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In MW2, HOW To Check KD



In MW2, HOW To Check KD

(CTN News) – Are you trying to figure out how to check your KD in MW2? Even though we know how to do it, the robust online game statistics of past Call of Duty games will remain (for now).

It is crucial for any online first-person shooter player to keep track of their kill-to-death ratio. Rankings in the game do not provide them with enough information about their performance.

Having high kills and low deaths is obviously important, but players must know how to check KD in MW2.


Following on from the above, a 3:0 KD ratio indicates that players have killed three times as many enemies as they have been killed.

While this may seem like an ambitious goal, everyone wants to reach it and beyond online, it is certainly a competitive environment.

KD in MW2 can only be checked after a match, which is convenient, but it only displays the KD for that match and does not include an overall figure.

As compared to Warzone, MW2 lags behind in terms of statistics such as overall KD and the like. It is something that the community is unsatisfied with, and something that Infinity Ward should have addressed prior to launch.

If one were to play devil’s advocate, it might be possible to introduce a more efficient gameplay environment for all users. By reducing player statistics that are publicly visible, Overwatch 2 has been able to discourage bullying.

In addition to making text chat more accessible for commands, Blizzard has made several changes to the online experience to make it less intimidating for new players.

Could this be the beginning of a more player-sensitive online experience for Call of Duty MW2?


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