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How Does A WhatsApp Chat Lock Work?



How Does A WhatsApp Chat Lock Work?

(CTN News) – Meta introduced a new feature this year that will bring WhatsApp Messenger’s security and privacy protection to a whole new level.

With this new feature, users will be able to control which contacts and groups they are able to chat with by placing those chats into a hidden folder that can only be accessed or viewed through the use of a passcode, fingerprint, or face recognition.

Can you tell me what WhatsApp Chat Lock is?

With the launch of WhatsApp’s new privacy options, users are now able to create unique passwords for their chats which will be locked in a password protected folder, which can be reverted at any time.

The new Chat Lock feature ensures that notifications from the specific contact are also hidden and will not appear in the notification bar. As a result of the new WhatsApp Chat Lock feature, users have full control over the privacy of their personal conversations.

On Android and iPhone, how to enable Chat Lock

The newly announced WhatsApp feature, Chat Lock, is available for both Android and iOS and requires navigation to enable.

By following these steps, consumers can activate the chat lock option for all WhatsApp conversations, but they must first ensure they are running the latest version on their device.

  1. Open the WhatsApp messaging application.

  2. You can hide a chat log (profile picture) by tapping it.

  3. The chat info settings can be accessed by tapping the i icon.

4. Tap the Chat Lock option at the bottom of the screen.

5. Select the option to lock this chat with a fingerprint. You may also set up a passcode and face recognition (for iPhone and iPad users).

6. The chat will appear in the Locked Chats folder when you tap View.

Please note that if the user has not set up device authentication, they will be asked to do so before using the latest WhatsApp Chat Lock feature. For more information, please visit the biometrics settings on your Android or Apple device.

If you wish to access your locked chats, simply navigate back to the locked chat folder by visiting the chat list tab and tapping on the Locked chats folder.

What is the procedure for turning off WhatsApp Chat Lock?

On the WhatsApp mobile application, you can turn off the Chat Lock by following a few simple steps.

  1. Find the Locked chats folder by opening WhatsApp and swiping down the chat list.

  2. Navigate to the chat information by tapping Locked chats.

  3. Access the locked chats folder by scanning your fingerprint or using Face ID.

4. Click on the profile icon in the locked chat list and select a chat.

5. Click on the i icon to access the chat information settings. Click the Chat lock button.


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