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Moving to the Netherlands- A Definitive Check-List

Planning on relocating to the Netherlands? Make your move simpler with our definitive checklist for moving to the Netherlands.



Despite Pandemic Many Expats are Moving to the Netherlands

Having always been a popular country for expats, the Netherlands is recognized for its broad-minded society and high standard of living. The Netherlands capital, Amsterdam, is a charismatic canal city that appeals to numerous international expats and workers considering the city’s growing finance and tech industries. Other cities are home to significant expat communities as well, including Rotterdam and The Hague.

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task despite your level of preparedness. Systematic management in the realm of international relocation can be made simpler with the right checklist. If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, there is a wide range of requirements to go over. From visa requirements to the Dutch lifestyle- we have it covered with our checklist.

Before you hope on to the list, consider hiring a reliable company for removals to the Netherlands for your belongings to be transported. Henneken is a prominent name in the industry that can make the work easy for you.

Arranging your visa

Knowing the legal immigration requirements is imperative to the entire family. Being an EU member state, EU or EFTA residents can enter the country and stay there for up to four months without the requirement of a visa. Non-EU/EFTA members require not only entry visas, but residential permits as well. Customarily, your nationality and reason for relocation would determine the Dutch visa you need. Seeking specific advice from the IND or legal immigration experts who provide dedicated services in all specialized aspects of expat mobility management is paramount to gain clarity while relocating.

Managing your finances

While moving to the Netherlands, your finances must be in order to ensure financial stability and freedom including long-term and short-term monetary needs.

  • Insurance- it is essential to ensure your family’s belongings acquire the protection they need by looking into insurance premiums before relocating. It is also a necessity for everyone in the Netherlands to have health insurance.
  • Investments/Tax returns- The Netherlands being a socially mindful country, superior earners can anticipate considerable taxation on their salary. Nevertheless, your type of work and residency situation can affect your position accordingly.
  • Banking- it is important to research shifting of finances including mobile banking and retail banking options. It is also possible to open a mobile bank account before you even arrive.

Most banks in the Netherlands offer their most important services in English, making it easier for newcomers.

Registering with a huisarts (general practitioner)

To gain access to healthcare in the Netherlands, it is necessary to register with a Huisartsi.e., a general practitioner. Unless you have a medical emergency of some sort, this should be your first point of contact for health issues, considering all appointments with your general practitioner are covered by basic health insurance. In case you require a specialist, a referral letter from your general practice is necessary. This pertains to mental health professionals as well. Consulting a psychiatrist with a referral will hinder the process of insurance coverage for your visits.

Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a plethora of housing options for expats. Whether you’re inclined towards a typical canal house, a houseboat, or a waterfront apartment, the Netherlands offers options for every penchant and budget. Looking into housing options online, and researching Dutch housing terms is a must for optimal preparedness.

While exploring general transport and recreation, biking is a must for people in the Netherlands. It is not only extremely convenient but also an affordable mode of transportation once you move to the Netherlands.

Uprooting your entire life for the purpose of international relocation can be a monumental undertaking. Every quandary can be avoided and every convenience can be advantageous with the right level of vigilance. With the right checklist, moving to the Netherlands can be a harmoniously stress-free mission.


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