Sexpat Stereotype Takes Toll on Daughters and Fathers »

Chris Minko and his daught Anya, who is half Thai, discuss being stereotyped with Khmer Times reporters

06:04 pm | . . PHNOM PENH – After listening to diners at the table next to hers speculate about how her father had found “such a young prostitute,” Anya Minko snapped. “He’s my dad, you…

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World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Issue Warning on Mekong’s Biodiversity »

Mekong River, Chiang Rai, Thailand

09:52 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Scientists say the Southeast Asia’s rapid development is driving deforestation in the vital Mekong Subregion, and threatening scores of species in one of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems.…

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Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha Blast Critics of Junta’s Draft Constitution »

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha blasted critics of the draft constitution written by his appointees.

10:02 pm | . . BANGKOK – Junta chairman and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has blasted critics of the draft constitution written…

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Bangkok Court Issues Nameless Arrest Warrent for Central Bangkok Shrine Bombing »

Thai police Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri shows pictures of what the police say are two suspicious-looking people caught on CCTV footage whom they are trying to identify in relation to the bombings.

09:03 pm | . . BANGKOK – National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri has told reporters that the South Bangkok Criminal Court has issued…

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Tourists Rescued in Chiang Mai after Elephant Kills Mahout and Takes off into the Jungle »

An elephant watching tourists from behind the fence in Chang Mai

10:00 pm | . . CHIANG MAI – Offiicials in Chiang Mai are assisting a Chinese family recover after a terrifying ordeal…

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Thailand is Bidding to Become a Plastic-Bag-Free Nation »

To reduce plastic waste, shoppers are encouraged to say “no” to plastic bags on the 15th of each month. (Photo by Thanarak Khunton)

08:45 pm | . . BANGKOK – As part of an agreement between traders and the government, on the 15th of each…

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British Judge Denies Koh Tao Murder Defendants UK Police Report »

The Royal Courts of Justice

08:31 pm | . . LONDON – Briton’s High Court Judge Nicholas Green ruled on Tuesday that Win Zaw Htun and Zaw…

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Tourism News

  • Akha women celebrate their annual Swing Festival.

    Akha Swing Festival Kicks off in Chiang Rai – August 29-30

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  • toilet at the white temple in Chiang Rai where they offered you sandals to wear into the bathroom so you can leave your shoes outside and keep them clean.

    Clean Toilets Promoted for Tourists by Tourism and Sports Ministry

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  • Thai Tourists visit Wat Rong Khun temple

    Tourism Council of Thailand say Thai’s Will Travel Less Due to Economy

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  • mon2074

    Thai Customs Raises Personal Import Exemption to 20,000 Baht

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  • Chinese tourist relieves himself in Chiang Mai Moat

    Chinese Tourists Lack of Toiletry Educate Angers Thai People

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  • Models show off the new tour guide uniforms at the Department of Tourism in Bangkok on Friday. (Photo by Chadamas Chinmaneevong)

    Thailand’s Department of Tourism Makes Uniforms Mandatory for Tour Guides

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  • Phaya Phi Phak Forest Park

    Officials Plan to Promote Phaya Phi Phak Forest Park as Important Historical Attraction

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  • Foreign tourists enjoy a city tour by cyclos in downtown Hanoi

    Vietnam Offers Visa Exemptions for 15 Nations Except USA

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  • Germany currently has 17 million senior citizens

    Thailand’s Tourism Officials to Target Senior German Travelers

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  • Chinese forced to purchase goods or tip agents during their tours

    China’s Ambassador Urges Punishment for Zero-Fare Tours

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  • The dead man was jammed so tightly that rescue workers were unable to remove him.

    Swiss Tourist Dies in Hotel Elevator Shaft in Phuket

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  • Sriayudhya Seafood Market, Bangkok

    Thai Travel Agents Association Calls for Action Against Sriayudhya Seafood Restaurant Scamming Tourists

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  • 2_201502252240201bAvZ

    Thai Hotels and Airlines are offering 50% Discounts to Mid-Week Vacationers

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  • 10_Museflower_RetreatSpa_daily_yoga_fitness_wellness_class_on_floating_bamboo_platform_over_lake

    Living the Green Life at Museflower Retreat & Spa, Chiang Rai’s First Holistic Wellness Haven

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

Dengue Fever on the Rise, 80 Percent of Cases Caused by Asian Tiger Mosquito »

10:09 pm | . . CHIANG RAI -Public health permanent secretary Dr Narong Sahamethapat has reported that the situation of dengue fever this year is getting worse with the number of victims likely to double that of last year. For the first eight months of this year until August 18, the number of victims afflicted with dengue fever…

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Since mid-June, Samui hospital has treated four or five dengue patients every day

Costa Rica’s Marcela Soto to Fight at Rising Queen’s Warriors Event in Chiang Rai »

08:38 pm |   CHIANG RAI – Costa Rica’s, Marcela Soto, who uses the name Baitong for Muay Thai, is scheduled to fight in Chiang Rai on Wednesday, August 12, on the Queen’s Birthday. Marcela is fighting in the main event, which is expected to take place around 7pm. Marcela has dedicated the past ten years to the…

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Costa Rica's, Marcela Soto

There’s More to Detox than a Fad Diet »

