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How Startups in Asia are Using AI to Build Smarter Apps

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How Startups in Asia are Using AI to Build Smarter Apps

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest subjects out there, no matter what sort of industry we are talking about.

Companies invest in this technology massively these days, and it’s no surprise there are so many of them that are using it to reach their goals.

If you take a look at some studies, you will see that the number of companies that use AI has risen by 270%.

If you know that we are talking just about the last couple of years. Some other studies show that AI has managed to improve a wide array of different industries and their modus operandi.

Not to mention that we would like to point out that the highest percentage of these companies comes from Asia, for a variety of reasons.

For a long time, North America was considered the main tech spot.

However, the last two decades are showing us that the Asian continent is about to take over, and we will see the rise of their technological advancements in the years to come.

Today, we want to talk about how startups in Asia can use AI to build smarter Android and iOS apps.

Automated Reasoning

Automated reasoning is best described by saying that it is a combination of art and science.

By utilising this approach, companies can create apps that are both analytical and logical to resolve all the pressing issues.

It adds, let’s say, more intelligence to the apps, which means that it can help with chess matches, and even solve puzzles.

The only way this is possible is through the implementation of AI, which results in automated reasoning.

Apps that work without it are usually manual, and they do not allow the technology to think by itself, which can be quite a headache in some moments.

Thankfully, companies have realised the potential of automated reasoning recently.

Countless companies out there have decided to incorporate this feature into their mobile apps. A good example of this happening is Uber.

The reasoning algorithm helps with studying a large amount of data collected from all the drivers, studies their routes, and helps with providing the right information. So, you can see that it has become an irreplaceable part of the work.

Voice-Based Interface

Voice-based interfaces and voice assistants are part of a large percentage of apps you will find out there.

They have become so crucial that it is practically inevitable to find an app that’s used by millions of people out there without it having a voice-based interface.

You will see that more than 30% of all searches are done by screen these days, and all the predictions say that it will rise in the future.

Android applications with Google Assistant integrated into them are providing users with a new level of convenience and this trend will only continue in the future. Siri provides the same benefit on iOS.

So, nobody should be surprised to see that this feature is usually addressed as the future of mobile apps.

When you think about it, you will see that this is true since people want to use their apps as easily as possible.

We will all agree that there is no easier way to use an app than using your voice. Furthermore, this is something many companies understood on time.

Not only that the apps will be used this way, but we can also see that they will become a prominent force in search queries as well. Searching this way is much more flexible and accessible than typing all the queries manually, don’t you agree?


Chatbots have become quite a prominent force in the last couple of years.

You will see them on practically every site out there and even on iOS and Android applications, and their works have been recognized by so many companies.

They help by providing an easier way to communicate with the customers by providing them with solid information on the questions they might have.

We can all agree that it is quite challenging to provide manual answers to all the questions out there.

That’s the moment when chatbots step into the game. So, businesses will not need to hire additional staff to provide their clients with all the answers.

When you think about it, this is quite a useful thing to have at your side since it can cause the costs to drop significantly.

Building an application that interacts with customers frequently is not an easy task since it is required to add a plethora of functions to the chatbots.

After adding these functions, they will be able to provide the proper answer to all the questions your clients might have. You will see them used by a variety of companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple.

Learning Behavior Patterns

A wide array of platforms have an in-built ability to understand the behaviour patterns conducted by the clients.

Combining all these into one makes it possible for artificial intelligence to predict the behaviour of the clients and provide them with all the needed services they might need.

A good example of this technology being put to work is in the hotel booking service. Developers can implement AI features on the backend, but also on the device.

Thanks to Apple’s ML Core library, iOS developers can now implement these features right on the device. For Android, developers can use Google’s ML Kit or even their Firebase ML library.

When the AI interacts with a human, it constantly learns about new patterns and upgrades its knowledge.

So, you could say that this learning process is everlasting, and it is one of the major reasons why artificial intelligence has become predominant over other technologies recently.

The next thing a similar situation comes up, the AI will handle it properly without any struggle occurring.

Furthermore, these learning behaviour patterns offer a chance for the AI to predict all the potential purchases that can occur.

For instance, it is possible to offer the clients offers based on what they were interested in before. Naturally, this requires a lot of work and a lot of resources invested into the action. Therefore, it is quite useful to be able to use learning behaviour patterns.

In Conclusion

Companies in Asia are about to dominate the global market in the future by building smarter apps. Here, you can see just how important artificial intelligence has become with this task. We are certain you will find that this is the future and it is quite important to implement it as soon as possible.

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