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A UK Weather Forecast Indicates Torrential Rain, Gusting Winds, And Snow



A UK Weather Forecast Indicates Torrential Rain, Gusting Winds, And Snow

(CTN News) – UK weather forecast predict torrential rains and ferocious gusts across many parts of the country as the country braces for wild weather.

As a result of the stormy weather, the department has raised flood warnings and travel disruptions until the weekend due to the stormy weather forecast beginning on Wednesday.

UK snow forecast as mercury plummets

England and Wales are expected to see heavy rainfall today, while Scotland and the north will have a brighter day, according to the Met Office.

In the coming days, we expect our wet and cloudy weather to move from the northwest to the southeast, causing drastic temperature drops.

The rainfall is expected to continue on Thursday, while snowfall will start late in the evening on Friday.

The weather department has also predicted that strong winds will accompany thunderstorms in the northern part of the country on the weekend.

There have been flood alerts issued for the following areas:

• River Avon – Bristol, Pill, and Shirehampton
• River Derwent – Stonethwaite Beck and Derwent Water

Met Office presenter Aidan McGivern said there would be a rain outbreak for western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This would further push the north and west into England and Wales.

According to McGivern, there will be sunny spells in the southeast, but there will still be some dry weather.

As the weather displayed varying characteristics, the presenter stated that the climate for later this week remains uncertain.

On the other hand, Friday is expected to be windy, with strong gusts in coastal areas up north.

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