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Why Okavango Delta is the Best Destination for a Safari



Why Okavango Delta is the Best Destination for a Safari

There are some pretty impressive places to visit on this planet and you’d be forgiven for not being able to decide which one you’d like to visit first.

However, if you’re into wild animals and spectacular landscapes then an Africa safari should most definitely be high up on your list.

Even once you have added a safari to your travel wish list it can be hard to decide which part(s) to visit as they all offer something different.

The Okavango Delta is as stunning as you would expect the largest inland delta in the world to be.

If you visit here you’ll offer some amazing views thanks to fast paced speeds of the rivers which make sure that the landscape always looks a little different.

What Exactly is The Okavango Delta?

If you’re looking to visit a part of the world that is unique compared to the rest of the world then a Okavango Delta safari is a must.

Covering 15,000 square kilometres is a part of the world that you have to experience for yourself to really understand the significance of this part of the world.

Fast moving rivers carve out the sand as they had towards Ngami which leads to an ever changing landscape.

The animals know that this is a vital water source and as such you’ll often see them as they migrate towards the rivers here.

This part of Africa is generally warm and dry so animals always do their best seek out reliable water sources.

Unless of course you visit during flood season (March to June) when there are a little more rain and yet again another angle to experience of this stunning part of the world.

Deciding When To Visit

Heading to Africa at any time of the year will give you plenty to see and do, so don’t worry if you’re stuck to a specific season that you’re able to travel.

However, if you get to pick freely then July and August are really good times to visit.

The deserts become dry at this time of year so that is when animals start to migrate to different areas to try and find water.

The rivers and lakes of Okavango Delta make an incredible water source and as such you’ll see herds of animals head towards here – which means that the Moremi Game Reserve or other national parks nearby make for an excellent choice of where to watch this all happen from.

This part of the world is stunning at any time of the year, but August and September when the waters start to follow is spectacular.

You’ll start to see the grass and bush grown back to their former glory.

This gives you a great chance of seeing some of the big cats that can this area home, as they tend to avoid places where their paws can get wet, and who can blame them?

When the waters are high you’ll see plenty of horses and other animals going for a swim too and in some Okavango Delta parks you’ll even be invited to join them.

Where to Visit

One of the best things about visiting the Okavango Delta is that they do everything they can to control visitor numbers.

The whole area has been divided into different private sections, so you’ll never feel too crowded and packed in with the other people that are visiting at the same time.

If you are visiting Okavango Delta then a safari or two is the perfect way to take in as much of what there is to see as possible.

When you do come to book a safari you’ll usually have a choice of how you want to travel. The most popular is via a vehicle, where you are driven through the African dessert in a high rise car such as a Land Rover.

Travelling via a high rise vehicle in this way allows you to easily drive through deep water and dry sands so you can see as much of the area as possible.

Alternatively you can travel via a Mokoroa – a traditional dug-out canoe and use the rivers of this area to see the sights.

Whatever you want, it is recommended that you book into a high-quality pre-arranged safari where you can be guided by experts and those familiar with the area.

The good news is that accommodation choices is this area are vast too so whatever you want from your place to stay there will be something to suit you.

You’ll even find lodges that are set on the waterways; so you’ll see some amazing river sights!

Choosing to Visit Africa

If you are heading to Africa then it is wise to book in with a company that has knowledge and experience of the area.

There are some amazing things to see in the Okavango Delta but for some of it you need to know where to be and when to be there.

By using a travel company that has experts in this area you can feel confident that you’ll get to see everything that this area has to offer.

Not only that but you’ll get advice on areas to avoid, other trips with perusing and generally expert advice on the whole area; which can help to ensure that you get the most out of any trip you make.

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