Death by Dam for the Mekong River »

07:45 pm | – A woman is shown watching boats pass the Pak Beng pier on the Mekong River in northern Laos  PAK BENG – The sleepy town of Pak Beng, Laos, best known as a…

Sep 16 2017 / Read More »

Thailand’s Social Development Ministry Offers Free Course for Thai Women Who Marry Foreigners »

06:28 pm | – AYUTTHAYA – Thailand’s Social Development Ministry is offering a free course to help Thai women cope with the highs and lows of interracial marriage and avoid potential scams or falling victim to…

Aug 30 2017 / Read More »

Meditation for Creative Writing Course Coming to Chiang Rai in October »

08:05 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Getting in touch with your intuition is a powerful way to become more creative, get new ideas flowing, and find ways to express your thoughts and your voice. Coming…

Aug 8 2017 / Read More »

Sign up for the 2nd Thailand Cycling Tour Challenge in Chiang Rai »

08:02 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Get on your bike for the 2nd Thailand Cycling Tour Challenge in the fabulous countryside of Chiang Rai. More and more Thai and international sports enthusiasts are getting on…

Aug 8 2017 / Read More »
Regional News

Thai Junta Reinstates Chief of National Buddhism Office »

07:52 pm |   – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Military Junta Government has reinstated as the head of a state body charged with…

Sep 26 2017 / Read More »

Thailand’s Junta Chief Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha Keeps Mum on Yinglucks Location »

07:45 pm |   – BANGKOK – Thailand’s junta chief Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, said Tuesday he knows where fugitive ex-premier Yingluck…

Sep 26 2017 / Read More »

Bangkok Police Ready for Judgement Day of Yingluck Shinawatra Case »

09:02 pm | – BANGKOK – Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Pol Maj Gen Panurat Lakboon has told reporters that Metropolitan police in…

Sep 25 2017 / Read More »

Three Vietnamese Nationals Busted for Smuggling Rhino Horns from Angola »

08:49 pm | – BANGKOK – Three Vietnamese nationals have been arrested for smuggling rhino horns worth an estimated 15milllion baht ($430,000)…

Sep 24 2017 / Read More »

Backers Fuel Suspicions Thai Junta Leader Prayut Chan-o-cha Plans to Stay in Power »

08:28 pm | – BANGKOK – In his dark suit, Thai junta leader Prayut Chan-o-cha cut an incongruous figure guiding a rice…

Sep 24 2017 / Read More »

Senior Police Officer Tells Investigators He was ‘Ordered’ to Help Yingluck Flee Country »

07:59 pm | – BANGKOK – Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has told reporters that a senior police officer has told investigators…

Sep 22 2017 / Read More »

Thai Customs Seize 41Kg of Ivory Worth Over 4 Million Baht »

07:45 pm |   BANGKOK – Customs officials have confiscated 28 pieces of ivory weighing about 41kg in total, with a street…

Sep 22 2017 / Read More »

Tourism News

  • Coffee at Chiang Rai’s Pha Mee Village

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  • Chiang Rai’s Community Based Lanjia Lodge Promoted to Support Local Tourism and Reduce Poverty

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  • Three Must-Visit Places in Chiang Rai

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  • Learning Akha hill tribe’s way of living in Pha Mee village

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  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Chiang Rai

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  • Chiang Rai’s Ploychompoo Wirairungrueng Takes Lead in CLPGA Zhuhai Heritage

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  • Chiang Rai Native Ploychompoo Wilairungrueng Wins Taiwan Mobile Ladies Open

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  • Thailand’s Top Retailers Partner with TripAdvisor to Attract Wealthy Chinese Tourists

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  • Line Messaging Digital Theme Park to Open in Bangkok

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  • Learning from the Lessons of the Doi Tung Project in Chiang Rai

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  • Thai Government Proposes Compulsory Travel Insurance for Foreigners

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  • Discover the Laidback Charms of Chiang Rai in 36 Hours

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  • Why is Bangkok City Banning its Famous Street Food Stalls?

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  • Pajaree Anannarukarn and Panuphol Pittayarat Win Singha Masters at the Santiburi Country Club

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

New Study Shows Child Abuse May Alter Neurons in Brain »

08:06 pm | – MONTREAL – Adults who were victims of child abuse tend to have thinner layers of myelin coating in the brain, according to a new study by McGill University in Canada. Myelin is the protective fatty coating that covers the long thread-like parts of nerve cells called axons and helps them conduct electrical signals more…

Sep 26 2017 / Read More »

Chatprapa Siriprakob Two Shots Clear of the Pack at PTT Thailand LPGA Masters »

08:48 pm | – BANGKOK – Chatprapa Siriprakob opened up a two-shot lead during second-round play of the PTT Thailand LPGA Masters on Thursday as the Thai veteran carded a four-under 68 in the calm of her early morning round. With rain and thunderstorms threatening play at Panya Indra Golf Club north of Bangkok, the Nakhon Ratchasima native…

