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Apple TV And Sonos Speakers



Apple TV And Sonos Speakers

(CTN News) – Using a Sonos speaker with your Apple TV is easy. Here’s how to upgrade your TV’s audio.

There is no doubt that Apple TV has become the focal point of many people’s living rooms and bedrooms. Rather than using your TV’s speakers, here are two ways you can use different Sonos speakers with your TV.

Differentiation of Sonos speakers

It will first be necessary to determine which speakers you plan to use with your Apple TV in order to use your Sonos speaker with it.

Mobile speakers, countertop speakers, and soundbars are all part of the Sonos lineup, which continues to expand.

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It is possible to use any Sonos speaker with an Apple TV, from the Roam to the Arc, but they may require different methods of connection. Soundbars are directly connected to your television, while freestanding models use AirPlay.

The following tutorial will demonstrate both ways of using Sonos speakers with your TV, as well as the settings that can be changed.

Apple TV and Sonos soundbars

It is easiest to use Sonos with your TV through a Sonos soundbar. No matter whether you own a Sonos Arc, Beam, or Ray, they all work the same way.

Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam can both be connected to your TV via HDMI Arc, while the Ray is connected via optical audio. The Sonos soundbar will also be used as the output by your TV as long as it is set as the TV’s output.

Sonos Arc supports Dolby Atmos, which provides a more immersive listening experience by placing audio in a 3D space around the user. On the Sonos Arc, Apple TV content that supports Dolby Atmos will work.

Apple TV compatibility with other Sonos speakers

Do not worry if you do not own a Sonos soundbar. It is more labor-intensive, however, since you must set it up every time you use Apple TV.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how you can cast audio from your  TV to your Sonos system using AirPlay 2.

  • Hold the TV button on your TV to open Control Center

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the AirPlay icon

  • AirPlay-compatible speakers, such as Sonos, may be selected for audio playback

Apple TV will automatically switch to playing through your TV each time you wake up the device. Only Apple’s HomePod can serve as a permanent AirPlay speaker.

What are the most reliable places to buy Sonos speakers?

You can purchase Sonos speakers directly from Sonos, as well as at,, and

As of the time of publication, offers periodic refurbished deals, with select models being offered at a 25% discount.

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