Donations Pour in to Save Elephant Foundation in Lampang, Thailand »

07:35 pm | – LAMPANG – What is believed to be the world’s first elephant hospital has been saved from closure after more than 20 million baht in donations streemed in from elephant lovers all over…

Mar 18 2017 / Read More »

Conservationists Oppose Plan to Dredge Mekong River in Chiang Rai »

08:03 pm | –   BANGKOK –  Conservationists in Thailand are worried that dredging the Mekong River would destroy ecosystems supporting numerous fish and bird species in the 180km stretch that flows past the northern province…

Mar 9 2017 / Read More »

Striking a Balance Between Conservation and Development of the Lower Mekong »

06:56 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – The Lower Mekong has been a hotspot for mega-projects and developments initiated by the governments of Mekong River Basin countries and big private investors. Depending on who you…

Feb 16 2017 / Read More »
Regional News

Arrest Warrant Issued for Red Bull Heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya »

08:14 pm | – BANGKOK – National Police Chief Chaktip Chaijinda announced today that a Bangkok Judge approved an arrest warrant for…

Apr 28 2017 / Read More »

Thai Junta Proposes Two Year Jail Term for Reporters without Licenses »

08:30 pm | – BANGKOK – According to the latest version of the media reform bill to be proposed by a reform…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

Thailand’s Finance Ministry Expects 3.6% Economic Growth this Year »

08:07 pm | – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Finance Ministry said on Thursday that the economy is expected to grow 3.6% this year,…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

Red Bull Heir Once Again Fails to Report to Prosecutors in Thailand »

07:50 pm | – Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, whose grandfather co-founded energy drink company Red Bull in London– BANGKOK – Vorayuth Yoovidhya the…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

Thai Police Capture Bangkok Cabbie Who Abducted and Raped Brazilian Beauty Queen »

08:48 pm |   – BANGKOK – On Tuesday, a young Brazilian woman filed a complaint with local police in Suphan Buri, saying she…

Apr 26 2017 / Read More »

Tour Bus Crashes into Rear of Freight Truck in Central Thailand, Killing 1 Injuring 5 »

07:34 pm | – PHETCHABURI -The sleeping second driver of a tour bus was killed and five passengers injured when it ran…

Apr 24 2017 / Read More »

Tourism News

  • Pajaree Anannarukarn and Panuphol Pittayarat Win Singha Masters at the Santiburi Country Club

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  • “Siao Dok Kao” Purple Orchid Trees Bloom in Chiang Rai, Province

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  • Pattaya’s Sex City Image Frustrates Thailand’s Junta

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  • London Attacker Born in Britain, Previously Investigated by MI5

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  • Pattaya City to Launch “Happy Zones” after Sex City Report in Foreign Media

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  • Thailand to Collect Bt400 National Park Entrance Fee from Foreigners

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  • Scientist Warns Phuket Heading Towards an Environmental Crisis

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  • Japanese Tourists Injured after Bull Elephant Gets Frisky with Young Female Elephant

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  • Pattaya Police Chief Say’s There is No Such thing as Prostitution in Pattaya

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  • Thailand’s National Telecom Regulator Scraps Special Tracking Sim Card for Tourists

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  • Thai Tourism Wants to Open Military Facilities to Lure Chinese Tourists

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  • Mae Salong: Yunnan Chinese in Northern Thailand Celebrate Unique History

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  • Phuket Police and Officials Accused of Extorting Foreign Work Permit Holders

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  • Travel Across the Border from Chiang Rai to the Hidden Gem of Kengtung, Myanmar

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

Could Young Blood Boost the Aging Brain? »

09:51 pm |  – A new study hints that young blood may harbor clues to a “fountain of youth” for older brains. Researchers say blood from human umbilical cords appears to have helped reverse memory loss in aging mice. The findings suggest that something in young blood is important in maintaining mental acuity. No one, however, is saying…

Apr 20 2017 / Read More »

Former Ghana Coach Milovan Rajevac Named Thailand’s National Team Coach »

08:57 pm | – BANGKOK – The Football Association of Thailand (FAT) has appointed front-runner Milovan Rajevac from Serbia the new head coach of the national football team. The announcement of the new coach was made at a packed press conference by FAT technical chief Witthaya Laohakul.  Rajevac, 63, will replace Thai coach Kiatisak Senamuang. who stepped down on…

Apr 26 2017 / Read More »

Uber Thailand Launches “UberEATS” Restaurant Food Delivery Service in Bangkok »

07:21 pm | . . BANGKOK – Uber Thailand has partnered with the Business Development Department to promote Thai restaurants via its application UberEATS, which the company say will create opportunities for Thai restaurants to serve consumers using food-delivery technology. Allen Penn, regional general manager for Asia-Pacific of UberEats, said if you want to get the food you…

Feb 10 2017 / Read More »

Buy Elite Residency in Thailand for $60,000 — and the Government will Even Provide a ‘Concierge’ Service »

08:44 pm | – BANGKOK – If you have money to spare and you want special treatment the Thai government offers”elite” residency visas for wealthy foreign citizens, allowing them to live in the country for around $3,000 (£2,403) a year, aimed at capitalizing on increased global uncertainty over borders and immigration. There are seven different packages, with the most expensive…

Apr 6 2017 / Read More »

Learning Thai with Jen – Asking for the Bill »

07:45 pm | – When asking for the Bill – When you are at a restaurant (tîi ráan-aa-hǎan), what would you say after finishing eating and drinking? You may say “Bill please” or “Check please” in English. However, it is interesting to know how to say it in Thai, isn’t it? You can say either “chék bin dûai…

