from work at noon and found the body of William Patrick hung from a rope tied to a window frame.

09:22 pm | . . KRABI  – Deputy investigator Pol Capt Sanya Gaeonui of Mueang Krabi Provincial Police has reported that 65-year-old American English teacher…

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Briton Ronald Rymer, 69, Sadly Joins Thailand’s Balcony Jumping Club »


09:36 pm | . . PHUKET – Pol Col Udom Phetcharat, deputy inspector from Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station told reporters that the body of British…

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Thai Immigration Deports Japanese Yakuza Financier »

Mr Shuhei Yoshizawa was escorted by five Japanese police

09:02 pm | . . BANGKOK –  Thailand’s Immigration police last night deported a key financier of the Yamagushi Yakuza gang to Japan to face trials .…

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Chiangrai News

It’s Official Western Sydney Wanderers Striker Mark Bridge Coming to Chiang Rai United »

Mark Bridge was one of the few remaining foundation players remaining at the Wanderers

09:04 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – The chairman of Chiang Rai United Mitti Tiyapairat has confirmed his club have reached an agreement to…

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Investigators Believe Faulty Neon Light Started the Blaze that Killed 17 Girls at Chiang Rai School Dormitory »

Smoke stains surround the window through which some of the children were able to escape

08:42 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – In the wake of the recent blaze that occurred at a girls’ dormitory of Pitakiatwittaya School in…

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Fire Safety Stepped Up Following Dormitory Fire in Chiang Rai »

Malawian Saw-wa, 33, (L) who lost her daughter, cries near a burnt building at the Pitakkiat Wittaya School in the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand, May 23, 2016. Phtot Athit Perawongmetha

08:43 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Prime Minister Gen.Prayut Chano-o-cha has expressed his condolences to the seventeen families of the children who…

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Mekong River Nations Agree to Tackle Drugs in the Golden Triangle Area »

The Mekong MOU has become recognized as a relatively effective framework for achieving some degree of success in combating the transnational threat of illicit drugs.

08:37 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Six nations along the Mekong River have joined hands at a conference for the Mekong Memorandum of…

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17 Students Killed at Pitakiatwittaya School Blaze in the Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai »


08:02 pm |   CHIANG RAI –  A terrible fire has swept through the Pitakiatwittaya School in the Wiang Pa Pao district of Chiang Rai,…

May 23 2016 / Read More »
Ms.Yupin Saw-wa cries as she holds a picture of her daughter, who died in the Domitory fire.

Pitakiatwittaya School Director Reveals No Smoke Detectors in Dorm Where 17 Schoolgirls Died »

05:43 pm |     CHIANG RAI – As investigators are still trying to piecing together what caused the fire at the girls dormitory at Pitakiatwittaya School in Wiang Pa Pao district, School…

May 28 2016 / Read More »
Forensic experts inspect a burnt building at the Pitakkiat Wittaya School. Photo Athit Perawongmetha

School Staff Face Possible Gross Negligence Charges Over Dormitory Fire that Killed 17 Girls in Chiang Rai »

08:05 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 5, Pol Maj Gen Songtham said police had not yet reached a conclusion about the cause of the fire in…

May 27 2016 / Read More »

World News

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