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ChatGPT-Powered AI Lets You Video Chat



ChatGPT-Powered AI Lets You Video Chat

(CTN News) – Have you ever wondered if ChatGPT was a real person you could speak with? An app called Call Annie allows users to communicate with a ChatGPT-powered bot one-on-one via video.

The application features a female avatar that is capable of conversing with users in a normal manner.

An App Store listing describes what the “AI friend” is capable of, including understanding complex subjects, learning a new language, improving general knowledge, preparing for interviews, and so forth.

According to the listing, talking “face-to-face in real-time time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text.”.

A number of users have communicated with the ChatGPT-powered bot and uploaded video recordings to the web. While the responses do not appear to have any lag, the voice of the bot in the recordings shared by the users does sound robotic.

In a Reddit post, the app’s developers stated that Midjourney was used to create the original image of Annie’s face. On the other hand, facial expressions are animated in real time using on-device processing to match the generated speech in real time.

It is for this reason that the free-to-use app currently relies on Apple’s Neural Engine and its video calling mode is only available on iPhone 12 and later models.

Audio-only calls are available to users of older iPhone models. It should be noted, however, that Call Annie is also compatible with Mac computers running macOS 13 or later and powered by Apple’s M-series chips.

The bot can also provide users with information about local customs and must-see attractions during their travel adventures.

Concerning privacy, however, the developers claim that all conversations with the AI bot are kept confidential. Responding to a user, they said that there is no voice recording stored, but that only the transcript is saved and forwarded to ChatGPT so that all dialogue can be retrieved.

According to several Reddit users, the chatbot insists its name is Samantha when addressed by the name Annie, indicating that it is the successor to the older Samantha chatbot.

The developers have responded that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. During a conversation with another user, they mentioned that the assistant is more of a “proof of concept” than a final product and that there are plans to add more characters and voices.

Recently, it was estimated that ChatGPT could cost as much as $700,000 per day to operate. The ChatGPT features have also been added to Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition, which is currently available as an early access title.

In addition, OpenAI recently added an incognito mode to ChatGPT, which disables the collection of training data and chat history.

Can ChatGPT make video content?

Can you make videos with ChatGPT? You can make training videos, YouTube videos, video lectures, and more using Synthesia’s integration with ChatGPT. The generated video will include an AI avatar and an AI voiceover.


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