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An Easy Guide To Tracking Packages

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Tracking Package

Tracking Package: The modern method of shopping has shifted from what it once was. Delivery services have become more popular in recent years, and have seen exponential growth especially since the pandemic and lockdowns began. Major international courier services, such as FedEx, Amazon, DHL, UPS, AliExpress, and a whole host of other international and local delivery servers are all competing in this industry.

An integral part of the structure of courier services is the tracking package feature. As a customer, being able to accurately track the exact location of your parcel while it is on the way to you is important. All the major courier services and most of the minor ones offer package tracking. But how do you use the tracking package offered by my couriers? This article will answer that question.

Your Package Tracking Number

The usual method of tracking used by courier services is a tracking number. A tracking number is a multiple-digit code assigned to your parcel when you make your order. You receive your tracking number in the confirmation email for an order or in the receipt after your payment for an item. Each tracking number is unique to each order and it is all you will need to monitor the progress of any package all through the delivery process.

How Do You Use It ?

The different couriers use different interfaces for the package tracking services they offer, but they are all variations of the same basic principle. On a courier’s website, there is usually a link to ‘Track My Parcel’ or ‘Track My Package’ that will take you to where you can track your package can be done. Here is a quick rundown of the tracking package for FedEx, DHL, and UPS.


FedEx package tracking numbers are usually 12 to 14 digits long and are sent along with your receipt or email confirmation for an order. Once you log in to your FedEx account, use the second menu option, with the tag ‘Tracking’ and input your tracking number. This will give you all information about the progress of your delivery. If you do not receive a tracking number on a FedEx delivery, a door tag number is usually offered instead. This will be a code staying with ‘DT’ and then 12 digits. Use this the same way you would a normal tracking number.


DHL tracking numbers are usually 10 digits long, although there are also country-specific codes, like UK parcels which are 14 digits. DHL also offers the ability to communicate with the DHL driver directly through a contact number. In addition, there is also a WhatsApp line to send the message ‘Track -your tracking number-‘ and it gives you your delivery information.


UPS tracking numbers are also often in either the confirmation email or the order receipt. On the UPS website, tracking is done through the menu ‘Tracking Numbers’. Once you put in your tracking number, the current location as well as all previous checkpoints your parcel has gone through will be highlighted.

You don’t have to order only through the major couriers to enjoy the ability to track your parcel. Many third-party tracking sites offer their services to smaller local stores as well. Even if tracking adds a premium to the cost of your order, being able to monitor your order is usually worth it.


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