Sep 14 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Mai University Unearths Two New Types of Truffle Species in Northern Thailand »

08:05 pm | – CHIANG MAI – Gastronomes of the world delight. Two new types of truffle have been unearthed in Thailand’s far north, scientists announced on Thursday in what they called a first for Southeast Asia. Researchers at Chiang Mai university said they had identified two brand new species and confirmed that tuber magnatum – the same…

Sep 10 2017 / Read More »

Three Must-Visit Places in Chiang Rai »

04:27 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Situated in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Rai slips under the radar of tourists as the area is not as popular as its neighboring city Chiang Mai. However, Chiang Rai actually offers one-of-a-kind attractions, varying from a majestic white temple to Akha tribe tradition, which cannot be found anywhere else.…

Sep 9 2017 / Read More »

Travellers Unaware they Could Face 10 Years in Prison for Vaping in Thailand »

10:37 pm | – BANGKOK – A travel agent is urging others to tell their customers not to vape in Thailand as they could face up to 10 years in prison. Pat Waterton, manager at Langley Travel, said she was unaware of the ban. She only learnt of the law when her nephew James was forced to pay…

Aug 15 2017 / Read More »

Tourist in the News

Australian Tourists Arrested for Trying to Smuggle iPhone 8’s into Thailand »

08:59 pm | – BANGKOK – An Australian national was arrested for trying to sneak 26 brand new iPhone 8’s into the country at Suvarnabhumi airport on Sunday. The Customs office at the…

Sep 24 2017 / Read More »

Three Taiwanese Nationals Arrested for Telecoms Fraud in Nakhon Ratchasima Province »

08:34 pm | – NAKHON RATCHASIMA – Thai police have arrested three Taiwanese nationals in Nakhon Ratchasima Province on suspicion of involvement in telecoms fraud. The three entered Thailand on tourist visas and…

Sep 24 2017 / Read More »

11 Foreigners Arrested in Bangkok for Transnational Crime and Overstay »

09:06 pm |   – BANGKOK – Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakphan, acting deputy chief of the Tourist Police Bureau has told a press confrence, Police have arrested 11 foreigners during raids in…

Sep 23 2017 / Read More »

American Wanted on Child Abuse Charges in US Apprehended on Island of Koh Samui »

08:55 pm |   KOH SAMUI –  An American man wanted in the United States of charges of child abuse has been detained on the Island of Koh Samui at Nathon pier on…

Sep 23 2017 / Read More »

Australian Grandmother Drowns in Phuket After Being Caught in Riptide »

06:50 pm | – PHUKET – A 65-year-old Australian woman on a family holiday in Phuket has died after being pulled unconscious from dangerous surf along…

Sep 19 2017 / Read More »

Notorious German Beggar Benjamin Holst Denied Boarding on Thai Airways Flight »

09:31 pm | – BANGKOK – Notorious beggar Benjamin Holst once dubbed the “most hated German in Thailand” was denied boarding a Thai Airways flight…

Sep 13 2017 / Read More »

Brazilian Dug Mule Busted at Suvarnabhumi Airport with 100 Packets of Cocaine in his Stomach »

07:45 pm | – BANGKOK – A Brazilian man has been has arrested after he allegedly smuggled cocaine into the country by swallowing 100 packets…

Sep 10 2017 / Read More »

66 Year-Old American Arrested in Chiang Mai for Possessing Child Pornography »

05:26 pm | – CHIANG MAI – Police form Thailand’s Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC) department have arrested an American man at his apartment on…

Sep 9 2017 / Read More »

Nigerian Man Arrested in Phuket for Robbing and Shooting Russian Woman »

08:52 pm | – PHUKET – A 27 year-old Nigerian man has been arrested for allegedly robbing and shooting a Russian woman during a break-in…

Sep 1 2017 / Read More »

Thai Man Attacks Chinese Tourist with Machette in Central Thailand »

07:57 pm | – SAMUT PRAKAN – A 26 year-old Thai man arrested for attacking and injuring two Chinese tourists with a long-bladed knife in…

Aug 31 2017 / Read More »

Three Foreigners Charged in Immigration Extortion Scam »

08:15 pm | – BANGKOK – Metropolitan Police have arrested two Middle Easterners accused by a Syrian national of duping him of 655,000 baht claiming…

Aug 26 2017 / Read More »

African Woman Falls to her Death from Hat Yai Hotel »

09:28 pm |     HAT YAI – Police in Hat Yai have reported that a foreign woman believed to be an African national fell…

Aug 25 2017 / Read More »

South Korean National Arrested for Human Trafficking in Bangkok »

