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Microsoft Rewards (Bing Rewards) To Pay You For Searching – How It Works?

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Microsoft Rewards

(CTN NEWS) – You pull out your latest 5G phone, open your browser, and type your question when conducting a quick search. And you pretty much immediately know the response.

Although you may not see it, a search engine in the background retrieves the results you see and arranges them in the way you see them.

Google and Microsoft Bing are the most widely used search engines out of this group. But when compared to Bing, Google holds the lion’s share of the market.

You can learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Rewards (formerly known as Bing Rewards) in this post. Microsoft has been attempting to reclaim some of that lucrative traffic from Google.

Bing Rewards Program?

In order to reward customers for regular Bing searches and particular campaigns, Microsoft introduced Bing Rewards in September 2010.

These credits might then be exchanged for a variety of benefits. Before being made compatible with all desktop browsers, the programme was initially only open to participants who downloaded and utilised the Bing Bar for Internet Explorer.

In 2016, the programme underwent a name change to Microsoft Rewards with some modifications. After a quick review of the program’s history, let’s look at how you might profit from it.

How Can You Make Money With Microsoft Rewards?

With Microsoft Rewards, there are various methods to make money. Here are a few examples.

1. Search with Bing

search with bing

With a stunning 80% market share, Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. Its nearest rival,, holds only 15% of the market.

It’s likely that Microsoft would desire to take some of Google’s market share. Offering customers incentives for using the Bing search engine while surfing is one method it intends to utilise to achieve this.

For level 1 users, you can earn 50 points per day, while level 2 users can earn 250 points per day by performing searches.

Additionally, if you conduct a search using Edge, you will receive an additional 5 points daily for level 1 and 20 points daily for level 2.

As long as you do your search using the Bing search engine, you will get points whether you use Chrome or another browser.

Your searches will not be credited unless you are logged into your Microsoft account. Make use of Bing on the Microsoft Edge browser to level up more quickly.

Additionally, you’ll profit from queries conducted using Cortana’s Windows 10 Search Box that use the Bing search engine.

You must browse the web on both desktop and mobile platforms in order to get the greatest number of points for Bing browsing.

You can make money on mobile devices via the Bing app, Microsoft Edge app, or the Microsoft Launcher app for Android.

It’s interesting to see that mobile awards are less common than desktop prizes. You do not receive points for mobile searches if you happen to be in an area where mobile rewards are not supported.

For instance, level 1 entitles you to up to 50 daily search points, of which 20 are given to mobile and 30 are given to desktop. If you are in an area that is not supported, you just receive the 30 for desktop searches.

The Microsoft Edge incentive is also impacted by this. Therefore, instead of the customary five points every day, you only receive three for utilising the company’s default browser.

2. Complete fun offers

complete fun offers 1

You can earn more points by completing easy pre-defined tasks on Microsoft’s Earn website. You can get money by completing puzzles, answering trivia questions, taking quizzes, polls, and surveys, and more.

Each activity awards you 5 or 10 points, and finishing them all nets you more than 100 points. Since the offers are changed every day, you can quickly accumulate the points.

Daily sets are a pleasant activity you may perform. These are groups of tasks where you can gain access to more perks.

Daily offerings’ tasks can be completed to start streaks that award more points the longer you play without pausing.

For instance, a three-day streak awards you 45 points, and the points keep rising until day 10, at which time you start receiving 150 points every ten days. If you miss a day, your streak is broken, and you have to start over.

Completing fun offers is distinct from other activities you already engage in because it requires you to make an effort to carry out actions you might not ordinarily complete.

The benefit is that they are frequently enjoyable and simple to finish. You’ll finish them all quickly, whether you’re setting a goal, on a Microsoft Rewards tour, or participating in an activity hunt to uncover hidden objects.

In addition, it helps you unwind after a stressful day.

3. Shop on the Microsoft Store

When using your Xbox, Windows PC, or the internet to shop at the Microsoft Store while connected into your Microsoft account, you can get points.

For level one spending, you earn one point, and for level two spending, you earn ten points.

With a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold subscription, you receive 20 points for every dollar spent if you are on level two.

You can earn points by purchasing full games, Xbox One on-demand games, independent and arcade games, game expansion packs and season passes, apps, TV shows, and more.

Additionally, you can earn by buying devices like Microsoft Surface PCs, however no matter what tier you are in, the rewards are just 1 point for every dollar spent.

For hardware purchases, point rewards are also restricted. It’s important to remember that if you return or cancel a purchase, your points will be forfeited.

4. Earn points on Xbox

You can increase your point total if you have an Xbox by completing a number of tasks. Playing free-to-play games, choosing recent releases, renting TV shows, and installing new apps are just a few ways to earn points.

If you have a Game Pass subscription, completing exclusive library missions will earn you points. In your Rewards account on the console’s Game Pass membership section, you can find quests.

