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Apple’s IPhone 12 Gets a Software Boost from French Authorities



Apple's IPhone 12 Gets a Software Boost from French Authorities

(CTN News) – Apple has released software updates for its iPhone 12 that the French authorities have received and are reviewing, a source at the French digital ministry told Reuters on Tuesday, as the U.S. tech giant tries to avoid any risk of a costly recall.

In response to France suspending sales of the iPhone 12 earlier this month after tests it claimed found breaches of radiation exposure limits, Apple has pledged to update the software to defuse a row over radiation levels from the handsets. Apple said the update will take place shortly.

The French government had threatened to recall the device if Apple had refused to perform the software update.

In response to the French findings, Apple claimed that the iPhone 12 was certified by multiple international bodies as compliant with global standards. However, the company said on Sept. 15, that it would release a software update in order to accommodate the French testing methods.

On Tuesday, a request for comment from a member of the media was not immediately responded to by the company.

Over the last two decades, there have been a vast number of studies undertaken in order to assess the health risks associated with mobile phones.

There has been no evidence to suggest that they have any adverse effects on health, as they have not been established by the World Health Organization to do so.

In spite of this, the radiation warning in France, based on results of tests that differed from those conducted in other countries, has caused concerns throughout Europe and other countries, including Belgium, which asked to be included in the software upgrade as well.

Regulatory limits set by the government, based on the likelihood of burns or heatstroke from the radiation from a phone, are well below levels where scientists have found evidence that the phone’s radiation may cause harm, according to industry experts.

Earlier this month, Apple launched the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 12 is not yet available for purchase from Apple directly. You can, however, buy the phone from a third party that has an inventory or trade in your old phone for a new one.

There are usually a few software updates that Apple provides for its phones and computers on a regular basis, mostly to fix security issues.

It’s possible for Apple to issue several updates in a month depending on the model or region, and sometimes they are devoted to a particular model.

It is expected that the iPhone 12 update will be similar to any other regular software update that users receive. A ping from Apple notifies users when eligible software updates are available for their iPhones.


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