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Get $400 Worth Of Xbox Gift Cards For $320

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Get $400 Worth Of Xbox Gift Cards For $320

(CTN News) – You can buy Xbox gift cards at Costco at a discount of 20% right now, and the maximum amount you can buy is $400 per member (or more if you have other authorized members on your account).

You are able to get $400 worth of gift cards for a total out-of-pocket cost of $320, which means you can use the gift cards for anything you like online at the Microsoft store, including Windows laptops, Xbox game consoles, games, and game passes.

Here is how you can get $400 worth of Xbox gift cards for just $320

From now until January 1, Costco is selling $100 Xbox gift cards as digital downloads for $80 each, as well as four-packs of $25 gift cards as digital downloads for $80 each.

The deal is only available to members who are logged in, and there is a limit of two items per member.

While the gift cards are available “while supplies last,” which seems oddly phrased for a digital gift card, your local Costco might also carry them in-store, if your local store carries them.

If you are not a member of the Club, you are able to purchase the $25 four-pack gift cards online for an additional 5% surcharge, which works out to $170 for $200 worth of gift cards.

In accordance with Costco, the codes for the digital gift cards will be emailed to you “within an hour.”

Here are some tips for making the most of your deal

In addition, if you have authorized a member of your family or close friend to use your membership, you can take this even farther.

In fact, since the deal limit is per member, not per membership (you can read the terms and conditions here), a member can also get $400 worth of Xbox Gift cards on their own.

Adding them to your membership is also a simple process, so you can take advantage of the deal right away.


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