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Musk vs. Zuckerberg: Musk’s Unconventional Response To Zuckerberg’s Cancelled Cage Match




(CTN NEWS) – The escalating spectacle of the anticipated cage match involving Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has taken an even more outlandish turn. Following Zuckerberg’s official announcement of the fight’s cancellation,

Musk has devised an alternative scheme.

He’s now publicly declared his intention to make an unexpected visit to Zuckerberg’s home.

In a recent message posted on the platform formerly identified as Twitter (now denoted as X), Elon conveyed, “Knock, knock … challenge accepted … open the door. Figured you might be in the mood for some tea, hence I’ve brought the tea bags.”

Musk Teases Unannounced Visit to Zuckerberg’s Residence Amidst Tesla FSD Test Drive

“For tonight’s Tesla FSD test drive taking place in Palo Alto, I’ve decided to instruct the car to head over to @finkd’s residence,” Musk recently shared on X, the platform previously known as Twitter.

“Should luck be on our side and Zuck decide to actually answer the door, then the showdown might just be on!”

Musk, who once likened sharing his jet’s location to disclosing “assassination coordinates,” has announced his intention to livestream this “adventure” on X.

As it turns out, Zuckerberg is not at all enthusiastic about the idea.

“Mark is currently traveling and is not present in Palo Alto,” clarified Iska Saric, a spokesperson for Zuckerberg at Meta, in a statement to The Verge.

“Moreover, Mark takes this sport seriously and is not inclined to engage in a confrontation with someone who unexpectedly appears at his doorstep.”

Zuckerberg 1

Zuckerberg Relinquishes as Musk’s Maneuvers Push Anticipated Cage Match into Absurdity

After weeks of Musk failing to confirm a date for their anticipated cage match, Zuckerberg recently conceded defeat.

Elon’s series of maneuvers, including hinting at potential surgery and proposing a Rome-based event sans UFC involvement, prompted Zuckerberg to throw in the towel.

However, the notion of Rome hosting the fight was swiftly rebuffed by the Italian government.

Throughout this period, Zuckerberg, who’s diligently training and actively participating in jiujitsu tournaments, has consistently emphasized the need for the professional organization of the bout.

“I’m not interested in perpetuating hype for something that’s destined to never materialize. It’s time for a decision: either commit to this promptly, or let’s move on,” Zuckerberg conveyed to Musk in a text message that Musk, naturally, chose to share online.

In response, Elon suggested a fight set in Zuckerberg’s own backyard today, goading him with the jest, “Perhaps you’re a modern-day Bruce Lee, capable of an unexpected triumph.”

It’s evident that Elon was well aware that his frequent alterations to the fight’s terms would apply pressure on Zuckerberg to withdraw. The essence here was never genuine pugilism; it has been more about chest-thumping and catering to his support base.

Elon has succeeded in transforming an already preposterous narrative into an even more ludicrous spectacle.


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