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Fortnite 2022: How To Find Jack-o-Lanterns

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Fortnite: How To Find Jack-o-Lanterns

(CTN News) – Week 6 of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4 has begun, bringing with it a new set of quests that players can complete for large amounts of XP.

As part of Fortnitemares quests, players must destroy several jack-o-lanterns around the island in addition to the standard weekly quests.

The infinitely popular free-to-play battle royale title by Epic Games kicked off its annual Halloween celebration last week.

As part of Fortnitemares 2022, the game has been enhanced with new and returning content, including candy, the Pumpkin Launcher, new Howler Claws, and more.

Additionally, Fortnitemares added a variety of skins from Rick and Morty and the Evil Dead, including Ash Williams and Mr. Meeseeks.

The best places to find Jack-o-Lanterns

The player must find and destroy five jack-o-lanterns around the island using a ranged weapon.

While the pumpkins can be easily destroyed with a single shot, finding enough jack-o-lanterns is the most challenging part of the quest.

About four named locations contain multiple carved pumpkins: Greasy Grove, Tilted Towers, Shiny Sound, and Fort Jonesy.

Considering the first two are landing hotspots, landing at Shiny Sound or Fort Jonesy is the best option for destroying five jack-o-lanterns with a ranged weapon.

There is usually less congestion at both of these locations than at the other two mentioned, and both have a sufficient number of jack-o-lanterns in their respective neighborhoods.

A suitable location would be Fort Jonesy, since there are already four jack-o-lanterns within the POI. There are two of them near the southern end of Shrouded Settlement to the southeast, and three others near Sunburned Shacks to the northeast.

To begin with, players will need a ranged weapon such as the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle or the brand-new Cobra DMR.

Due to the fact that Fortnite ends after Halloween, players have only a few days left to complete the remaining seasonal quests.

Also, it is almost certain that themed items such as the Pumpkin Launcher and the powerful Howler Claws will be vaulted next week, so players should take advantage while they can.

Is Fortnite free on switch?

Epic Games’ popular battle royale video game Fortnite is completely free to play on the Nintendo Switch. Like all digital Switch titles, it must be claimed and downloaded from the first-party eShop app.


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