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The TikTok Family Pairing Feature Has Been Updated



The TikTok Family Pairing Feature Has Been Updated

(CTN News) – Announcing upcoming initiatives aimed at improving the safety and well-being of teens, TikTok has announced that it has expanded the capabilities of its content filtering within family pairing to improve the safety of teenagers.

As a result of this new feature in the app, parents and caregivers will have the ability to fully customize the content their teenagers will be exposed to while using the app while they are using it.

With the help of the content filtering tool, caregivers can now curate a tailored viewing experience for their teens through which they can filter out specific words, hashtags, and themes that they deem inappropriate or unsuitable by utilizing the filtering tool for content filtering.

There are a variety of needs that teenagers have, and TikTok acknowledges that teenagers have unique needs and makes it easier for caregivers to create an environment within the app that is safe and more personalized for their teens.

As part of the development of a well-rounded and inclusive safety framework,

TikTok collaborated with renowned experts in the field,

Such as the Family Online Safety Institute, in order to ensure a broad and inclusive approach towards safety.

TikTok was able to achieve the delicate balance between catering to caregivers’ concerns while also respecting the rights of teenagers to engage in and participate in the online environment by utilizing their extensive experience and insight.

With this in mind, TikTok offers teenagers the ability to view the keywords that their caregivers have added to their videos, so that they are aware of what their caregivers are doing at any given time.

A transparent approach to the Internet is not only helpful for fostering open discussions about online boundaries and safety, but it is also helpful in fostering mutual understanding between teenagers and their parents as well.

In addition to family pairing, TikTok is proud to announce its Youth Council, an initiative that gives young users a voice and actively involves them in shaping TikTok’s policies and features by giving them a voice in the process.

As a result of the Youth Council, teenagers will have a platform to share their insights, ideas, and concerns, while being empowered to contribute to the ongoing development of a safer and more inclusive TikTok community in a way that empowers them to thrive.


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