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Instagram Reels: How To Stop People From Downloading Them



Instagram Reels: How To Stop People From Downloading Them

(CTN News) – Instagram Reels are brief videos that can be found while scrolling through your feed. There are numerous ones available that cater to your interests and needs, and you can save them for future reference in the Saved section of your account until the creator removes them.

However, you now have the option to download any public Instagram Reels that you desire, which is even more convenient than saving them. This allows you to keep all the tips and tricks you want to remember on your phone or computer.

It’s important to note, however, that some creators may not want their followers to download their videos and Reels. Fortunately, Instagram users have the ability to decide whether or not their content can be downloaded.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, Has announced that the Instagram Reels download feature will be accessible worldwide.

To disable the ability to download Instagram Reels,

There are various choices. Firstly, Reels from private accounts cannot be downloaded. Moreover, public Reels from creators who are below 18 years old cannot be downloaded.

It is worth mentioning that past Reels cannot be downloaded, so users only need to concentrate on the clips they are presently creating.

Instagram offers a detailed guide on how to prevent Reel downloads for every post.

To begin, record and edit your Reel and then click on Next located at the bottom right corner. After that, click on More Options at the bottom and scroll down to Advanced Settings.

Scroll down again to enable or disable the option for people to download your Reels and toggle the settings accordingly. You can choose to turn on or off downloading for all Reels or just for the one you’re uploading. Click on the back arrow located at the top left to go back and then click on Share at the bottom.

If you want to make changes to how people download your Reels, you can always revise the settings later.


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