Fighting Thailand’s Drought Through Biodiversity »

More than 65 percent of the country's water is used for agriculture, so dry rivers and near empty reservoirs hit the sector hard.

08:45 pm | . Thailand has been hit by one of the worst droughts in decades – with devastating effects on farmers. However, some small organic farms demonstrate that the key to surviving future droughts could…

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Marrying a Thai Girl – U.S. Waiver for Prostitution »


08:57 pm | . . BANGKOK – In my immigration practice, I assist many U.S. citizens obtain visas for their Thai spouse or fiancée. Last month, a client went to the final interview and came out…

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Thai Police Arrest Myanmar Woman for Reporting Labour Abuses at Poultry Farm »

Thai soldiers search a room of the Myanmar workers living quarters during a raid.

09:19 pm | . . LOP BURI -Myanmar Workers Rights Network (MWRN) has reported that a Burmese migrant worker was arrested in…

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Singha Heir Gives New Car to Cabbie Providing Free Rides to Disabled People »

Cabbie, Mr Suwannachat Phromchart and Singha’s “Todd” Piti Bhirombhakdi

08:53 pm | . . BANGKOK – A taxi driver who has been providing free service to disabled people by taking them…

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Thai Court Jails Seven Students for Campaigning Against a Military-Backed Draft Constitution »

An activist against the junta-backed constitution seals her mouth with duct tape. Seven activists were jailed on Friday. Photograph: Chaiwat Subprasom/Reuters

09:19 pm | . . BANGKOK– A Thai court jailed seven activists on Friday for campaigning against a military-backed draft constitution which…

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Thai Rescue Teams Search for Missing Military Helicopter in Chanthaburi Province »

Rescuers in Chanthaburi check a map Sunday before they resumed searching for a military helicopter that disappeared in the province.// Chanthaburi rescue operation centre.

09:00 pm |     CHANTHABURI -Rescue teams in Thailand Sunday resumed searching for a military helicopter that went missing Saturday with…

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Four Murders and a Bloody Battle for Land Rights in Surat Thani, Thailand »


07:07 pm | . . SURAT THANI – Supot Kalasong was driving home one afternoon in April when he heard a bang…

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Tourism News

  • The prized coffee beans are collected after being excreted by the Asian palm civet (e-hen) at Doi Tung wildlife breeding centre.

    Experience Chiang Rai’s Asian Palm Civet (e-hen) Coffee

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  • Tourists look across at King Romans Casino from Chang Saen Chiang Rai

    How to Spend a Weekend in Chiang Rai

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  • Balloons ascending into the sky over Singha Park’s rolling hills and plantations. Photo by: Phudinan Singkhamfu

    Romance Awaits for Valentine’s Day 2017 at Singha Park International Balloon Fiesta in Chiang Rai, Thailand

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  • Some of the Chinese men who misbehave try to squeeze Breast ladyboys in their photo shoots. “They think it’s OK because the breasts are not real.”

    Thai Tourism Officials Concerned Over Negative Video’s of Chinese Tourists

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  • The lake was developed into a recreational spot in 2014 by local bodies to cope with the areas growing popularity.

    Chiang Saen’s Pa Sak Sub District Unveils Nong Bua Luang, New Tourist Attraction

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  • The government's Tourism Authority now wants to focus on "quality tourism", and has launched a campaign to attract visitors who spend more, and hopefully stay out of trouble.

    Safety a Concern as Thailand’s Tourism Authority Tries to Attract Quality Tourists

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  • Authorities raid a bridge club and arrested 32 foreigners including British, Swedish, Norwegian and Australian citizens

    Thailand: No Longer a Paradise for Expats

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  • Doi Chaang has expanded manifold and now grows over 15,000 rai, producing 3,000 tonnes of coffee a year

    Changing the Face of Doi Chaang Hill Tribes

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  • Military and police personnel walk past tourists as they patrol near the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

    Challenging Times for Thai Tourism, Keeping Tourist Safe

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  • German Tourists clamour to take 'trophy photos' of the Karen women and girls in Chiang Rai

    Thailand Pursues Quality European Tourists in Europe

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  • In the past, attempts by wildlife officials to inspect the tigers have been blocked by the temple and its abbots.

