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Players At Michigan State Have Been Suspended Following An Investigation Into a Tunnel Fight



Players At Michigan State Have Been Suspended Following An Investigation Into a Tunnel Fight

(CTN News) – After Michigan State’s win over Michigan on Saturday, several players engaged in a post-game fight in the locker room tunnel. MSU has now suspended four players following a review by coach Mel Tucker.

Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young were suspended after Tucker reviewed “disturbing electronic evidence.”

Detroit News captured video of two alleged incidents, including a scuffle in which several MSU players shoved and kicked a Michigan player.

Another part of the incident was filmed, in which Michigan State players swung helmets at a Michigan State player.

After the incident, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed reporters with angry comments.

Harbaugh said two of his players had been assaulted. “You saw the video, the 10 on 1. That was pretty terrible.”

Warde Manuel also spoke at Harbaugh’s press conference and demanded that official action be taken against the MSU players.

“It is completely and utterly unacceptable,” Manuel said, adding that he spoke to Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren, who was in attendance.

This is not how we should interact after a game. I talked to the commissioner, and he’s looking into it. The police are also investigating the incident. We’ll leave it in their hands, but this isn’t how we should interact.

We will let the Big Ten and law enforcement handle it, but this is not the way a rivalry should be handled. This is not how it should be remembered.”

A Spartans player may have broken one of the players’ noses during the melee, Harbaugh said.

In the tunnel at Michigan State Stadium two weeks ago, Penn State and Michigan State players got into a heated exchange during halftime of the Wolverines’ eventual 41-17 victory.

Penn State coach James Franklin and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh had a back-and-forth about that incident, with Harbaugh blaming Franklin for it.

Why do Michigan State fans shake their keys?

Jingling of keys

At some point during the game there will be an upcoming play on third down that could swing the momentum of the game one way or another.

This play can be known as a “key play” and as such, it is tradition at Michigan games to pull out your keys and jingle them before the play.


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