Are China’s Investment Taking over the Mekong? »

11:07 pm | – BEIJING – China is shoring up its sphere of influence in Southeast Asia through aid and investment. By funding infrastructure and development, China can increase its economic and strategic leverage over poorer…

Jan 16 2018 / Read More »

Northern Authorities Act to Stop Northern Farmers Lighting Fires to Clear Land »

09:02 pm | – CHIANG MAI – By the end of the year, Chiang Rai and other northern provinces of Thailand will be put on high alert for summer haze. The conditions from February to April…

Dec 25 2017 / Read More »

Activists Demand International Law Regulating Development Projects on Mekong River »

11:22 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Thai People from Eight Mekong Provinces Networking group met in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Khong district yesterday, with participants concluding that the Mekong was under imminent threat of irreversible damage…

Dec 21 2017 / Read More »

China and Thai Junta Flip-Flop Over Blasting of Mekong River Inlet in Chiang Rai Province »

09:27 pm | – CHIANG RAI – At the third Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Mekong-Lancang Cooperation, China’s central government acknowledged Rak Chiang Khong’s concerns about the impacts on people’s livelihoods of the Mekong River navigation channel…

Dec 21 2017 / Read More »
Regional News

Police Hunt for Fleeing Bus Driver after Seventeen Tourists Injured in Tour Bus-Truck Crash »

08:52 pm | – CHON BURI – Seventeen Chinese tourists were hurt when the tour bus they were travelling in rear-ended a…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Three More Charged in Former School Teachers Perjury Case Over Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident »

08:39 pm | – NAKHON PHANOM – Three more people have been charged in the perjury case involving former teacher Jomsap Saenmuangkhot’s…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Uproar Over Luxury Watches Threatens Thailand’s Ruling Generals »

08:09 pm |   BANGKOK – Entering their fifth year in power, Thailand’s ruling generals may be running out of time and…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Bangkok Police Arrest Man Who Viciously Kicked 4 Year-Old Boy in the Head »

10:09 pm | – BANGKOK – Police have arrested a man believed to have viciously kicked and knocked down a 4-year-old boy…

Jan 17 2018 / Read More »

Thai Military Court Drops Lese Majeste Charges Against 84-Year-old Historian »

09:00 pm |   BANGKOK – A Thai military court on Wednesday dropped royal insult charges ( lese majeste) against an 84-year-old…

Jan 17 2018 / Read More »

Thai Junta Introduces “Smart Visa” to Lure Specialists into 10 Targeted Industries »

08:45 pm |   – BANGKOK – According to reports by the Nation, Thailand has officially launched the new 4-year professional visa…

Jan 17 2018 / Read More »

Homeless Baht Bus Driver and his 10 year-old Son Overwhelmed at Thai Public’s Generosity »

10:03 pm | – SONGKHLA -The homeless driver of a minibus in Songkhla’s Hat Yai, Runroj Thiprat, 62 and his 10 year-old…

Jan 16 2018 / Read More »

Tourism News

  • Bangkok Police Halt Film Company Production Over Sex Toys

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  • Thai immigration Says Wait for Visa on Arrival Could Take Up to 4 Hours

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  • Thailand’s Airports Strained Beyond Capacity as Tourism from China Explodes

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  • Thai Lake Draws Tourists with Spectacular Lotus Bloom the Red Lotus Sea

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  • Krabi Park Officials Ban Selfie’s at Khao Ngon Nak Mountain Top

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  • American ‘Travelling Butts’ Couple to Be Deported from Thailand

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  • Thailand’s National Parks Head Says Jail for Those Found with Alcohol in National Parks

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  • Tourist Bus Carrying 36 Tourists Catches Fire in Phuket Thailand

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  • Thailand’s Finance Ministry Ponders Tax Incentive for Thai to Travel Domestically

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  • Qatar Airways Heads to Chiang Mai and Pattaya

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  • Discovering Hill-tribe Organics in Chiang Rai Province

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  • Foreign Visitors Can Now Get Compensation from Tour Scams in Thailand

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  • How do Airlines Decide Who Gets a Free Upgrade to the Sweet Seats on Flights?

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  • Bangkok Airways Starts Imposing New Fees for “Passenger No-Shows”

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  • World’s Most Powerful Passports: How Does Yours Compare?