    Thailand’s Controversial Tiger Temple Fights to Keep it’s Tigers

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  • Don’t Ride Elephants, Wash Them, tourists to interact with and learn about elephants in a responsible way.

    Chiang Rai Tourism told Elephant Shows and Treks are No-Go Zone for European Tourists

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  • Chiang-rai1-480x328

    Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference Kicks off in Chiang Rai

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  • Tourism Authority of Thailand Proposes USD$10 Foreigner Fee to Enter Thailand

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

Thai Children Increasingly at Risk as Drug Abuse Grows in Thailand »

08:46 pm |     BANGKOK – Boonruang Triruangworawat, Director of the National Narcotics Control Management Centre, said yesterday, Thailand has been struggling with an increasingly complicated drug problem. At an even marking International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Boonruang said drug abusers are estimated to number as many as 2.7 million and the scourge of drugs…

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The pills come in a pretty rainbow of colours � purple, pink, orange and green � and boast flavours such as chocolate and strawberry

Chiang Rai United Football Club to Get Major Revamp »

08:15 pm | . Chiangrai United FC’s football fans at Chiang Rai United stadium in Chiang Rai City. . . CHIANG RAI – Miti Tiyapairat, president of Chiangrai United Football Club yesterday announced a major marketing revamp for the first time in its eight-year history, setting to draw more fan clubs. “The football club has earned about Bt80…

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Chiangrai United FC's football fans give the thumbs up at Chiang Rai United Satduim

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Dietary Fats »

06:24 pm |   . Fat has gotten a bum rap over the years. Some fats are actually good, and you need them in your diet. Good fats can help you manage your emotions, stay sharp, fight fatigue, and control your weight. But bad fats do exist. They’re the ones that can lead to weight gain and raise…

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But bad fats do exist. They're the ones that can lead to weight gain and raise your risk of heart disease.

Blind Musicians Take the Lead in this Thai Orchestra »

08:50 pm | . . BANGKOK – In Thailand, some Buddhists view physical or intellectual disability as punishment manifested for wrongdoing in a past life. The Thai Blind Orchestra, made up of children as young as 9, hopes to help combat this perception through its musical training and performances. Rungroj Yongrit, a photographer with the European Pressphoto Agency,…

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Marrying a Thai Girl – U.S. Waiver for Prostitution »

08:57 pm | . . BANGKOK – In my immigration practice, I assist many U.S. citizens obtain visas for their Thai spouse or fiancée. Last month, a client went to the final interview and came out of the interview distraught and crying. During the interview, the officer informed my client that they received an anonymous message from someone…

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Expat News

The Body of Korean Hong Garam, 28,wshed ashore on Patong beach Phuket

28 Year-Old South Korean Woman Found Washed Ashore on Phuket Beach »

09:10 pm | . . PHUKET – Pol Maj Pathapee Srichai, investigation chief at Patong police station told the press that the body Hong Garam, 28, of South Korea, washed ashore on Patong…

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26 Year-Old Dutch Woman Jumps to her Death in Chiang Mai »

09:47 pm | . .   CHIANG MAI – Police were called to the Grandview Hotel after a Dutch woman, Miss Nouschka Kuss, 26, leapt from the fifth floor car park of the…

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21 Year Old American Woman Recovers in Bangkok Hospital after Being Stabbed by Mugger »


09:49 pm | . . BANGKOK –  A 21-year-old American woman is recovering in a Bangkok Hospital after she was stabbed by a mugger while…

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57 Year Old German Woman Joins the “Balcony Falling Club” in Bangkok »

57 Year Old German Woman Joins the "Balcony Falling Club" in Bangkok

09:28 pm | . . BANGKOK – A 57-year-old German National Doris Erika Beger, was found dead after allegedly jumping from the 24th floor of…

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Dutchman Johan van Laarhoven and Tukta, his Thai wife Innocent, in Bangkok Prison »

Johan van Laarhoven and his Thai wife were sentenced in Bangkok last year to 103 years.

