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Does Dubai have a Nightlife? What You Can do in Dubai City at Night?



Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. A large part of the economy of the city relies on the cash inflow that comes from the tourists. While spectacular at day time, the city of Dubai is equally fantastic in the night. In this post, we are going to share with you the top things that you can do in Dubai at night.

Exhilarating Things to do in Dubai at night

Experience the city from the top of Burj Khalifa

DuabiEven if you are visiting the city for just one day or have a layover of a few hours, going to the top of the Burj Khalifa must be on your to-do list. However, you need to make sure that you have done the bookings in advance as you won’t get tickets on arrival. You can buy your Burj Khalifa Tickets Online.

The top of Burj Khalifa provides a spectacular view of the city at any time of the day. However, things get more charismatic at night when you can see the illuminated view of the entire city. For your knowledge, the last entry for going to the top of Burj Khalifa is at 11:30 PM.

Savour the Colorful Dubai Fountain Show

Fountain ShowThese lighted colorful fountains that dance in perfect choreography to the best tunes are a sight to behold. Moreover, you don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the music and light show. Simply walk around the lake near to Dubai Mall and get mesmerized.

Embark upon a Nightlife Dhow Cruise

In earlier days before the discovery of oil, dhow or the traditional wooden boats were used by fishermen on their fishing ventures. After the discovery of oil, the dependence of Dubai’s economy shifted and fishing was no longer viable rendering the dhows obsolete. Later entrepreneurs identified the heritage value of these dhows and they were transformed into floating restaurants.

Whether you are with your partner, friends, or family, evening dinner on the dhow cruise is a must when holidaying in Dubai. It is an experience that you simply cannot miss. The traditional food of Dubai along with live singing and dancing performance on a floating restaurant is a captivating experience.

Dhow cruise Dubai Marina will sail you through the modern parts of the city where you can admire the skyline adorned with skyscrapers while enjoying a delicious meal. On the other hand, if you want to admire the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, opt for Dhow cruise from Dubai Creek that will take you through the historical and old side of the city.

Visit old Dubai

Visit old DubaiWhile the city of Dubai embarked upon modernization, it hasn’t forgotten its history and the rich culture and traditions. You can experience the same while taking a walk at the Al Fahidi Al Bastakiya historical neighborhood. The grandeur of the traditional architecture of old Dubai is bound to captivate and mesmerize your senses.

Walk around Dubai Marina or JBR Walk

Got nothing to do at night? You, along with your partner or friends, can take a simple walk around Dubai Marina or at Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can see the lightened-up skyscrapers and save the beautiful skyline of the city in your memories. Moreover, this stretch has some of the popular cafes in Dubai. Don’t forget to stop at one. Overall, this simple walk is the perfect way to relax before you retire for the night.

Enjoy Nightlife in with a Desert Safari

Enjoy Nightlife in with a Desert SafariIf you are holidaying in Dubai and desert safari is not a part of your itinerary then you are missing a large chunk of fun and excitement. Several activities are a part of the desert safari including a camel ride, dashing across the dune on quad bikes, sand skiing, barbecue dinner, and belly dancing.

The coolest part is that you can choose to stay overnight in a Bedouin camp where you can enjoy the clear sky filled with stars rejuvenating your senses. Staying overnight is perfect for those who are visiting with their partners as none of the activities is as romantic as gazing around the starry sky at night with your partner.

Visit Dubai Underwater Zoo

Your visit to Dubai will be incomplete without checking out the Dubai Underwater Zoo. The aquarium tunnel allows you to get close to a ton of aquatic species thriving in the waters around Dubai. You can opt for shark diving or cage snorkeling as well during your visit to the zoo.

Fun Nightlife you can Ski Indoors in Dubai

Fun Nightlife you can Ski Indoors in DubaiIf the heat is becoming too much for you to bear you must visit the Mall of Emirates where Ski Dubai Snow Park is situated. It is an indoor ski resort and a snow park with temperatures ranging from -1 to 2 degrees Celsius all through the year.

A plenitude of snow-related activities awaits you in Ski Dubai Snow Park like taking a zip line, watching penguins, a simple snowball fight, and even snowboarding.

Night Clubs

Dubai is home to some of the best night clubs and bars. While you can dance as much as you can on the beats, make sure you don’t go overboard with alcohol as if you are caught drunk in public outside the club, you are bound to face heavy penalties, fines, or imprisonment. Drinking in public and being drunk in public is not tolerated in Dubai.

Horse Riding on a Full Moon

If you are in Dubai on a full moon, you can experience the desert landscape on horseback. Reach out to Equestrian Club for the tour. However, please note that this tour is given only on full-moon nights.

Final Words on Nightlife

These are some of the best activities that you can do in Dubai at night. The cities nightlife never ceases to amaze with the long list of activities that one can indulge in. So, what are you waiting for? We have given you a plenitude of excuses for not staying in once the sun sets in Dubai.

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