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Mobile Gaming is Now the Most Popular Form of Entertainment

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Mobile Gaming, Mobile Gaming is Now the Most Popular Form of Entertainment

In 2008 when the various mobile application marketplaces released, it was a sign that mobile entertainment was changing for good with accessibility now being a key component. Since then, mobile gaming has certainly only continued to thrive as it has become the biggest gaming market in the world, but it has also allowed for PC gaming and console gaming to grow too, but what is it setting each market apart, and is gaming now the most popular form of entertainment?

Mobile certainly too the role of what console used to be, an option for more casual players who weren’t looking to invest a huge amount of time into gameplay but have the ability to jump in and out whenever necessary – it has helped lead to the growth of some of the most popular genres like these slots not on gamstop 2021 which have thrived over the past eighteen months and has become the favoured go-to for those not willing to spend extra or dedicate additional time.

Mobile Gaming is Now the Most Popular Form of Entertainment

With mobile taking the home of casual gaming, it did allow consoles to grow a little – the latest consoles from both Sony and Microsoft have certainly started to push expectations further, and with digital only options making the consoles more accessible but also helping with the higher price point they often represented.

Whilst price is still a difficult bar to overcome, consoles now certainly fit in that hybrid position of being a gaming platform perhaps not solely suited to casual, but more to those looking for something a little extra to play in their free time.

PC has always been more for the enthusiast in many regards, simply by way of being more expensive to get into, but the launch and success of esports over the past decade has certainly pushed this forward as an option that is only growing in popularity with the biggest events now drawing in hundreds of millions of viewers, showing just how far gaming has come in this regard.

With figures now directly competing with traditional sporting events and overtaking them in some regards, there’s no denying just how quickly gaming, with competitive gaming in particular, has moved from a small niche to perhaps the biggest form of entertainment available.

That isn’t to say there isn’t still some stigma attached, nor that there isn’t room for gaming to grow, but it certainly is starting to pull ahead of many other forms of media, and with the promise that esports could be represented on the global stage through things like the Olympics, it will only provide further opportunities for gaming to not only grow but welcome a new audience with interests in the huge number of genres now available.

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