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

Thailand Is on the Fast-Track to Legalizing Medical Marijuana »

10:38 pm |   – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board director, Sirinya Sitdhichai, announced this week,  that after decades of extreme drug prohibition, the Thai government is now planning to rewrite their drug laws, allowing medical cannabis to be sold to anyone with a doctor’s prescription. “For medical purposes, they will be able to get the marijuana,…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Sweden’s Captain Tosses his Silver Medal into Crowd after to Losing to Canada at World Junior Hockey Championship »

09:12 pm | – BOSTON – It’s been Team Canada’s mantra at pretty much every single world junior hockey championship. But it’s apparently not just a Canadian thing. Shortly after losing 3-1 in the championship final, Sweden captain Lias Andersson tossed his silver medal into crowd, where a fan caught it and put it around his own neck.…

Jan 6 2018 / Read More »

Chiang Mai University Unearths Two New Types of Truffle Species in Northern Thailand »

08:05 pm | – CHIANG MAI – Gastronomes of the world delight. Two new types of truffle have been unearthed in Thailand’s far north, scientists announced on Thursday in what they called a first for Southeast Asia. Researchers at Chiang Mai university said they had identified two brand new species and confirmed that tuber magnatum – the same…

Sep 10 2017 / Read More »

Plunging British Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power »

08:47 pm | – LONDON – The spending power of British expat pensioners and their state and personal pensions has dipped by a fifth in the past two years, claims research by pension administrator Equiniti. And although expats in the Eurozone have suffered the worst financially, few British retirees around the world have avoided the devaluation of their…

Jan 1 2018 / Read More »

Thai Prime Minister Orders a “Reduction of Students Homework” »

09:16 pm | – BANGKOK – Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has called on the Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) for a reduction of students’ homework load. Obec secretary-general Boonrux Yodpheth said on Wednesday that teachers who were in charge classes should plan together as to how to evaluate their students homework. Boonrux also emphasized that home…

Jan 3 2018 / Read More »

Tourist in the News

Thai Immigration Arrest Pakistani Man for Passport Forgery in Bangkok »

10:12 pm | – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Immigration Police has arrested a Pakistani man in Bangkok on charges of making and selling forged passports and Thailand visa stamps to various client groups, including…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Nigerian Romance Scammers Busted in Bangkok »

09:56 pm | – BANGKOK -Thailand’s Immigration police have arrested four Nigerians and one Cameroon man and cha,ged them with operating an online romance scam to deceive Thai women into wiring them money.…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

United Arab Emirates Man Accused of Raping 28 Year-Old American Woman in Bangkok »

09:28 pm | – BANGKOK – Tourist Police Bureau deputy chief Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpan told Thai News Media today that a 40-year-old man from the United Arab Emirates was accused of raping…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Police Find Unidentified Body in Phetchaburi, Possibly the Remains of Missing Briton Martin Wood »

08:17 pm | – PHETCHABURI – A body of an unidentified man has been found close to where a married British father-of-two disappeared while on holiday in Thailand with his family last month.…

Jan 18 2018 / Read More »

Photo’s of Tourists Tagging a Wall Ko Lanta, Thailand Go Viral on Facebook »

07:55 pm | – PHUKET – On the weekend photo’s of a couple spraying graffiti on a wall in Ko Lanta, a sleepy island district…

Jan 18 2018 / Read More »

Singapore Seeking Extradition of Canadian Bank Robber Deported to Britain from Thailand »

09:41 pm | – LONDON -Singapore said on Monday it was seeking to extradite a Canadian man suspected of a rare bank robbery in the…

Jan 15 2018 / Read More »

74 Year-Old Japanese Yakuza Boss Arrested in Thailand After His Tattoo Photos Go Viral »

10:18 pm | – BANGKOK – Shineharu Shirai, 72, a Japanese yakuza boss wanted for the murder of a rival gangster in Japan, caught in…

Jan 11 2018 / Read More »

Russian Crashes Super Bike in South Korean Pedestrian, Killing Himself, the Pedestrian and Thai Passenger in Pattaya »

11:30 pm | – PATTAYA – Three people were killed in Pattaya, Chon Buri after a high-powered motorcycle driven by a Russian man hit a…

Jan 9 2018 / Read More »

American Tourist Overdoses on Viagra and Wanders Naked Through Phuket Internationa Airport »

09:59 pm | – PHUKET – A naked  American tourist has been arrested after overdosing on Viagra before running around naked at Phuket’s International Airport.…

Jan 8 2018 / Read More »

Australian Woman Arrested at Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Airport with Suitcase Full of Heroin »

09:35 pm |   PHNOM PENH – Cambodia’s immigration department has arrested a 37 year-old Australian woman with 1,814 grams of heroin found embedded in…

Jan 8 2018 / Read More »

Cambodia Upholds Jail Term for Australian Nurse in Surrogacy Case »

09:09 pm | – PHNOM PENH – An appeals court on Monday upheld the prison sentence of an Australian woman convicted of providing commercial surrogacy…

