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Nvidia RTX 4060 Faces Early Discounting And Lukewarm Reception As RTX 3060 Gains Popularity



RTX 4060

(CTN NEWS) – There is perhaps no clearer indication of a product’s poor sales performance than its swift discounting within a week of being released.

Unfortunately for Nvidia, this is precisely what has happened with the RTX 4060 graphics card, as it has seen a 6% price reduction in certain European countries.

The RTX 4060 made its debut last week to lukewarm reviews and a lackluster response from consumers, particularly because it fails to outshine its predecessor, the previous-generation RTX 3060.

RTX 4060 Faces Early Discounting

VideoCardz uncovered evidence of the Lovelace-based product already being discounted in Europe.

A prominent German retailer, Mindfactory, slashed 20 euros off the price, bringing it down to €310.39. Furthermore, reports suggest that the company managed to sell a mere ten units of the RTX 4060 on its launch day.

Across the border in France, the retailer has lowered the price of the MSI Ventus 2X RTX 4060, which launched just a week ago with an MSRP of €329, to €309 through the use of coupons.

These price reductions indicate a rapid 6% discount on the RTX 4060 within a few days of its launch, a scenario unheard of when it comes to new Nvidia graphics cards.

Currently, there is no indication of similar price drops occurring in the United States, where the card’s MSRP of $299 remains unchallenged. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the situation changes in the near future.

The struggle to generate interest in the RTX 4060 extends beyond Europe.

In Japan, where the sales embargo on launch day typically lifts at 10 pm.

The scene of enthusiastic customers lining up to acquire the latest graphics card has been replaced by a disheartening image of a lone individual waiting outside one of the country’s major PC stores—a man upgrading from his GTX 1060.

RTX 3060 Surges in Popularity while RTX 4060 Faces Pricing Concerns

Interestingly, the RTX 3060, which surpasses the RTX 4060 in performance in certain games, has been rapidly climbing the GPU chart in the Steam survey.

It has now secured the position of the second most popular graphics card among participants in the previous month.

In our evaluation of the RTX 4060, we observed that while it is not as disappointing as its Ti counterpart, it doesn’t justify its $300 price tag.

However, if the limited sales in the United States lead to substantial price reductions, it could potentially become a more enticing choice.


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