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Tyler Lockett Says To Stop Reaching After Quote Is Misinterpreted

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Tyler Lockett Says To Stop Reaching After Quote Is Misinterpreted

(CTN News) – It was reported after the Seahawks beat the Giants on Sunday. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett made a comment that some interpreted as a shot at Seattle’s former quarterback Russell Wilson. Lockett insisted that it was not the case.

“It’s amazing what we can do when no one cares who gets the credit,” Tyler Lockett said following the win, as reported by Curtis Crabtree of Fox 13 in Seattle, following Lockett’s win.

As a result of the discussion on Twitter, a Twitter firestorm quickly broke out. Fans guessed Tyler Lockett was trying to convey that in the past, Wilson wanted the credit.

However, now that Geno Smith is the quarterback, Seattle has a more cohesive locker room. Everyone shares the credit. There was no doubt Lockett was right about that, but he insisted it was not the case.

“People need to stop reaching out to each other! It has been like 5-10 times since I have been in the league that I have said this quote. “Stop trying to find a story and just enjoy the time we have with our team,” Tyler Lockett tweeted to his followers.

In the weeks before the Week One meeting between the Seahawks and Wilson’s Broncos, Tyler Lockett promised to give Wilson a hug on the field. He also urged the Seahawks fans to cheer Wilson’s good work in Seattle.

Is Tyler Lockett related to Kevin Lockett?

Personal life. His son Tyler is a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. Another son, Sterling was offered a scholarship to Kansas State for their 2022 recruitment class, and announced his commitment on January 1, 2021


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