Misery on the Mekong »

Den Kroolong got the jolting news in a 6am phone call at his home in northern Thailand one day in December last year. His boat had disappeared.

10:47 pm | A new front line in the global battle over water emerges as China dams the mighty river to quench its thirst for hydro-electric power Den Kroolong got the jolting news in a 6am…

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Thai Surrogate’s Story Offers Clues to Mitsutoki Shigeta and his 16 Babies »

Shigeta Mitsutoki with baby at Bangkok Airport

02:16 am |   BANGKOK — When the young Thai woman saw an online ad seeking surrogate mothers, it seemed like a…

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16 Year Old May Myat Noe Seeks Apology Before Returning Miss Asia Pacific World Crown »

Myanmar's former beauty queen May Myat Noe gives a news conference, seated next to the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World crown, at a restaurant in Yangon Sept. 2, 2014

09:32 pm | - - YANGON – Dethroned Miss Asia Pacific World 16-year-old beauty queen May Myat Noe from Myanmar said Tuesday she won’t…

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Human Rights Groups Allege Supression of Freedoms in Thailand »

Police officers inside the Foreign Correspondents Club to deliver letters to human rights panelists. Photo Steve Herman

08:44 pm |   BANGKOK – Thailand’s military and police have suppressed the release of an independent report assessing human rights in…

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Human Rights Report Slams Thailand for Violating Childrens Rights »

Children, part of a group of asylum seekers, sit in a truck as Thai immigration officials escort them to a court in Songkhla, southern Thailand,

08:36 pm |   BANGKOK -  A scathing Human Rights Report has been released stating that Thailand holds thousands of migrant children…

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  • russian-tourists-thailand

    Tourist Arrivals Down10.47 Percent From Last Year

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  • Multi-generational workers Doi Tung Royal Project Chiang Rai Thailand

    Handicrafts of Chiang Rai’s Hill Tribes: Explore the Royal Projects of Doi Tung

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  • Meet tribal people who still live off the land and discover old monasteries and churches in Myanmar's frontier, Kengtung - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/the-big-story/asia-report/myanmar/story/gem-the-golden-triangle-20140720#sthash.v4zhpy62.dpuf

    Kengtung Myanmar, A Gem in the Golden Triangle

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  • Thai Immigration Bureau to blacklist all overstayers of more than 90 days

    Thailand Visa Overstayers to be put on a Blacklist and Barred from the Country

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  • The architecture of Chiang Rai's White Temple, aka Wat Rong Khun, continues to inspire. Though some of the buildings in the complex were closed to the public after they suffered structural damage during a strong earthquake in early May, tourists continued to flock to the temple. Some wanted to inspect the cracks caused by 6.3-magnitude quake while others were anxious to view the masterpiece painstakingly created by national artist Chalermchai Kositpipat after news about the temple's closure spread. Chalermchai has now committed himself to repairing the damage.

    Chiang Rai Shaken Not Shattered, Earthquake Reports Greatly Exaggerated

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  • Last year's inaugural Chiangmai Classic, won by Australia's Scott Hend, also featured an appearance by four-time major winner Ernie Els of South Africa who tied for 14th place.

    Chiangmai’s 2014 Golf Classic Postponed

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  • Indian opium farmers now are harvesting large crops in the country's northern area, a new development in the regional drug problem. (Photo by TNI)

    Heroin Poppy’s Return to the Golden Triangle

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  • thailand

    What Natural Disasters Could You Experience in Thailand?

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  • Mae Sai Immigration office Chiang Rai

    Thailand Crackdown on Visa Runs, Create Headaches for Expats

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  • Chiangrai night market is conveniently near the centre of town, a short walk from the bus station.

    Tourism Unaffected in Chiang Rai by the Recent Earthquake

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  • Ruammit Karen Village,Chiang Rai

    Chiang Rai Province Still Bustling with Tourists

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  • Born just a few weeks ago on March 3, Nong Sam is the fifth son of indigenous elephant Boon Jan

    Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Chiang Rai, Welcomes Baby Elephant Nong Sam

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  • Steve Williams, from Coventry, who moved to Thailand and started his own volunteering and touring business, Bamboo Project,with his wife Lerdtida and their two-year-old son Tyler

    Steve Williams Thailand “Bamboo Project” is Growing Fast

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  • hall-if-opium

    The Hall of Opium an Intoxicating Attraction in Chiang Rai’s Golden Triangle

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Osotspa 3 Chiangrai United 3 »

08:07 pm | - CHIANG RAI – Kiatprawut Saiwaeo’s injury-time strike helped Chiangrai United overturn a two-goal deficit in a thrilling 3-3 draw at Osotspa on Wednesday. Chiangrai had ended a six-match win less run in the Thai Premier League by beating Bangkok United 3-0 on Saturday. Things looked bleak for the visitors at the Rajamangala National Stadium, however,…

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Thailand’s Six Legged Livestock »

04:00 am |   THANON NANG KLARN – Depending solely on the rains to either yield a good rice crop or leave their fields dry and barren, farmers in this village in northeastern Thailand, the country’s poorest region, led a precarious and back-breaking existence. Then they discovered bugs. At Boontham Puthachat’s home, six concrete pens seethe with crickets…

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A woman sells fried grasshoppers and other fried insects at a stand at a gas station in Nakhon Ratchasima province, northeastern Thailand. Six-legged livestock, as UN Food and Agriculture Organization calls them, take just 3.8 litres of water, 1 kg. of feed and a small cubicle to produce a pound of crickets.

