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ASIC Mining vs GPU Mining

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asic mining vs gpu mining

ASIC mining

ASIC mining is algorithm-specific which means that it is exactly designed to mine one kind of coin. The first form of ASIC was designed to mine bitcoins alone, but that has changed over the years, and the chip now lodges several other currencies.

Highlights of ASIC mining:

  • Power-efficient
  • Super powerful as they are algorithm-specific
  • No hard technical, as you have just need to plug in and mine
  • More profitable in the currency they mine, but success declines as the difficulty increases
  • It is pretty expensive to purchase

ASICs are considered to mine a specific coin. Now, ASICs mainly mine bitcoins and Dash. Its supreme power, which is intended to perform a single task makes it more well-organized than its counterpart, the GPU. They are hands-off, meaning that they do not need additional intervention or even monitoring.

GPU mining

The Graphics processing unit is also known as GPU mining is a basic chip that can be found in any desktop computer. Since they are used to develop large files and involve graphic actions, they are more versatile and vigorous to handle any sophisticated algorithm or calculations mandatory in cryptocurrency mining.

Highlights of GPU mining:

  • It can be used to mine any cryptocurrency hash algorithm
  • This setup is not straightforward and may require cooling thoughts and motherboard sizes.
  • It can be used to perform other computing tasks
  • It can be used or resold for video game
  • It can be expensive but with a higher resale value

GPU mining has been controlling the cryptocurrency scene for some years now, and there is no doubt that the tendency may continue. Its elasticity and agility make it ideal for mining Ethereum, and other types of coins quickly or even mining them at the same time. A GPU mining rig offers you that elasticity to mine better and more profitable coins in an altering volatile market when the Difficulty increases.

If you are mining from home, you may go for a quieter model to decrease the noise level. A GPU is more influential than a standard office or home computer, which makes it a faultless method for mining even at night.

The difference between GPU mining and ASIC mining

Both are excellent options to go for when finding influential hardware to mine. Though, the choice of which mining rig is set up to use deeply depends on the miner. As a miner, you need to start with your needs and preferences. Occasionally it is your budget that controls which hardware you will walk home with.

It also boils down to the coins you want to mine, the favored location for your device, and the adaptability that makes all the change. While GPUs are chiefly versatile, ASICs are intended to mine and only mine. A good look at the 2 options shows their strengths and also their weaknesses. Their specifications and functionality will help you choose which option works the finest for you as a miner. A good rule of the thumb, though, is that GPUs are fast, but ASICs are quicker.

What can ASICs and GPUs mine

The first thing you should reflect on is the cryptocurrency you want to mine. ASICs are jobs-built machines for only one purpose which is mining cryptocurrency. Though, that superiority comes with certain limits. Hardware manufacturers build ASICs with only 1 goal in mind which is maximum output and efficiency. Thus, these influential machines can produce a huge amount of hash rate but only to mine 1 specific algorithm.

GPUs vs. ASIC Miner

When it comes to selecting between ASIC and GPU, you need to consider limited things. First, you need to reason about what coins you are going to mine. The mining hardware you pick mainly depends on your particular needs and budget. You should also reflect on electricity consumption and noise issue as an asic miner.

The main change between GPU and ASIC is the card and the chip. An ASIC miner uses a chip to resolve complex algorithms while in a GPU, a graphics card is useful for mining cryptos. The main benefit of GPU mining hardware is its easy availability. Also, GPUs are more supple in their application than ASICs. They can also be used in gaming, video editing, and many other heavy processing purposes.

Though, on the downside, a GPU cannot achieve on its own. You need to capitalize in a CPU case, wires, a motherboard, a RAM and an SSD to build a fully useful mining rig. With the launch of Bitmain’s powerful Antminer series, old-style GPU miners’ profitability suffered a hindrance.

The well-organized ASIC chips can quickly solve the SHA256 algorithm which has made GPU less money making. Since these microchips are intended to mine only a particular coin, ASIC miners are highly well-organized. As an algorithm-specific device, it is also fairly easy to set up a mining rig and commence mining.

In the initial years of launch, there were anxieties about energy consumption. But now the latest ASIC miners occupy much less energy and are more well-organized per hash because these are enhanced for one particular coin.


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