08:49 pm |     BANGKOK – Dutch National Johan Van Laarhoven was arrested and sentenced to 103 years in Thai prison for money laundering.…

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Canadian “Swirly Face” Pedophile Sentenced in Canada for Crimes at Home and Asia »

Christopher Paul Neil is surrounded by Thai policemen during a press conference at the Police Bureau

07:27 pm | . . VANCOUVER  – Canadian Christopher Neil who was arrested in Thailand and subject of an international manhunt for allegedly posting his…

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Missing Scotsman Steve Balfour Found in Bangkok Morgue »

Balfour disappeared during a trip to visit his daughter, with one friend claiming he'd said if anything happened to him, it'd be his ex-wife's fault

08:29 pm | . . PATTAYA  – Scottish Steve Balfour who’s father reported him missing for over a month has been found in a police…

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Chiangrai News

Parents Losing Patience with Investigators of School Fire that Killed 17 Students »

Victims’ families refuse to accept the explanation given by police that the blaze that killed the 17 girls started from a faulty light bulb.

08:52 pm |   . . CHIANG RAI – It has now been more than three weeks since the terrible fire that killed 17 students…

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Yingluck Defies Junta with Selfie and Smiles Facebook Tour »

Yingluck Shinawatra (C) makes a stop at a snack shop as part of Yingluck's 'fighting with smiles' tour in the northern Thai province of Lampang Sunday. / Photo  CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT

09:56 pm |   . . PHRAE – On a “fighting with smiles” tour by ex-premier Yingluck Shinawatra, selfies and symbols are the weapons of…

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Two Boys, Aged 12 and 15 Caught with 200,000 Meth Pills in Phan Chiang Rai »

Pol Col Charan Roengtham, deputy chief of Chiang Rai police, shows a package of speed pills with the new logo during a media briefing on Thursday following a search of a Bangkok-bound tour bus in Phan district on Wednesday night. Two boys were arrested for possession of the drugs. (Photo by Chinpat Chaimon)

09:19 pm | . . PHAN – Pol Col Charan Roengtham, Deputy Chief of Chiang Rai police, told reporters at a media briefing that two…

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Engineers and Parents Cast Doubt on Forensic Examiners Light Bulb Explanation For Deadly Dormitory Fire »

Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Gov. Boonsong Techamaneesathit on Friday hands over donations to families of dead and injured school girls at the Wiang Pa Pao District Office in Chiang Rai province.

09:38 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – After declining to identify the cause of the fire that killed 17 girls at Pitakkiat Witthaya School…

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Clinton Seizes Democratic Win as Sanders Vows to Fight on »

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, shake hands before the start of the Univision, Washington Post Democratic presidential debate at Miami-Dade College

08:35 pm |  .  . NEW YORK – Powered by a solid triumph in California, Hillary Clinton declared victory in her year long battle for…

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Chiang Rai Hosts Olympic Day 2016 Events to Promote Tourism »

09:17 pm | . CHIANG KHONG – Olympic Day 2016 a walk, run marathon was held in Chiang Rai to promote the international relations of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos PDR. The event was…

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Maj. Gen. Thanayin said the absence of basic safety equipment such as smoke detectors and alarms didn't matter.

CASE CLOSED – No Charges or Accountability Over Fire that Killed 17 Girls in Chiang Rai »

07:16 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Chiang Rai police chief Thanayin Thepraksa and  Pol Maj Gen Sant Sukwaj, commander of the 5th Police Forensic Science Centre announced Thursday that police investigators…

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