Jan 8 2018 / Read More »

25 Year-old Briton Arrested for Death of Pattaya Bar Worker »

09:01 pm | – PATTAYA – Police on Sunday (Jan 7 ) arrested a British man after suspecting he was responsible for the death of…

Jan 8 2018 / Read More »

Frenchman Nabbed for Stealing Cash from Egyptian Tourist at Suvarnabhumi Airport »

09:47 pm | – BANGKOK – A 33 Year-old French National was arrested at a hotel in Bangkok on Sunday by police for stealing over…

Jan 7 2018 / Read More »

24 Year-Old New Zealand Woman Found Dead Floating off the Coast of Phuket »

09:03 pm |   PHUKET – Lt Tanagon Tammakan of the Phi Phi Island Police has reported to Thai Medai that a 24 year-old New…

Jan 7 2018 / Read More »

Australian Charged in Cambodia with Locking up 3 Women and Demanding Sex »

07:36 pm |   – SIHANOUKVILLE – An Australian man in Cambodia has been arrested and charged for allegedly locking up his girlfriend, her younger…

Jan 5 2018 / Read More »

Chiangrai News

Cold Weather Draws Tourists to Doi Sango Mountaintop Despite Rains »

08:59 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The temperature in the popular tourist-destination of Doi Sango mountaintop in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Saen district has fallen…

Jan 13 2018 / Read More »

Army Private Surrenders to Police Over Mae Suai Checkpoint Killing »

10:14 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Pol Lt Gen Poonsap Sapprasert, the regional chief has confirmed the surrender of a 22-year-old soldier, An army…

Jan 12 2018 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Drug Dealer and Her Mule Busted With a Million Methamphetamine Pills »

10:58 pm | – PHRAE – Two alleged members of a drug trafficking network from Chiang Rai have been arrested and one million methamphetamine pills…

Jan 11 2018 / Read More »

Family of Checkpoint Shooting Victim Travel Bangkok to Ask Crimes Suppression Division Take Over Investigation »

10:06 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The family of 34 year-old Sornchai Sathitrakdamrong who was killed at a checkpoint in Chiang Rai province during…

Jan 11 2018 / Read More »

Fire Destroys Monks’ Residence at Temple in Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai »

10:03 pm | – CHIANG RAI – A fire swept through the living quarters of monks and novices at a temple in Chiang Rai’s Chiang…

Jan 10 2018 / Read More »

Mae Suai Police Admit Soldiers Present During Fatal Check Point Shooting in Chiang Rai »

08:58 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Mae Suai Police Station chief Col. Vicharn Churit reported to Thai medai that soldiers were present at a…

Jan 10 2018 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Hosts Meeting with Neighboring Countries on Joint Tourism Promotion »

11:03 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Governor of Chiang Rai Narongsak Osottanakorn has presided over a meeting held between Chiang Rai province and representatives…

Jan 9 2018 / Read More »

2 Huge Drug Shipments from Chiang Rai Thwarted by Thai Police »

10:54 pm | – SUPHAN BURI – Police have seized nearly 5 million methamphetamine pills, worth about 1 billion baht, from two men believed to…

Jan 7 2018 / Read More »

Officials in Chiang Rai Campaign to Help Prevent Wildfire and Haze Problems »

10:36 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has held a cycling event urging the people…

Jan 7 2018 / Read More »

Thailand’s Transport Minister Officiates Launch of Thailand-Laos-China logistics Center »

09:03 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith has officiated at the launch ceremony for the construction of the Thailand-Laos-China logistics center near the fourth Thai-Lao Friendship bridge in…

Jan 19 2018 / Read More »

Laos Pak Beng Dam Officials Fail to Address Concerns of Mekong Residents »

09:06 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Representatives from Datang (Lao) Pak Beng Hydropower Co Ltd and the Lao government yesterday met in Chiang Rai with the Network of Thai People in Eight…

Jan 16 2018 / Read More »

Doubts Raised in Chiang Rai Checkpoint Shooting Case, Who Really Fired the Fatal Shot »

10:21 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The case over the killing of a 34 year-old man at a Chiang Rai checkpoint has taken yet another twist as prominent lawyer Songkran Achariyasap has brought…

Jan 14 2018 / Read More »

Hmong Man and Teen Arrested with Over 3 Million Meth Pills in at Mae Chan District Checkpoint »

09:12 pm |   – CHIANG RAI – Police arrested two ethnic-Hmong men late on Friday night while they were allegedly trying to smuggle 3.24 million methamphetamine pills from the Myanmar – Chiang…

Jan 14 2018 / Read More »

World News

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