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What Is the Best Type Of Pet Carrier for Your Furry Friend?

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What Is the Best Type Of Pet Carrier for Your Furry Friend?

Our pet carrier deserve the very best! When you bring a new furry friend into your life you need to make sure you have all the essentials: food and water bowls, a leash and collar, toys, treats, and of course, a cozy dog carrier.

The perfect carrier will help your new puppy pal travel safely to your home and back and forth from the vet.

Choosing the right dog carrier will depend on their size, how fast they’ll grow, and what kind of adventures your furry friend will accompany you on.

Measure Your Dog

To ensure your dog fits comfortably in their new carrier, you’ll want to measure your pet before you start shopping.

When shopping for a new puppy, consider that puppies grow rapidly.

Choose a carrier they can grow into, but you may need to size up in a few months for large breeds.

Ask the shelter or breeder if they have an estimate on how large they will get.

Start by measuring their length from the base of the tail to the tip of their nose.

Add about four inches to ensure they can comfortably turn around. Next, measure shoulder to shoulder to get their width.

Finally, measure their height from their toes to the tips of their ears. Add 3-4 inches so they can stand up.

Hardback carrier styles should be bigger so your pet can comfortably move around.

Soft dog carriers can have a snug and cozy fit since your body will support your pet’s weight.

If you’ve adopted a pug, Boston terrier, or other snub-nosed breeds, you’ll need to choose a carrier one size larger than measurements indicate for maximum airflow.

Where Will You Use the Dog Carrier?

You’ll need a carrier to go back and forth to the vet. However, a dog carrier allows you to take your pet with you on all your adventures, whether by bus, train, or plane!

If you plan on traveling with your dog, you’ll need to choose a dog carrier that meets airline requirements.

Many airlines allow small dogs who weigh under 15lbs to travel in the cabin with you on an airplane.

Pick a dog carrier that can easily fit under the seat in front of you, giving your canine companion enough room to stay comfortable and more around during the flight.

Larger breeds will have to travel in the cargo hold. You’ll want a sturdier carrier or crate to help them travel in comfort.

Ventilation is essential, so pick a model that allows maximum airflow.

Maybe you plan to take your dog on camping trips and hikes.

If you have a small dog, you may want a cute backpack for when their little legs get tired on a steep incline.

Think about when and where you’ll want a cozy dog carrier and choose the right style for every activity.

Pick a Style

The dog carrier you choose should make it easy to take your dog with you from point A to point B.

Depending on where you plan to go and what you and your dog plan to do together, you may want multiple carriers for different situations.

Hard Side Carrier

Hardshell carriers are best for dogs who like to sleep in a crate or to travel by air with a large breed as they offer more structure and support.


  • Easy to clean
  • Offer protection for large breeds during air travel
  • Can also act as a crate for hotel stays


  • Have to buy comfortable padding separately
  • Bulky
  • Heavy

Soft Side Carrier

Soft side dog carriers are perfect for flying with small dogs, a quick trip to the vet, or bringing home a new puppy.


  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Easy to fold up and store
  • Lightweight
  • Many airline-compliant styles are available
  • Easy to slide under the seat in front of you


  • Some fabrics can be challenging to clean
  • May cause more strain with a heavier pet


A sling lets you wear your dog across your body like you swaddle a baby. Slings are best for calm dogs who are happy to nestle into your body and won’t try and escape.


  • Dogs can keep their head free and observe the world
  • Washable
  • Lightweight


  • Not as secure as hard or soft side dog carrier options
  • Only available for small dogs
  • Not airline compliant.

Back Packs

If you love to explore the great outdoors, a backpack could help you bring your dog along on every adventure.


  • Evenly distributes your dog’s weight
  • Secure with adjustable holes or straps to hold their legs in place
  • Allows your dog’s head to be free and observe the scenery


  • Not airline complaint
  • Have to train your dog to sit in it

Wheeled Carrier

If you struggle with mobility lugging around a heavy dog carrier through an airport or a vet visit could be a challenge.

Wheeled carriers are similar to either hard or soft side carriers, but with wheels to make them easier to handle.


  • Great for people who cannot lift heavy weight
  • Can be just as cozy as soft side carriers


  • Not always airline complaint
  • Will increase weight
  • Won’t fold up easily to store

Get Out and Explore

Having a dog doesn’t mean you can’t experience the world.

A dog carrier will ensure you and your furry friend can explore the world together from when they are playful puppies to when they get older and need a lift.

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