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Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) Emerges as the Number One Growing Concern for Organizations

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Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) Emerges as the Number One Growing Concern for Organizations

[City, State] – [Date] – According to recent research by, advanced persistent threats (APTs) have become the number one growing concern for organizations of all sizes.

APTs are a type of cyberattack that use sophisticated techniques to penetrate a network and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

These attacks are persistent, meaning that they are ongoing and can go unnoticed for extended periods of time.

Evidence shows that APTs have been responsible for some of the most significant data breaches and cyberattacks in recent years.

A report by Accenture shows APTs have become the most expensive type of cyberattack, with an average cost of $4.27 million per attack, and the Verizon Data Breach Investigations showed that 68% of data breaches took months or longer to discover, and that the median dwell time (the time between initial compromise and detection) for these breaches was 58 days.

This prolonged time frame allows the attackers to steal valuable data and cause severe damage to the organization.

Organizations are concerned about APTs because they can be difficult to detect and mitigate.

Attackers use various methods to bypass traditional security measures, making it challenging for organizations to defend against them.

In addition, APTs are often well-funded and backed by nation-states, making them even more challenging to combat.

How to Mitigate Advanced Persistent Threats

To mitigate the threat of APTs, organizations need to implement a multi-layered approach to security.

One of the key components of this approach is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

SIEM systems can collect and analyze data from various sources, allowing organizations to detect and respond to APTs more quickly.

One of the key benefits of SIEM systems is their ability to detect unusual activity that may indicate an APT.

For example, if an attacker is attempting to move laterally through the network, SIEM systems can detect this activity and alert the security team.

Additionally, SIEM systems can be configured to detect other indicators of compromise, such as attempts to exfiltrate data or to connect to command and control servers.

To effectively use SIEM systems to defend against APTs, organizations need to ensure that they are properly configured and that the appropriate data is being collected and analyzed.

This includes configuring the SIEM to collect log data from all relevant systems and devices, as well as configuring alerts and reports to detect unusual activity.

Additionally, organizations need to ensure that they have the necessary resources and expertise to effectively analyze the data and respond to alerts.

In addition, organizations should also implement other security measures such as endpoint protection, network segmentation, and access controls.

They should also conduct regular security assessments and training for their employees to raise awareness about the risks associated with APTs.

Free Protection Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Fortunately, there are several free cybersecurity solutions in the market that can be used to mitigate APTs. and and Security Onion are great solutions for businesses looking to save money and stay protected.

Overall, APTs are a growing concern for organizations of all sizes, and they pose a significant threat to the security of sensitive data.

By implementing a multi-layered approach to security that includes SIEM systems and other security measures, organizations can better protect themselves against these persistent and sophisticated attacks.

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