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WordPress Unveils Its ‘100-Year Plan’ Featuring Domain Registration, Hosting, And Support



(CTN NEWS) – In the rapidly changing realm of technology and the ever-shifting landscape of the internet, WordPress has once again embarked on a daring journey to redefine our perspective on domain name registrations.

In a surprising maneuver that has sent shockwaves through the online community, WordPress has unveiled the option of registering domain names for a staggering 100-year duration.

This bold decision has prompted widespread contemplation about the potential impact, advantages, and potential downsides of making such a profound commitment in the digital domain.

The price for a 100-year domain name registration stands at $38,000 USD.

This equates to an annual expense of $380 for both hosting and domain registration.

Understanding the Importance of Domain Names

Before we delve into the ramifications of WordPress’s introduction of the 100-year domain name registration, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of domain names themselves.

Domain names act as the virtual addresses of websites, making them accessible to users across the globe. They play a pivotal role in branding, instilling user confidence, and shaping the overall online identity of businesses, individuals, and organizations.

The Evolution of Domain Name Registrations

Throughout time, domain name registrations have traditionally been offered on a yearly basis, with the option to extend for additional years. This model provided flexibility but demanded consistent renewal by website owners to prevent expiration.

WordPress’s pioneering introduction of the 100-year domain name registration marks a transformative departure from this conventional approach.

Who Can Benefit from the 100-Year Plan?

According to WordPress, the 100-year plan is tailored for individuals, families, and entrepreneurs who aim to preserve their company’s legacy.

The announcement elaborates:

  • Families who wish to preserve their digital assets—the stories, photos, sounds, and videos that make up their rich family history—for generations to come.
  • Founders who want to protect and document their company’s past, present, and future.
  • Individuals seeking a stable, flexible, and customized online home that can adapt to whatever changes the future of technology will bring.

WordPress Century Plan Features

But the 100-Year Plan transcends conventional hosting. Included in this unique offer:

  • Century-Long Domain Registration: A domain is your most valuable digital asset. While standard domain registrations last a decade, our 100-Year Plan gives you an opportunity to secure your domain for a full century.
  • Even More Peace of Mind: As guardians of your life’s work, we take our duty seriously. At the platform level, we maintain multiple backups of your content across geographically distributed data centers, automatically submit your site to the Internet Archive if it’s public, and will provide an optional locked mode.
  • Enhanced Ownership Protocols: Navigate life’s milestones with ease. Whether you’re gifting a site to a newborn or facilitating a smooth transfer of ownership, we’re here to assist every step of the way.
  • Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting: The very best managed WordPress experience with unmetered bandwidth, best-in-class speed, and unstoppable security bundled in one convenient package.
  • 24/7 Premier Support: The 100-Year Plan includes dedicated, personalized support that begins with your interest form submission.

The 100-Year Plan transcends the present moment; it’s an investment in the times ahead. Whether you’re solidifying your own digital heritage or presenting a century of a reliable platform to a cherished individual, this plan stands as a tribute to the limitless promise of the future.

For those keen on discovering further details, kindly complete the form located at this link:

I want the 100-Year Plan


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