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Malwarebytes; Google And YouTube Are Blocked By Malwarebytes

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Google And YouTube Are Blocked By Malwarebytes

(CTN News) _ According to Malwarebytes, Google and its Youtube domains are being flagged as malicious as of Wednesday morning, preventing users from accessing a wide range of websites.

I’d assumed it was an error, not a protest against Big Tech or a sign that Google was hacked. It’s a Malwarebytes filter blunder.

A Malwarebytes spokesperson tells The Register that a temporary issue with our web filtering component may be blocking certain domains, including

A fix is in progress.”

Since these netizens couldn’t contact Google to find out why they suddenly couldn’t use the web search giant, many turned to Twitter for answers.

Our vultures will circle and update this story as we receive more information.

As a result of this story’s publication, the issue has been resolved, and the update should take place automatically. It’s true, we’ve confirmed.

Update Malwarebytes client if you are still experiencing issues.”

Malwarebytes has just raised $100 million from Vector Capital, which will take a minority stake, just weeks after laying off 125 employees, or about 15 percent of its staff.

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