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Among Us VR Release Date, Gameplay, And Details



Among Us VR Release Date, Gameplay, And Details

(CTN News) – Among Us VR was first announced at TGA 2021, and now we have an official release date. Check out all the details about the game, including gameplay changes and upcoming features.

Among Us VR will be released on November 10, 2022. It will be available exclusively on Steam for PC, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Meta Quest.

VR gameplay is here to stay

“Among Us VR” is a social deduction game, which can be played with friends as well as strangers. Among a group of astronauts occupying their space stations and planetary bases, there is an impostor.

While maintaining their anonymity, the impostor (or impostors) must eliminate the remaining crew members until there are more impostors than crew members.

While the impostors are impersonating teammates, teammates must determine who they are before it is too late. In addition, teammates must complete quests and tasks that the impostors themselves have the ability to imitate and sabotage.

The teammates win if they are able to complete the group task before they are completely destroyed.

The game has now been ported into virtual reality and now has a first-person view. This adds some immersion to the game by enabling players to interact with the environment and complete tasks with their own hands.

Additionally, you won’t see anyone sneaking up behind you, so running away from an impostor trying to kill you with a virtual reality headset can be more stressful.

Virtual reality features of “Among us”

As well as the redesigned gameplay for tasks and sabotage, Among US VR offers a new perspective on emergency meetings.

Suddenly, you can literally point fingers at one another, blaming one another for acts of sabotage and death. This version of the game also includes contactless chat.

Cross-platform play is one of the most compelling features of “Among Us” VR, which allows players from different platforms to play, kill, complete tasks, and betray each other.


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