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Kim Mulkey Doesn’t Want To Read Her Career Profile In The Washington Post

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Kim Mulkey Doesn't Want To Read Her Career Profile In The Washington Post

(CTN News) – An article about LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was published in The Washington Post on Saturday.

The hit piece Kim Mulkey expected, Kent Babb’s feature detailed the events and people that influenced the extremely successful coach. He has won four national championships.

Legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt showed her that it was possible to excel at basketball while also raising a family, incorporating her children into her coaching career.

Kim Mulkey insists, however, that she will not read the feature, regardless of whether or not it contains anything she considers objectionable.

Kim Mulkey asked ESPN’s Holly Rowe, “Are you surprised by the timing of this announcement?” prior to the Tigers’ Sweet 16 matchup with UCLA on Saturday. I have not read the document, and I am not sure if I will read it in the future. I will leave that decision up to my legal counsel.

Mulkey warned the Washington Post before the article was published that she would sue the newspaper if it ran an inaccurate article about her.

In response to the coach’s concern that the piece would be unflattering, Babb explained that she had spoken with disgruntled former players who might have bad things to say about her.

Niemann, who played for Kim Mulkey at Baylor from 2003-05, said she wanted to transfer because she felt uncomfortable on campus as a gay woman and the coach was too demanding.

Niemann left Baylor after her sophomore year, but returned for a celebration of the 2005 national championship team. During her time at Baylor, Mulkey had been a positive influence on her and she expressed regret for the way in which her time there ended.

It has been observed that the reaction on social media has been largely positive since the publication of the article. Even though some of the information in the piece is not favorable, the overall piece is considered to be fair and not an attack.

The article will, however, be read by more people due to Kim Mulkey’s objections than if she had not commented at all.


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