Apr 24 2017 / Read More »

Tourist in the News

Danish Expat Killed after Bangkok Taxi Flips and Craches »

08:57 pm | – BANGKOK – A Danish man was killed and his Thai wife seriously injured when a taxi they paid to take them from Tak to Bangkok flipped over and crashed…

Apr 28 2017 / Read More »

Dutch Pastor Arrested in Cambodia on Child Pornography Charges »

07:10 pm |   PHNOM PENH – A 53-year-old Dutch Old Catholic church official has been arrested in Cambodia on suspicion of producing child pornography involving young teenage boys. Evrard Nicolas Sarot, 53,…

Apr 22 2017 / Read More »

Canadian Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Vacationing in Thailand »

08:11 pm | – TAIWAN – A Canadian tourist who became infected with flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation in Thailand is looking for financial help him get back to Calgary, Canada for treatment.…

Apr 21 2017 / Read More »

Spaniard Gets Death Sentence for Grisly Murder in Bangkok »

07:58 pm | – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Ratchada Criminal Court on Friday sentenced to death a Spanish man after finding him guilty of murder in…

Apr 21 2017 / Read More »

Swedish Man Charged with Fatal Reckless after his Girlfriend Falls From Pattaya Balcony »

08:45 pm |   PATTAYA – A 34 year-old Swedish man has been charged with fatal reckless after his girlfriend fell eight stories to her…

Apr 20 2017 / Read More »

Japanese Woman Accused of Fraud in Japan Extradited from Thailand »

09:44 pm | – BANGKOK – A Japanese woman wanted by Kumamoto police for allegedly defrauding dozens of people out of millions of yen was…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More »

Trump Orders Review of Visa Program to Encourage Hiring Americans First »

09:26 pm |   – NEW YORK – US President Donald Trump on Tuesday ordered a review of the U.S. visa program for bringing high-skilled…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More »

Thai Immigration Police Say Tourist Areas are Infested with Foreign Mobsters with Concealed Identities »

06:21 pm | – BANGKOK – Thailand’s Immigration Bureau police are looking to better regulate expatriates who have been living in Thailand long enough to…

Apr 18 2017 / Read More »

Naked British Tourists Falls to His Death in Pattaya, Thailand »

08:05 pm | – PATTAYA – A 31 year-old British tourist died after falling from the third floor of a guesthouse on popular Walking Street…

Apr 14 2017 / Read More »

44 Year-Old British Woman Killed in Krabi When Passenger Van Crashes Head on Into a Songtaew »

07:14 am | – KRABI – A 44 year-old British Woman has been killed after the passenger van she was riding in burst its tyre…

Apr 13 2017 / Read More »

British Expat Electrocuted to Death While Gardening at his Phuket Home »

08:06 pm | – PHUKET – Authorities on the Island of Phuket are investigating the death of an British expat after he was found collapsed…

Apr 7 2017 / Read More »

Chiangrai News

Weather Predicted to Hit 43 Degrees Celsius in Chiang Rai »

07:22 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Thailand could see its hottest days of the year this weekend, with temperatures expected to reach 43 deg…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai’s New Governor Denies Trying to Stop Protest Over Mekong River Blasting »

09:23 pm |   – CHIANG RAI – Governor, Narongsak Osotthanakon who took office just this month after former Governor Boonsong Techamaneesathit was abruptly transfered…

Apr 25 2017 / Read More »

Immigration Chief Inspects Chiang Rai’s Border Check Points »

06:54 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The Immigration Bureau has organized a meeting in Chiang Rai to invite different bodies to discuss security measures…

Apr 24 2017 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Police Seize One Million Meth Pills, 2 Men Arrested »

07:08 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Drug Suppression police arrested two men in Chiang Rai province for transporting 1 million methamphetamine tablets on Sunday.…

Apr 23 2017 / Read More »

A Shared Commitment to the Future of the Mekong River »

08:09 pm | – CHIANG RAI – No one knows the Mekong River better than the communities that live along it. For generations, their way…

Apr 22 2017 / Read More »

Thai Government Flip Flops on Law Banning Riding in the Back of Pickup Trucks »

08:50 pm |  – A pickup truck carries school children Mae Salong, Chiang Rai, Thailand. – CHIANG RAI – The Thai Government has done a…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More »

Mae Sai Residents Awakened by 4.7 Earthquake Near Tachileik Myanmar »

08:28 pm | – CHIANG RAI – The National Disaster Warning Centre reported Tuesday that an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit Myanmar…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More »

Chinese Resume Survey of Mekong River in Chiang Rai »

08:43 pm |   – CHIANG RAI – Chinese survey vessels have arrived in Chiang Rai province from southern province of Yunnan reportedly to resume survey of the Mekong river as an integral…

Apr 28 2017 / Read More »

Police Chase in Chiang Saen Nets Millions of Speed Pills and 149kg of Crystal Meth »

08:01 pm | – CHIANG RAI – Two Hmong men were arrested and 4 million speed pills and 149kg of crystal methamphetamine was seized after a car chase in Chiang Saen district in…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

Thailand, Myanmar Meet to Suppress Drugs in Border Areas »

07:38 pm |   CHIANG RAI – Thailand and Myanmar have stepped up cooperation to suppress illegal drugs in border areas. Members of the Thailand-Myanmar Township Border Committee (TBC) held a meeting on…

Apr 27 2017 / Read More »

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