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The 6 Most Underrated World Travel Destinations to Visit in 2021



World Travel Destinations for 2021

A vacation practically means taking a break from normal lives and seeking retreats. How about, taking a break from normal vacay preferences and go after an exquisite under-appreciated place of wonder? Give a break to the conventional tourist hubs and opt for a whole new travel destination to drink in their unscathed beauty.

2020 has been a roller coaster ride and taking the current scenario in the account; we need some quirky place to satiate the travel junkie inside us. Thankfully, our world is gifted with multitudes of delightful destinations awaiting your arrival. These places, despite being the underdogs of the travel world paint an ideal picture of an extravaganza travelling affair.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a brief virtual tour of six of these selected destinations you can visit in 2021:

Yerevan, Armenia as a Travel Destination

Yerevan, Armenia

The Armenian capital is among the oldest of Christian metropolia. Situated near the Turkish frontiers of the river Hrazdan, the town reeks of its peculiar Eurasian heritage. Apart from being one of the most well-planned cities of the world, the town’s famous for its architecture and historical sites.

Some of these great monuments include Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Matenadran, Republic Square etc. You can also take a walk alone jaunt around the pink city’s infamous stone pathways. Drink in the beauty of Mount Ararat, Mount Azhdahak. Pack all your essentials and visit exquisite refugees such as Yerevan Zoo, Lovers’ Park, Swan Lake and the Caucasian mountains.

Travel to Guam, Pacific

Travel to Guam, Pacific

Located in Micronesian part of the Pacific, Guam reigns charts of all Japanese adventurers. Technically an American territory, the island still retains its Japanese roots and is among one of the most beautiful spots for a soothing gateway in the conventional Japanese way.

With an array of because like Ypao Beach, Mariana Islands, Cocos Island, Tumon Beach and the ever-popular Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers’ Point). Moreover, the commercially flourishing island groups have a live and quirky party culture. Dive into the party affairs of Ritidian Point or simply chant encore while the real fest Encore happens. You can also plan to visit Waterworlds or Biba Magic Park, two of its unique jewels.

Bratislava, Slovakia a World TraveL Destination?

World Travel Destinations

The capital town of Bratislava is famous for its got-culture and landscape beauty. There are in numerous spooky castles and ancient ruins scattered all over the city making an ideal adventure spot for you. The place lies in the middle of the green meadows and chilling mountains with places like Slavin and Camil.

Cultural and historical centres such as Devin Castle, Historic Centre of Bratislava, Church of St Elizabeth, St Martin’s Cathedral Old Town of Bratislava further adds extra charm to the long trail. Start off your journey at the main square of the town and end it with a mouth water affair at the Mestiansky Pivovar. And, for that nature-loving streak in you, feel free to follow a trail along with the forests of Devínska Kobyla.

Lagos, Nigeria has World Famous Beaches

World Travel Destinations

African trips usually comprise long-ranges of trekking options, kayaking points or safari expeditions. However, Lagos stands out from a normal African vacay option because of it’s fun-loving beach parties and a refreshing ambience.

The capital town of Nigeria is painted blue because of its lofty white beaches and oceanfront. Moreover, downtown Lagos has more than sufficient fun parks, avenues and quarters, making it a must-visit pick. Some of its essential vacation spots include Elegushi Beach, Tarkwa Bay Beach, Bogobiri House, Terra Kulture etc.

Visit places like Ikeja City Mall, Freedom Park, Third Mainland Bridge, National Art Theatre, or New Afrikan Shrine for enjoying rich African culture.

Travel to Rotterdam, The Netherlands

World Travel Destinations

If colonial culture and vivid architecture is what you wish to see, Rotterdam got you all covered. The town has seen tremendous changes in the field of architecture and now hosts some of the most iconic modern buildings. The city is a proud home to the infamous Cube Houses, Erasmus bridge, Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk and the one of its kind Markthal.

There are innumerable museums too in the array of all tourist attractions. Rotterdam also boasts of it’s the amazing nightlife. The town parties all night and hence there are a number of standard pubs, nightclubs and amusement parks. In fact, the town’s two avenues Marconiplein and Spangen are both popular because of the ever-flowing booze and party music.

Explore the World of Con Dao, Vietnam

World Travel Destinations

Con Dao is known as the Island Paradise of Vietnam because of its refreshing ambience. There are several pristine public beaches here, which not only provides free access to the ocean but also serve as hotspots for snorkelling and propeller fly games.

The beaches where you can get the best of both worlds are Nhat beach, An Hai Beach and Dam Trau known for their natural retreats and fun watersports. You can also snorkel your way around other island groups in Phu Quoc, Ly Son, Quy Nhon etc. And when all else fails, you can also visit the effervescent Vietnamese night market full of traditional music, food and games.


At different points of time, we all need a safe vacation from mundanities of life. Visiting the same places, again and again, makes even the joy of travelling a repetitive affair. Places like those mentioned above are your chance at having a vacation different from others. These places, despite being nature’s some of best hotspots till date, experience less crowd. Break the cycle and visit these untrodden lands to experience what you’ve never experienced before.

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