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Raiders’ Week 8 Loss To Saints Is Mostly The Fault Of Derek Carr And Two Raiders

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Raiders' Week 8 Loss To Saints Is Mostly The Fault Of Derek Carr And Two Raiders

(CTN News) – The Las Vegas Raiders finally recovered from their slow start to the 2022 season in Week 7 with a decisive victory over the Houston Texans.

After losing 24-0 to the Saints in Week 8 against the New Orleans Saints, everything came crashing down around them.

For the Raiders, this is a huge disappointment, as they hoped to regain their playoff position. However, their hopes of doing so were severely dashed, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to overcome it in the remaining ten games.

3. Adams, Davante

In Davante Adams’ first season with the Raiders, he’s had some big performances, but he’s also had some duds like in Week 8.

Unless Adams consistently makes an impact for Las Vegas, they will never be able to reach their full offensive potential.

In this game, Adams was targeted five times, but he only caught one pass for three yards. With Adams’ talent, that’s far too few targets, but he’s also not doing enough on his end either.

With Marshon Lattimore unable to play, Adams failed to win an advantageous matchup for the Raiders.

In the Raiders offense, Adams has sometimes been overshadowed by other weapons, but it’s usually when someone else steps up.

Adams must be the one to step up when Las Vegas needs someone to boost their offense. For the Raiders to change their fortunes moving forward, that simply hasn’t happened so far in his tenure.

2. Mr. Jones is Chandler

In order to help the Raiders pass rush, Chandler Jones was paired up with Maxx Crosby. However, Jones has been a nonfactor for most of the season, and it’s finally beginning to hurt the Raiders.

Unless something changes soon, Jones may end up being written down as the most disappointing signing of the 2022 NFL season.

There were no other stats for Jones in this game other than one tackle.

He and the Raiders defensive line failed to exert any pressure on Saints quarterback Andy Dalton. In addition, they were unable to stop the combination of Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill on the ground. Jones’ expectations are much higher than those of his teammates, and this isn’t solely his fault.

1. Carr, Derek

Carr is clearly the right choice for blame games and looking for guilty parties. The Raiders offense has to be questioned after this one, as Carr failed to lead the offense to even a single point.

Josh McDaniels deserves some of the blame, but Carr hasn’t exactly helped him either.

On the final drive of the game, Carr was replaced by Jarrett Stidham due to an ugly passing line (15/26, 101 YDS, 1 INT). This was the latest in what is becoming a long line of disappointing outings for Carr, who had a rough week.


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