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YouTube Adds Longer Ad Breaks To TV, Removes Some Creator Control



YouTube Adds Longer Ad Breaks To TV, Removes Some Creator Control

(CTN News) – Both viewers and creators are experiencing a change when it comes to YouTube advertisements, both from the perspective of viewers and creators.

If you watch a YouTube video over the next few weeks, you will probably notice that the ad breaks will be longer. This is all thanks to a new company policy that will be implemented in the near future.

According to a post on YouTube’s official blog, the video-sharing service said that in terms of long-form content on TV screens, 79% of viewers would prefer to see ads grouped together rather than spread out over a video rather than having them scattered throughout it.

As a result of this feedback, YouTube has announced that it will be testing longer, but less frequent ad breaks. Added to that, there will also be a visible indication of how long an ad break will last, according to the company.

In addition, you’ll also begin to see shoppable ads on YouTube, meaning ads that can be interacted with while watching YouTube on your television, something that has already been a part of the mobile and desktop ads on the site for some time.

There is an update via YouTube that is taking away a little control from content creators, which they are calling it “simplifying.” Prior to this change, you had the option to turn on or off skippable, non-skippable, pre-video, and post-video advertisements when uploading a video to the site.

There is now simply an on/off switch that can be used to turn off the ads as a whole. In case that option is enabled,

YouTube will decide when and where these ads will appear.

The ads will not appear if the setting is disabled. It is still up to the creator of the video to decide where and when mid-video ads will appear, as well as how many will appear.

More than 90% of the videos on have all those ads enabled, so this shouldn’t be a problem for too many creators, according to YouTube.

As it explained in the blog post, the purpose of this change is to extend best practices within the creator community and optimize creator revenue.

With the end goal of helping creators earn more, the blog said, as well as to make the ad experience as seamless as possible.

It should be noted that the change in policy applies to both existing and new videos on YouTube.


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