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U.S. Response To Chinese Balloon Invasion Slammed By China



U.S. Response To Chinese Balloon Invasion Slammed By China

(CTN NEWS) –  Following the U.S. passing a resolution denouncing a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon‘s entry into U.S. airspace, China’s ceremonial parliament accused American lawmakers of violating the sovereignty of other countries.

Beijing’s assertion that the balloon was an unmanned civilian weather research airship was reiterated in a statement released by the National People’s Congress’ Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.

The United States has rejected this assertion based on the balloon’s flight path and its payload of surveillance equipment.

As a further indication of how drastically the parties’ relations have deteriorated in recent years, China has hardened its tone despite first expressing regret over the event on February 4.

US response to Chinese balloon i 1

Image: AP

Without going into specifics, the Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that it would take action against American organisations connected in some way to the downing of the balloon.

The Foreign Relations Committee stated that the resolution that the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved “deliberately overstated the ‘China danger’.”  

It declared that to be “simply malicious exaggeration and political manipulation.” Several members of the U.S. Congress stoked the fires by making clear their nefarious plans to fight and control China.

In reality, it claimed, “It is the United States that willfully meddles in the internal affairs of other nations, infringes upon their sovereignty, and engages in surveillance of other nations.

China blasts US over response to Chinese balloon incursion

Image: AP

Many Chinese official agencies have voiced daily objections to how the United States handled the situation, claiming that Washington overreacted and broke “the spirit of international law.”

Beijing has not disclosed whose business or government agency was in charge of the enormous balloon, whose remains are examined at an FBI lab.

The United States has sanctioned six Chinese firms it claims are connected to Beijing’s aerospace projects in addition to Congress passing the resolution.

As a result of disagreements over trade, human rights, Taiwan, and China’s claim to the South China Sea, relations between the two countries have deteriorated to their lowest point in decades.

US response to Chinese balloon i

Image: AP

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also postponed a trip to Beijing, putting an abrupt halt to what some had seen as momentum for a stabilization.

Chinese efforts to “deceive the international community through misleading assertions about its intelligence collection programs” and a “brazen infringement” of American sovereignty were both denounced in the House resolution.

According to U.S. officials, China is reportedly running a fleet of these balloons, a discreet and reasonably priced way to gather intelligence

The balloon was allowed to traverse the continent because the American authorities believed it posed less of a threat to national security. It was then shot down with a missile off the coast of South Carolina.


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