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Musk Plans To Start Human Trials In 6 Months For Neuralink’s Brain Chip



Musk Plans To Start Human Trials In 6 Months For Neuralink's Brain Chip

(CTN NEWS) – After his business, Neuralink missed prior deadlines, Elon Musk said on Wednesday that he anticipates a wireless brain device it has built to start human clinical testing in six months.

The business is working on brain chip interfaces that, according to its claims, might allow crippled people to move and communicate once again. Musk added on Wednesday that the company would also focus on recovering vision.

Neuralink, a company with offices in Austin, Texas, and the San Francisco Bay Area has been testing on animals lately as it waits for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give a go for human trials.

Musk stated in a long-awaited public update on the device, “We want to be meticulous and ensure that it will work properly before putting a device into a human.”

Musk underlined the speed at which the business is creating its device during a nearly three-hour presentation to a restricted group of invitees at Neuralink’s headquarters.

Musk Plans To Start Human Trials In 6 Months For Neuralink's Brain Chip

Neuralink has conducted tests on animals to seek approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin clinical trials in people.

“The development at first will appear perhaps agonizing slow, especially when it comes to humans, but we are doing all of the stuff to get it to size in parallel,” he continued.

“Therefore, theoretically, advancement ought to be exponential.”

The FDA said that it could not comment on the presence or status of any possible product applications.

According to Musk, the Neuralink device’s first two human uses would help people unable to move their muscles see again and restore their eyesight.

He asserted, “We believe we can still restore vision if somebody has never had a vision, ever, like they were born blind.”

The presentation was initially scheduled for October 31, but Musk canceled it a few days early without providing a reason.

A monkey with a brain chip who played a computer game just by thinking was the subject of Neuralink’s most recent public demonstration, which took place more than a year ago.

Musk, who also owns the electric vehicle maker Tesla, the rocket company SpaceX, and the social networking site Twitter, is well known for his grandiose aspirations, which include conquering Mars and preserving mankind.

Musk Plans To Start Human Trials In 6 Months For Neuralink's Brain Chip

Musk said he wants to be certain that it will work before putting the device into a human.

The same high standards guide his aspirations for Neuralink, which he introduced in 2016.

He intends to create a chip that would enable the brain to control intricate electronic equipment, eventually restoring motor function to paralyzed persons.

And treating disorders of the brain, including Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

He also discusses combining artificial intelligence with the brain.

Musk Plans To Start Human Trials In 6 Months For Neuralink's Brain Chip

But Neuralink is lagging behind schedule. In a presentation in 2019, Musk stated his goal to have FDA approval by the end of 2020. Later, he declared that he wanted to begin human trials this year at a conference in late 2021.

Current and former employees of Neuralink have claimed that the company frequently missed internal deadlines for obtaining FDA approval to begin human studies.

According to Reuters, Musk approached rival Synchron about an investment early this year after complaining to Neuralink staff over their sluggish development.

The first time Synchron’s gadget was implanted in a patient in the United States was a significant milestone reached in July.

It has finished studies on four people in Australia and was given U.S. regulatory approval for human trials in 2021.


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