Thailand Visa Overstay Not Worth The Risk
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Thailand Visa Overstay Not Worth the Risk



Thai authorities have understandably taken steps to curb the flagrant violations of immigration law that were commonplace in the past.

Thailand Visa Overstay Not Worth the Risk 1


THAILAND – Looking back to a time before the 2010 revisions to the visa regulations, clearing your overstay was more often than not a simple matter of paying the fine at the airport when departing Thailand. With a maximum fine of 20,000 baht it wasn’t unusual for foreigners to overstay their visas or visa exempt entry permits by a period of months and even years! Many overstayers, while still facing potential arrest and detention if caught before making it to the airport or land border, chose to take a calculated risk in doing so.

However, times have changed and the Thai authorities have understandably taken steps to curb the flagrant violations of immigration law that were commonplace in the past. Under the current regulations, while an overstay period of 21 days or less can still be cleared up at the airport by paying the 500 baht/day fine, overstaying your visa for a period of 42 days or more means a mandatory jail sentence of up to 2 years and a fine of 20,000 baht. Those who have overstayed for between 21 days and 42 days are subject to the discretion of the authorities and besides paying a fine, also face the prospect of a jail sentence of up to 2 years.

Of course, this being Thailand, in many cases there exists a discrepancy between the officially stated policy and how that policy is carried out in practice. It is, therefore, still possible with a bit of luck and the right amount of cash to avoid the harsher consequences of overstaying your visa, but why take the risk? As almost anyone within the expat community is aware, horror stories abound of foreigners getting caught up in the Thai justice system and languishing in the overcrowded and degrading conditions of a Thai jail for what in many cases appear to be quite minor offenses.

With 7 years of dealing with such cases, we understand better than most the anxiety and confusion that often surround this and various other visa-related issues. However, no matter how serious your situation is or seems, here at Thai Visa Expert we are well positioned to offer you the expert advice and solutions you need to regain your legal status as well as your peace of mind.

Besides providing assistance to those who have overstayed their visa, we offer a full range of visa services as follows:

– Conversion of Tourist visa into Non-immigrant B (3 months)
– Non-immigrant 1 year (business, marriage, retirement or education)
– Short term extensions (1 – 2 months)
– Re-entry Permit (single or multiple)
– Proof of residence from immigration
– 90 days report
– Blacklist cases

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