Another way to get points on Xbox is by purchasing games. For each dollar bought on eligible digital goods from the Microsoft Store, you can earn up to 20 points.

Whether a purchase is made directly on the Xbox console, via, or via, points are still awarded.

On the Xbox, Microsoft also has monthly surveys that you can complete to earn points. On the Xbox, you also get daily sets.

This isn’t a good enough reason to get an Xbox if you don’t already have one. However, if you frequently use the console to play games, you might as well take advantage of the complimentary incentives.

What about the Microsoft Rewards status levels?

Level 1 and Level 2 are the two main tiers of Microsoft Rewards. Here is all the information you require about them.

Level 1

Anyone registering for Microsoft Rewards for the first time will start at this level. Searches can earn you up to 50 points each day (30 on desktop and 20 on mobile), plus an extra 5 points for using Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, the Microsoft Store only awards 1 point for every $1 bought. It’s true that you don’t think it’s much. Fortunately, level 2 is nearby and is simple to access.

Level 2

A minimum of 500 points must be earned in one month in order to reach level 2. You ought to be able to accomplish so in a few days if you’re committed to the programme.

Level 2 offers up to 250 points per day for Bing searches (150 on desktop and 100 on mobile), plus 20 extra points for using Edge.

Additionally, you receive 10 points for every dollar you spend in the Microsoft Store, as well as savings when you exchange points for cash and other special offers. If you perform 100 or more monthly searches, you’ll stay in level 2.

How To Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points

redeem microsoft rewards points

If you aren’t intending to use your Microsoft Rewards points, there is no purpose in registering or earning them. On the Microsoft Rewards page’s Redeem tab, you can convert your points for valuables.

It’s important to keep in mind that points can only be used to redeem rewards in the nation in which they were earned.

The programme offers a variety of prizes, which are primarily divided into gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, and donations.

If you have enough points, you can enter sweepstakes for a chance to win expensive prizes or exchange them for gift cards from a number of businesses and services, such as Amazon, Burger King, and Starbucks.

You may contribute points to a good cause if you’re in the mood to do so. Microsoft converts your points into donations of money for the cause of your choice instantly.

However, you are limited to choose an organisation from the available possibilities. The Nature Conservancy, Teach for America, and the Trevor Project are notable organizations.

How Much Can You Make With Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards won’t assist you if your objective is to earn enough money to cover your expenses, quit your career, and take weekend getaways to Hawaii.

Keep reading if you want to earn some free money while doing what you currently do, though.

A $5 gift card may be redeemed with around 5,000 points, or approximately $0.001 per point. But how soon can you accumulate 5,000 points? If you’re level 2, you can gain 250 points per day just by doing searches.

In total, that comes out to 7,500 points every month and 90,000 points annually. In a year, this equates to $90 in incentives.

You’ll receive incentives worth more than $100 every year once daily sets, extra activities, shopping points, and Xbox earnings are taken into account.

Once more, you won’t become financially independent, but you will be able to sometimes treat yourself to something nice from a featured retailer.

Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards’ equivalent in Google does not exist, nor is it required to. The program’s fundamental goal is to increase user appeal for Microsoft’s services and products, particularly Bing and Edge.

According to the data we provided previously in the article, Google Search holds a commanding 80% of the market for searches, compared to 15% for Microsoft.

If anything, Google’s search engine is already so widely used. If Microsoft is successful in capturing a sizable portion of the market, Google might think about adopting a similar strategy.

Only Microsoft provides opportunities to make money utilizing its browser and search engine, thus the corporation wins this round. But what about the services themselves?

Is Bing sufficient to tempt you to switch? After all, the primary goal of browsing is to obtain useful search engine result page (SERP) results. Rewards come in second.

With generic searches, Microsoft Bing has advanced significantly and is now competitive with Google. Most questions you ask it are easily answered.

Both engines feature straightforward user interfaces that let you concentrate on what matters. When you leave searches and user interfaces, things appear quite differently.

In terms of picture searches, Bing is in the lead. It provides chips at the top of the page to further customise queries. The chips can be found in video searches as well.

The grid-style results, in contrast to Google’s list view, which displays video descriptions, only display thumbnails and titles.

The short version is that Bing is decent and provides a reliable experience for the majority of users. In light of the recent combination of ChatGPT and Microsoft Rewards, switching from Google to Bing might be worthwhile.

Should You Switch From Microsoft Rewards?

The Microsoft rewards program’s main selling point is that you can earn money for doing things you already do, but only if you use Microsoft’s products.

Giving up Google would be the biggest obstacle. You should consider making the transition if you can get past that.

Old habits, as they say, are hard to break. If you’re still a fervent supporter of Google, use our instructions to set it as your default search engine on any browser.


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