07:37 pm |   You hear the term “detox” sprinkled all over lifestyle and health ads, but most people aren’t exactly sure what it means to detox, other than to somehow clean your body of toxins. So how does a detox work and what toxins are getting cleaned out? “ Whether we like it or not – and…

Jul 14 2015 / Read More »
Fresh fruits and kefir breakfast at Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai

Gender Rights Advocates Look to Challenge Ban on Ordaining Female Monks »

09:00 pm | BANGKOK – Gender rights advocates in Thailand are looking to possibly challenge the Sangha Supreme Council (SSC) in court over its ban on ordaining female monks. Sutada Mekrungruengkul, coordinator of a network campaigning for revival of the Bikkhuni, or female monk order in Thailand, said the group is considering taking their fight to the Administrative…

Jul 20 2015 / Read More »
Buddhist bhukkhini (female monks)

Jen’s English Tip’s – Expressions with “Pleasure” »

10:37 pm | Expressions with “Pleasure” Here is a list of expressions using the word pleasure. Don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure – This expression is used to suggest that you haven’t met someone yet. John: My name is John. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.Mark: Hello. I’m Mark. Nice to meet you.John: Nice to meet you…

Aug 27 2015 / Read More »

Expat News


CCTV Footage frees UK Man from Cambodian Prison Cell »

10:25 pm | . . CAMBODIA – British National Nick Laycock who was arrested for the alleged violent rape of a young UK backpacker walked free from a Cambodian court today after prosecutors were…

Aug 27 2015 / Read More »

Australian Father Hires Former Commando’s to Grab his Daughter in Thailand »

Stuart Dempster, from Brisbane, Queensland, was distraught when his ex-wife disappeared with his little girl and he faced a two-year battle to try and have his daughter, Natasha, returned 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3209847/This-father-hired-former-commandos-retrieve-daughter-mother-disappeared-Thailand-without-warning-official-channels-failed-two-years-far-child-back.html#ixzz3jvhi6Zj7
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09:24 pm | . . QUEENSLAND – A heartbroken Australian father took the astonishing step of turning to a team of former special forces soldiers…

Aug 26 2015 / Read More »

Chiang Mai Immigration Busts 4 South Koreans for Online Gambling »

The officials arrested four South Koreans for Online Gambling

08:57 pm | . . CHIANG MAI  – Immigration officers in Chiang Mai raided a house in Doi Saket and arrested four South Koreans after…

Aug 24 2015 / Read More »

New Bangkok Judges Indicts Previously Acquitted British Human Rights Activist Andy Hall »

British human rights activist Andy Hall arrives at Phra Khanong provincial court for a trial in Bangkok, Thailand

08:40 pm | . . BANGKOK – Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on Monday (Aug 24) indicted a British labour rights activist in a case linked…

Aug 24 2015 / Read More »


Chiang Rai Drug Dealers have Bt 80,000,000 in Assests Seized »

and Veerachart Sangwanwong

07:24 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Pol Lt Gen Rewat Klinkesorn, chief of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau told reporters that the Narcotics suppression…

Aug 24 2015 / Read More »

Chiang Rai Tourism on the Rise in the Wake of the Erawan Shrine Bombing »

Chinese tourists take pictures at Wat Rong Khun

09:44 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – Tourists are still visiting the northern province of Chiang Rai amidst the tightening security measures following the…

Aug 23 2015 / Read More »

Thai Governor Kicks off Chiang Rai ASEAN Coffee and Tea Festival »


07:02 pm | . . CHIANG RAI -The Governor of Chiang Rai Province Pongsak Wangsamer has kicked off a tea and coffee festival to give…

Aug 22 2015 / Read More »

Fake 100 Baht Notes Still Circulating in Chiang Rai »

The suspects use the fake banknotes to buy goods

07:35 pm | . CHIANG RAI – Loacal Businesses in Chiang Rai are still wary of accepting 100 baht notes after Fake 100 baht banknotes…

Aug 21 2015 / Read More »

Health Health Authorities Provding Vaccine shots against Foot and Mouth Disease in Chiang Rai »

A Thai teacher walks past a poster displayed as part of an anti hand, foot and mouth disease (HMFD) campaign

07:27 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – The Department of Livestock Development (DLD) is providing vaccine shots to prevent an outbreak of the foot…

Aug 21 2015 / Read More »
Security officers seize 12 kilogrammes of crystal methampheamine, or "ice" following a clash with armed smugglers along the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Mai on Tuesday morning

Drug Supression Forces in Chiang Rai Seize 12 Kilos of Meth after Firefight »

10:03 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – A unit comprising narcotics suppression police, border patrol police and soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Pha Muang Force have clashed with armed…

Aug 25 2015 / Read More »
Traffickers use the trans-national road for moving narcotics

Please credit and share this article with others using this link:http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/666108/r3a-highway-a-major-corridor-for-drug-gangs. View our policies at http://goo.gl/9HgTd and http://goo.gl/ou6Ip. © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

Traffickers Prefer Using Highway R3A From Chiang Rai to China for Moving Narcotics »

09:21 pm | . . CHIANG RAI – The R3A Highway which was built with hopes the route would be a boost for legitimate business and tourism, is being exploited by couriers in…

Aug 25 2015 / Read More »

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