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Police Spokesman Warns Tourists About the Dangers of Thailand

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BANGKOK – The Royal Thai Police have warned tourists and business visitors about the dangers of Thailand. The warning comes after a taxi driver allegedly robbed a Chinese tourist of millions of baht worth of valuables.

A Chinese businessman was drunk getting into the cab and asked to be taken to a condo building. He subsequently fell asleep and woke to find himself lying on the street. His personal items valued at more than 3.6 million baht were stolen.

The man filed a theft report although there are no details available on the nature of the missing items. Police have spoken to possible witnesses as well as checking CCTV cameras. In an attempt to identify the taxi driver in question.

Police Spokesman Claims Crimes against Tourists are a Regular Occurrence


Pol Col Krissana claims these crimes are a regular occurrence and warns people to be careful, particularly when going out drinking. He also asks for taxi drivers to cooperate and show themselves to be good hosts for visitors to Thailand.

His statement appears to be a direct contraction of the words spoken by the Tourist Minister while attending a world class snooker tournament, Monday.

Thailand’s Tourism Minister earlier this week that Thailand is “a completely safe environment.”

“We have relied heavily on sports to convey to the international tourists that Thailand has always been one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. With a beautiful heritage friendly people and a completely safe environment.”

The Royal Thai Police appears to have directly contradicted that statement of tourist being in a completely safe environment.

Source: The Thaiger, Thai Visa

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