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5 Tips on Finding the Best Police Flashlights of 2022

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Flashlights of 2022

There are many reasons why you’d carry a flashlight with you. You may be hiking or trekking through the great outdoors, walking into a dark part of the city, or working around your house at night. All these situations require a great torch that will illuminate the area and help you get around easily.

With an abundance of options and a market filled with different flashlights, finding the best one is not easy. We’re bombarded with ads, and all manufacturers and sellers claim that their products are the best, but are they really?

If you’re thinking about finding the best one, you need to research the subject thoroughly. The internet is filled with articles on products, but rarely do you see one explaining what makes a torch great. That’s why we decided to share our experience and explain how to find the best police flashlights of 2022 without sharing particular products. Keep reading if you want to learn more on the subject.

1. Look for aluminum or titanium body

Back in the day, flashlights were made of steel. This perfectly durable material will withstand impact and won’t get damaged easily. However, it’s extremely heavy and is not the best option for creating a flashlight.

The best option for making the torch’s body is aluminum or titanium. Titanium is a material used in space travel, so you know it’s amazing, but it is also extremely expensive. On the other hand, aluminum is also a great option, but it’s more affordable.

Titanium is more lightweight and has the same features aluminum has, but it comes at a higher price. Open the e-stores where flashlights are sold, and you’ll see a significant difference in prices between titanium and aluminum products.

2. More lumens mean more brightness

One feature to pay attention to is the number of lumens. The average torch will emit 100 lumens, but if you want to see extremely bright, you’ll want to get something more powerful. If you’re not planning on enlightening the entire neighborhood and want to keep it more personal and intimate, look for less than the average number of lumens.

However, the best flashlights will have various features and allow you to control the light perfectly. Pointed light is one excellent feature that will help you get more lumens but direct them into a target, which means getting a flashlight with more power is always a smart idea.

3. Versatility and features are always a plus

Always look for versatility and many features. The best flashlights will have several options and features to choose from, making them a perfect choice for all situations. As we mentioned above, the best ones will have the option of choosing what type of light you want.

They need to have a pointed light, dispersing light illuminating everything around, but a highly useful feature is the SOS light. When you’re outside, and you’re injured or lost, the torch will keep lighting the SOS sign in morse letters asking for help from people that might be around. The more features your flashlight has, the more valuable it is.

4. Lightweight and dimensions can play a significant role

When going trekking, the flashlight is an essential part of the equipment. However, you can choose from the many torch options available. No matter what you need it for, it’s always great to get a lightweight one, and you won’t feel like you have it on you.

If you don’t like having a large flashlight with you, look for one that is tiny and compact. Many small torches will provide a significant brightness. More light is not always connected with a big flashlight body, so you need to explore your options, know what you want, and pick the right item.

5. LED lights are better than traditional lighting

Nothing’s better than LED lights. There are multiple other options, but it seems like nothing matches the LED lights’ value. They are the most affordable option that will give you the best features.

When searching for the next flashlight, look for the type of light bulb implemented inside. Some manufacturers and sellers won’t highlight this feature and sell you something that may die soon after purchasing. LED lights will go on for years without showing signs of weakness.


These are five excellent points showing you what you need to mind when searching for the next best flashlight. Go through them and see what you need to mind when searching for the perfect torch model.

Without the right knowledge, you’ll never be able to find the best one for you. That’s why you need to think of these points above the next time you go shopping for a police flashlight.


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