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What Took PayPal So Long To Accept Apple Pay?



What Took PayPal So Long To Accept Apple Pay?

(CTN News) – It’s no secret that PayPal has been one of the pioneers in the world of online payments, so it’s no wonder that it’s finally taken the plunge to integrate its credit and debit cards with Apple Pay.

After years of embracing Apple’s wallet system, many other financial institutions have followed PayPal’s lead. This move has caused many to wonder, “What took so long? ”

Paypal is finally catching up with online payments

Over the past few years, PayPal users were only able to watch in awe as folks with cards from other banks made purchases with ease using their iPhones.

The result of this change is that, in order to encourage users to add their cards to Apple Wallet, a new banner has been added to the home screen of the app. If the user prefers, they can also manually add their cards through the Wallet app if they prefer that method.

When PayPal announced last year that it would be implementing a three-part plan to improve its adoption of Apple Pay, this integration was hinted at as part of those plans.

This is a sign that has finally caught up to the current tech landscape, acknowledging that people want seamless options when it comes to their payments.

In spite of this, the delay indicates that PayPal, once one of the industry’s frontrunners, may have slowed down in terms of technological adaptability as a consequence of the delay.

In a surprising move, Venmo—PayPal’s sister service—has not yet confirmed its support for Apple Pay, despite the fact that this was expected as part of overall Apple Pay integration strategy.

As a result, it adds a layer of curiosity as to how well synchronized the two services are, and whether Venmo’s delay will further impact PayPal’s competitiveness going forward.

In summary, while it is good to see finally hopping on board the Apple Pay bandwagon, the fact that it has taken so long to do so raises questions about its agility and ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape of digital payment methods in the future.


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