Chiangrai History One Bowl at a Time »

04:09 am |   At popular eatery Nam Ngiew Pa Suk in Chiang Rai, where “Northern noodles” reign supreme, bowls of the garnet-colored dish, in pork or beef versions and with a gravy so unctuous it’s almost solid, go for 35 baht ($1) apiece.   CHIANG RAI - If Thais are chili aficionados in the south, gourmands in…

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At popular eatery Nam Ngiew Pa Suk in Chiang Rai, where “Northern noodles” reign supreme, bowls of the garnet-colored dish, in pork or beef versions and with a gravy so unctuous it’s almost solid, go for 35 baht ($1) apiece.

Tourist Arrivals Down10.47 Percent From Last Year »

08:58 pm | - BANGKOK – Tourist arrivals for the seven months of this year dropped by 10.47 percent to 13.6 million compared to 14 million for the same period last year largely due to political instability, said Mr Anuparb Kasensuwan, director-general of Tourism Department, on Tuesday. Revenue from tourism for the same period dropped by 8 percent…

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Singha Trail Running Festival, Scheduled for September 20 »

08:22 pm |   CHIANG RAI – AMA events and Singha Corporation have announced that the inaugural Singha Trail Running Festival, scheduled for September 20, will be held in the stunning Singha Park located in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand. The event will be a true ‘catchall’ race, including a comprehensive array of distances – 3km, 10km and 21km…

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The Family Fun Run (3km) is very much part of this convivial event. It is open to all free of charge.

Foreigners in the News

British activist Andy Hall (2nd R) is surrounded by supporters as he arrives for a hearing at a court in Bangkok on September 2, 2014 (AFP Photo/Christophe Archambault)

Libel Trial for British Human Rights Activist Andy Hall Begins in Bangkok »

08:12 pm |   BANGKOK – British national Andy Hall (pictured) faces jail over lawsuits brought against him by a Thai fruit processor. Natural Fruit accuses Hall of defamation after a report he…

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Swede Lief Christer Left Homeless in Bangkok after Being ‘Swindled’ by a Thai Woman »

The pitiful existence of former chef Lief Christer, 45, became public after images of him sleeping on a footpath in the Soi Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4) area went viral on the internet earlier this week. (Photo by Pemika Jiawong)

09:14 pm | - BANGKOK – Lief Christer worked as a chef in Sweden, but is now forced to beg on the streets in Bangkok Thailand.…

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Terry Stark, Founder of Carolina Skiffs, Dead at 68 in Cambodia »

Terry Stark pursued a simple but adventurous life.

09:07 pm |   CAMBODIA – US National Terry Stark, a restless genius who never finished high school but invented a simple, every man’s skiff…

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Australian Woman Joanna Sherwell Successfully Adopts Dog from Chiang Mai »

Joanna Sherwell visits GAWS with her adopted Thailand dog Sunny. Pic: Alison Wynd

08:47 pm |   GEELONG -A well traveled pooch has seen more of the world than most canines after his Drysdale adopter decided she couldn’t…

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Chiangrai News

Photo Exhibition “Mysterious Mekong” By Photographer Reinhard Hohler Opens in Central Plazza Chiang Rai »

The unique collection of photos is featuring the Mekong River, the longest river in Southeast Asia, which is more and more threatened by the building of dams and industrial development schemes.

08:18 pm |   CHIANG RAI – A unique collection of photographs portraying the natural beauty of the Mekong River will be displayed at Central…

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Chiang Rai Court Sentence 7 Anti-Coup Protesters to 3 Months in Jail »

The protesters gathered at the fast food restaurant, wore masks with ‘X’ and showed anti-coup placards around noon of 25 May. About 30 minutes, later the military and police officers were deployed to the McDonald’s, forcing the protesters to stop the activity

09:12 pm | - - CHIANG RAI – A Court in Chiang Rai Province early this week sentenced seven anti-coup protesters to six months in…

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Heavy Rain Warning for Chiang Rai, Residents Warned Over Rising River Levels »


08:02 pm | - CHIANG RAI – Residents in Chiang Rai Province have been warned to be on the lookout of the Mekong River’s rising…

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More Aftershocks Expected for Chiang Rai »

A woman picks up debris in her yard after the quake hit downtown Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai.

08:48 pm |   CHIANG RAI – Monday’s large aftershock in Chiang Rai’s Mae Suai district has deepened worries that similarly sized tremors could continue…

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4.8 Earth Quake Recorded in Mae Suai District of Chiang Rai »


09:10 pm | CHIANG RAI – An earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale was recorded in Mae Suai district of Chiang Rai province just…

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Parts of Phahonyothin road between Mueang and Mae Chan districts has been heavily submerged by high and strong floods

Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Central Chiang Rai Province »

09:16 pm | - - CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Meteorological Department has issued rain warnings to residents in the northern, northeastern and eastern regions from Thursday through Saturday as many provinces are still…

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The Family Fun Run (3km) is very much part of this convivial event. It is open to all free of charge.

Singha Trail Running Festival, Scheduled for September 20 »

08:22 pm |   CHIANG RAI – AMA events and Singha Corporation have announced that the inaugural Singha Trail Running Festival, scheduled for September 20, will be held in the stunning Singha Park…

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