07:56 pm | – BANGKOK – Thai law enforcement officials announced Friday they have arrested a South Korean man suspected of involvement in trafficking of…

Aug 19 2017 / Read More »

28 Year-Old Canadian Woman Busted for ‘Stealing’ Nail Products in Pattaya, Thailand »

10:27 pm | – PATTAYA – A 28-year-old Canadian woman has been arrested for allegedly shoplifting as shop staff found unchecked nail polish and manicure…

Aug 15 2017 / Read More »

Chiangrai News

Manga Hokusai Manga Exhibit Coming to Art Bridge in Chiang Rai on October 7th »

07:45 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The “Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics” exhibition organised by the…

Sep 21 2017 / Read More »

6.5 Million Meth Pills Seize after Narcotics Police Intercepted a Ten-Wheel Truck in Chiang Rai »

06:30 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Pol Gen Chalermkiart Srivorakhan, national deputy police chief, told a press conference on Monday that a seizure took…

Sep 20 2017 / Read More »

Vessels Warned on Mekong River Following Huge Discharge from China’s Jinghong Dam »

08:24 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The volume of water in the Mekong River has risen rapidly following discharges from a dam in Yunnan…

Sep 16 2017 / Read More »

Mae Sai River Over Flows into Markets for Second Time »

08:20 pm | – MAE SAI – For the second time in less than a month heavy rains have caused the Mae Sai river to…

Sep 14 2017 / Read More »

Mae Sai Headman Held in 21 Year-Old Old Japanese Murder Case »

09:49 pm |   CHIANG RAI – A Mae Sai Kamnan (Village head) who allegedly killed two Thai workers in Japan 21 years ago and…

Sep 13 2017 / Read More »

Woman Arrested in Chiang Rai’s Phan District with 190,000 Meth Pills »

04:55 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Chiang Rai police arrested a woman in Chiang Rai’s Phan district on Saturday morning after 190,000 methamphetamine pills…

Sep 9 2017 / Read More »

Heavy Rains Cause Landslide in Mae Fah Luang District of Chiang Rai »

03:57 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Heavy monsoon rains swept away a house and forced neighbouring homes to be evacuated as a precaution in…

Sep 9 2017 / Read More »

Week Old Baby Found Abandoned at Roadside Stall in Chiang Rai’s Weing District »

09:46 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Police have reported that a week-old baby girl was found abandoned on a roadside stall in Chiang Rai’s…

Sep 8 2017 / Read More »

Man Arrested in Chiang Rai for Snatching Bag of New Zealand Woman »

08:55 pm |   CHIANG RAI – A Malaysian man has been arrested in Chiang Rai, suspected of snatching a New Zealand woman’s handbag in…

Sep 8 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai’s Department of Rural Roads Considers New 46.7km ByPass Road »

08:43 pm |   – CHIANG RAI – The Department of Rural Roads’ Chiang Rai office have completed the study on the construction of a…

Sep 7 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Artist Makes Charcoal Portrait of HM the Late King »

08:42 pm |   CHIANG RAI – A Chiang Rai artist is expressing his loyalty and appreciation of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej…

Sep 6 2017 / Read More »

Drug Runners Busted at Chiang Rai Resort with Over 200,000 Meth Pills »

09:39 pm | – CHIANG RAI – A man and a woman were arrested in Chiang Rai’s Muang district on Sunday night after police found…

Sep 5 2017 / Read More »

Rak Chiang Khong Files Appeal Over Administrative Court’s Dismissal of Pak Bang Dam Complaint »

08:29 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The Rak Chiang Khong conservation group will file an appeal against the Administrative Court’s dismissal of its complaint against Thai authorities involving the Pak Bang dam,…

Sep 23 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Man Arrested for Hit and Run Causing Death After Video Shared on Facebook »

08:20 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Police have arrested 38 year-old man in Chiang Rai City suspected of being the motorist seen in a widely shared Facebook video, capturing a pickup truck…

Sep 23 2017 / Read More »

Three Workers Dies After Inhaling Toxic Gas at Chiang Saen Rice Mill »

08:03 pm | –     CHIANG RAI – Police in Chiang Sea have reported that 3hree migrant workers from Myanmar died after inhaling a toxic gas while cleaning out a 3 metre-deep…

Sep 23 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Governor Awards Communities Effectively Managing Waste »

09:23 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Governor Narongsak Osot-thanakorn, has awarded a number of villages and communities for adhering to government policy on waste management as part of the “Clean Chiang Rai”…

Sep 22 2017 / Read More »

Thailand’s Third Army Destroys Opium Poppy Fields in Northern Thailand »

08:29 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Lt Gen Wichak Siribansob, commander of the 3rd Army in Northern Thailand has reported that fewer opium poppy fields were destroyed by authorities in the North…

Sep 21 2017 / Read More »

World News

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