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Most Secure Places To Work Remotely For Digital Nomads



Most Secure Places To Work Remotely For Digital Nomads, wordpress thailand

Today, with the increasing number of remote workers, there has been a significant increase in the number of digital nomads.

Digital nomads are aware that the biggest advantage of working remotely is that they can work not only in their own homes but also wherever they want without being tied to a single location.

There are countless places in the world where digital nomads can choose to work. However, although it may seem simple to make this choice, there are actually many factors to consider.

According to the research, the cost of living and a reliable, fast internet connection was the most important considerations for digital nomads when deciding where to settle. The second most important factor, according to 15% of the global population of digital nomads, was safety.

Although there are many remote working locations for digital nomads, some countries stand out when considering categories such as weather, cost of living, health, and one of the most important, security.

Before examining the most preferred countries for digital nomads according to the global remote work index, let’s examine what the global remote work index is.

What Is Global Remote Work Index?

The global remote work index is a tool that ranks 66 countries in terms of suitability for remote work, as a result of handling different aspects such as social, economic, cultural, technological, comfort, and pandemic management. This index is especially useful for digital nomads to choose a work and travel location.

The data in the global remote work index are completely reliable sources. These data, obtained as a result of research done by scientists, include accurate scores and ranks.

The ranking of the most accessible and most attractive countries allows digital nomads to find out which countries are the most convenient and safest for them.

If you are thinking of working remotely as a digital nomad, it is useful to take advantage of the data prepared for you by the global remote work index. Here are a few of the countries that will allow you to work in the safest and most efficient way at high standards.


As we all know, Germany is a highly developed country in terms of employment. Considering its advanced economy and social life standards, it provides great advantages to its employees. Many services, especially education and health, are offered free of charge in this country.

At the same time, this country, which values its workers and laborers and wants everyone to have a high standard of living, provides everyone with high salaries. Germany is a great country to work as a digital nomad with its cultural level, places to visit, fascinating historical sites, and general security.


Spain is one of the countries with the highest level of business culture in the world. It provides a government-funded healthcare system and a high minimum wage.

In this way, Spain is one step ahead as it has a strong economy compared to other countries.

At the same time, it follows technological developments closely, as a slow internet connection will never be experienced here.

The Spanish government provides visas to remote workers, as well as employers provide all kinds of resources and equipment and all other rights for their employees.


As it is known, the USA is a very strong country in every sense compared to other countries in the world.

In the USA, the level of digital nomads is very high due to many factors such as economic development, political stability, work-life balance, and respect between individuals.

Keeping human values and security at the forefront is very attractive for digital nomads when it improves working conditions considerably.

The rights that the state provides to everyone in business life highlight the USA among the countries where digital nomads will choose to work remotely.


Considering the living standards, Sweden has the highest ranking among the Scandinavian countries.

It ensures that everyone lives at the highest level of welfare, with salaries that satisfy their employees and their flexible working hours.

Digital nomads working remotely in Sweden do not need any visa if they are EU/EEA citizens. Thanks to government regulations, everyone has employment conditions at the market level.

Career advancement, wide job opportunities, safe and peaceful living standards, and equality in all areas make Sweden top of the best countries to work in.


Thanks to remote working, we started to hear the term digital nomads a lot. Since digital nomads can work without being tied to any place, they can work from anywhere, travel from country to country, and take a vacation with just an internet connection and equipment.

In order to do this, they should primarily prefer places where their safety will be guaranteed.

The countries we mentioned above can be preferred for digital nomads in terms of quality of life, social standards, legal rights, and financially reasonable countries, as well as security.

However, if you can’t work safely apart from financial or other factors, none of these matter. After all, your safety and security come first before anything else.

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