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Best Mobile Apps for Selling Your Stuff

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If you are anything like me, you buy things that you know well you will be selling in a year or two. You are a person who is always looking for the latest and greatest tech products to find and buy. Luckily, there are many options out there for selling your unwanted items.

You need to be cautious about what apps and services you sell your items on. All apps and services do charge you an amount on each purchase, but the best apps aren’t as greedy as others. These options are not just great for those of you that are interested in tech, but all items you can possibly think of.

Here is a list of the best mobile apps for you to use in order to sell your stuff.


I am sure we have all heard about eBay, given it’s one of the major players in terms of online purchases and sales.


eBay has a massive catalog and user base. This allows you to connect with potential buyers much faster than other services.


eBay is partnered with PayPal, meaning that both companies take a cut out of your sale. This can total up to 20% of your sale.

eBay is a great quick fix for your sales, but keep in mind that you will be paying the price.

OfferUp (LetGo)

OfferUp hasn’t been around as long as some of the other options on this list, but it is a major competitor.


OfferUp recently partnered with LetGo, this allows you to expose your items to a larger audience. Not only this, but it now offers to ship to customers.


There aren’t as many users as some other apps on this list. It is also mostly used for local sales.

OfferUp is a great option for larger items. Most of the customers use it for local sales, but it now offers sales that are outside of your area. OfferUp takes about 13% of your sale, which is good in comparison to others on this list.


Poshmark is an app that I have been using for years. It does however cater to specific items.


Poshmark has a very dedicated user base. If you are selling clothes, this is a great option.


It is extremely limited to clothing. If you are looking to sell other items, you won’t find much luck on Poshmark.

Poshmark is very limited to specific items, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on what you are selling. Similar to eBay, Poshmark takes about 20% of your sale.


If you are looking to sell expensive, designer clothes, Tradesy, is the app for you.


You are linked with thousands of users that are searching for exactly the type of products that you are selling.


It is very niche. You really only can use this app if you are selling designer clothing, which could limit your ability to reach a wider audience.

It may be a niche app, but if you are looking to sell designer clothing, I recommend this over Poshmark. If you sell an item under $50 you will get a flat $7.50 fee; however, if you sell an item over $50 then Tradesy will take just under 20% of your sale.

Facebook Marketplace

I am sure we have all had some run-in with Facebook Marketplace. It has a seemingly unlimited number of users to sell to.


Facebook does not charge the seller a single dime for listing and selling items. It also has a great user base and allows you to connect and sell to friends you have.


There are some people that won’t buy on Facebook, simply because they do not know about it. Although it offers shipping options, you are mostly limited to selling in your local area.

Facebook Marketplace is best for local selling. If you have big furniture or any big item, this is the best option for you. No commission fee and it does a great job exposing it to people in your area.


My absolute go-to app for selling nearly all my items is Mercari. It offers the most competitive selling commission cost, and a ton of features to make life easier for you.


A low 2.9% percentage that is taken off your sale. The app is one of the most popular and user heavy apps in the world. There are also integrated shipping options and promotional opportunities. If you are a PC junky looking for great CPU and GPU deals, Mercari is your one stop shop.


Not great for bigger items. There is also a lack of local purchase person-to-person sales.

Mercari has it all, mailing integrations and extremely low selling fees. I have only had great experiences here. The only issue would be the lack of personal local sales, but it does have a partnership with Postmates to allow same-day local delivery.


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